Rosy Boa Morning!

This morning I came to work happily bee-boppin' through the parking lot when right beside a trash can I saw an aquarium. (i'm sure most of you can tell where this story is going) I went over to take a peek at it, and at first I thought perhaps it was broken or defective... etc... but no! There on the side-walk right beside the trash can was a perfectly beautiful Rosy Boa. :( I picked him up and brought him in, had Tim look him over and yep... healthy as a horse, so to speak!
Now, understanding that lots of people are out of work right now and that times are tight all around, I do appreciate the fact that whomever could no longer care for their snake brought him to us, because we will take great care of him, I guess it just makes me sad that the poor guy was abandoned. No heat, no love, beside a trash can... not even in front of the door. I'm ambivalent about the whole situation. I mean I'm glad the person didn't put the snake in the trash can, or let it go in the backyard, or worse, but everything just seems so disposable.... people, pets, I even watched a new TV game show last night, and if you couldn't answer the questions fast enough whatever you would have won was tossed off the top of a building!!!! And while big explosions of things do excite me, the amount of destruction in that one show could have paid the bills for one family for a long time, or given them food, or shelter. Ok, so enough of my rant about the downfall of society and the weakening of the links in the chain!

Here's our cute new Boa!!!!

Much love..........





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What would you do with 2 heads?

I don't know about you guys, but I really do have a hard time dealing with the voices in my head, and I can't possibly imagine what it would be like if I had 2!!!!!  Introducing, Thelma and Louise!  Some of you may already know her, or them, however you would like to say it but this 2-headed snake is amazing!  I never really know where to pick her up from because I'm not sure which head is more aggressive.  I know that one is a lil more dominate than the other because it will pull to that side so to speak, but wow!  Two heads?  Two brains?  and yeah, both sides can eat!  I sometimes wonder if they share the same thoughts but I don't think they do.  They actually seem to have two totally different personalities!  Crazy right?  And you thought you had it bad, imagine if you had another head attached to you all the trouble you could get into?????

Have a super happy day!


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Hey guys!

I would like, if I may to introduce you all to Flower! Flower is a Tiger Retic, he is sooooo pretty and so sweet. I don't normally handle retics, unless it is for a picture, but this photo session turned into a new friendship. I feel really lucky when that happens. So it came to pass that in all the moving things around here to make room for new things to display, I came across this snake and I'm not sure why I think he's so pretty, but I do. Mostly because he looks a lil different and the rainbow that I always see reflecting from him appears as a bright turquoise dot under each of his eyes. I took the snake outside so I could have some awesome light that would reflect his goodness, but when I tried my best to pose him, he found himself a big white Flower! I'm not sure if he thought it was food at first or not, but I do know that he wrapped that Flower and was not letting go of it for anything! When it finally came time to bring him back inside, the flower came with us.... and he sat wrapped around it, guarding it for about an hour until I pulled him off of it! So, he's a retic, he's a Flower, he's a flower picker, and he's my new BFF! Here are a few pics from our adventure!

Much love!

Savannah & Flower

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Snake Personality Assessment

This morning I am playing Dr. Freud, snake psychologist and therapist. The reason I have decide to dig into the id, ego, and super-ego of this particular snake is because he hurt my feelings, and one thing I do know is that “hurting things hurt things.” And although I am the queen of mistaken emotional identity, I really thought we bonded! I gave him extra love, I held him all the time, I fed him yummy treats, and he never struck at me or bit me or even moved aggressively. Just like people however a false front can only be maintained for a short amount of time before the real personality surfaces, and surface this one did with a vengeance! I still love him though, so, here is my attempt at digging into his past and trying to heal any old wounds, and releasing his inner child.

Me-What is your age?
Snake-Don’t know, don’t care!

Me-What is your gender?
Snake-Male I think, go away!

Me-When do you feel your best?
Snake-When I’m eating, and when you go away!

Me-You usually slither…
Snake-Quickly away from you!

Me-When people are talking to you…
Snake-I want to bite them!

Me-When relaxing, you sit…
Snake-in a tree duh!

Me-When something really amuses you, you react with...
Snake-a bite!

Me-When you go to a party or social gathering...
Snake-I eat!

Me-You're working very hard, concentrating hard, and you're interrupted...
Snake-I want to bite you!

Me-What is your favorite song?
Snake-“Trust in me…” the snake’s song from the cartoon version of Disney’s 1967 adaptation of Jungle Book. Kaa was a good friend of mine before fame went to his head. After the film he was type-cast as a hypnotic snake that couldn’t get the job done and he had a hard time getting work after that even though he was a Shakespearean actor up until that point and had spend years in the theater. That lisp in the film wasn’t even real, he never had a lisp… all Hollywood magic, ruined his career.

Me-When you are in bed at night, in those last few moments before going to sleep you are...

Me-You often dream that you are...
Snake-Biting you!

Me-Well, that’s all the time we have for today, thank you for coming by, see you next week?

Snake-whatever crazy lady, just feed me!


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The Tale of the Dinosaur Camera!

There is a camera in the back part of the Reptile Zoo, concreted into the photobooth where I type and blog and play with kids all day and if someone asked me this question once, they have asked me a billion trillion times... "Why is that camera there?" "Is it a real camera?" the answer to the latter is yes, it is a real camera, the answer to the other question is a little more complex... you see the camera is really there just for decoration, but I have seen too many sad kid faces when I tell them that... so I made up a story, and it goes a little something like this..........

Once upon a time…

long, long ago and in a land far, far, away owner Jay Brewer went on an exciting adventure to find the most exotic reptiles in the whole entire world! During his adventure he happened upon a pack of baby tyrannosaurus rex that were having a healthy breakfast. Slowly and quietly Jay pulled out his special camera to photograph the baby dinosaurs. All of a sudden the earth started to tremble! Jay heard a horrible roar behind him and turned to see the mama T-rex creeping up behind him to have a breakfast of her own. Jay screamed with fear as the mama T-rex opened her jaws wide to eat Jay for breakfast! The only thing standing between Jay and sharp teeth of the dinosaur was his special camera. Jay held the camera with all his strength as the T-rex chomped down! Then there was a great flash of light. One of the dinosaur’s teeth landed on the button of the special camera and snapped a photo. The flash was so bright that it scared the dinosaur and she turned and ran away. Luckily, Jay’s special camera saved him from being eaten by a dinosaur that day! We keep Jay’s special camera here in the shop to remind us all of Jay’s T- rex adventure and to remind us the great lengths that he went to in order to make Prehistoric Pets and the Reptile Zoo a fun place for us to learn more about the beauty and wonder of nature.

The End

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the Itsy Bitsy Spider!

the Itsy Bitsy Spider....It’s the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend and outside California is not sunny or hot at all! It’s cool and breezy and a tad bit overcast. Where I am, inside this fluorescent, UVB bulbble (and yes, I meant to spell bulbble, like bulb and bubble together, its new word I just invented) of a Reptile Zoo it is bright and warm and toasty and I am absorbing vitamin D and processing calcium at an enormous rate! My bones and shell are growing strong and I am resisting MBD!!!! I am slowly but surely turning into something I was not before this time in my life. My skin is no longer sun-kissed like it was when I was in Florida but my brain is filling up with new things. Is it a fair trade-off? I’m not quite sure yet, I know I don’t want scales but lotion is a good solution for that I think. Reality is that no matter how much I think I know, I really don’t. Learn as you go, that’s what Lynda tells me, and Jay is good for giving helpful information too.

I can honestly say that when I came to work here, I had no idea how much was involved in building a Reptile Zoo and taking care of all the animals here. It’s funny the differences in all the employees favorites too. What I think is beautiful in this place might be the ugliest specimen of that particular breed of snake ever, but since I don’t know that, my vantage point is definitely different! I like things that have eyes that bug out, hahahahah, and I like the animal’s things that have bad attitudes. I say bad, but maybe I just mean temperamental. I held a brown Huntsman spider this morning (the boss man wouldn't let me hold the orange one!) and she didn’t bite me, the mangrove snakes have bitten me twice already but I still like them better, and I’m not quite sure why?

Any thoughts on the matter?

Much love!



I am turning into this!

see how nice! the orange one was waaaaay brighter!



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