We are spreading the Love at the Fair!

Well, today seems to be quite the day for couples and families at the OC Fair, and our animals are definitely feeling the vibe! Especially Miss Lucy, our Everglades Rat Snake who began laying her clutch last night. If you recall, we predicted she would lay around 7 eggs? Well, as of now, she is up to 11 eggs and there are still more in there! Wow! This is an event you don't want to miss, so run, don't walk to our booth in Kidland to check out Lucy's growing family today!!! Does anyone want to predict how many eggs we will have? We are now taking guesstimates!

Lucy's not the only one feeling the love, the rest of our animals seem to be pairing off as well! I guess cupid made a suprise visit to The Reptile Zoo???


Hugs and Kisses from the OC Fair!


Just some of Lucy's growing new family!


How many more do you think she's got?!


Fluffy and Phillep the Bearded Dragons getting in some much needed cuddle time.


....And then there's Carol and JoJo the Rose Hair Tarantula....no words can describe the love they share...

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The Miracle of Life at the OC Fair!

We are lucky enough to witness a beautiful event tonight at the OC Fair! Our Everglades Rat Snake, Lucy, is laying eggs as we speak! So far she has laid 3, but it looks like there are 4 more inside of her waiting to come out! This is a very exciting event for fair-goers, as most people are never lucky enough to see the miracle of life up close and personal! This is just one more way we at The Reptile Zoo are bringing joy to the world each and everyday Smile


Coming to You from the Orange County Fair/Snake Delivery Room




Lucy laying her eggs! Look at her belly, you can see the other 4 in line to come out!


Egg number 4 on its way out!

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Jurassic Journey to the Orange County Fair!

Good evening from the Orange County Fair! We are having a blast here in Kidland with all of our buddies from the Reptile Zoo, including (but definitely not limited to!) Spot the Salvator Water Monitor, Majesty the Red Tail Boa, Scar the Burmese Python, and Fluffy the Bearded Dragon! We have been quit busy this year, as our turnout gets larger and larger everyday! We have lots of people conquering their fears and petting animals that they never dreamed they would go near, as well as avid reptile fans checking out our awesome animals. We have even created brand new reptile fans by showing them how amazing these creatures really are!

Today, we had the pleasure of starting a little girl off young with her first reptile experience, and I'm not talking about a toddler! We had a newborn baby sit with Scar, our Burmese Python, for a picture she will never forget! I wish my parents were that cool!!!

You bet we have been taking TONS of pictures for you guys as well, so make sure you check them out! Remember, we will be at the fair everyday, so make SURE you come say hi to us and get your picture taken with Scar! We are in Kidland, underneath the FunZone Tent. Just ask the big T-Rex outside for directions. Wink



See you at the fair!






Juliette and Majesty bringing the crowd in!


The OC Fair crowd checking out our travel sized Reptile Zoo!


A happy fair-goer with Scar the Burmese Python and Cesar the Emperor Scorpion!


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Meet Juliette!

The staff here at The Reptile Zoo has been hand picked by Jay himself in order to get the greatest cross section of Reptile enthusiasts ever!  It is sometimes very hard to get to talk to all the employees here because everyone is always busy working, serving customers, teaching kids, going out of the shop to put on educational demonstrations, and more over saving and caring for animals!  This morning I got here early because I wanted to spend some time with Juliette Brewer, (who loves to be barefoot and hates shoes f.y.i.) learn a little about her and share all of that with you!  Juliette has been an employee here since 1991 and does an amazing job teaching and presenting the joy of all things animal to everyone that comes through here!  She just graduated this year from Brethren Christian Junior/Senior High School and is eager and ready to move on to the next phase of her life!  She enjoys the beach, baking, swimming and jumping on trampolines!  Her favorite TV show is "So you think you can Dance!"  Juliette is always smiling!  I have never seen her without a big smile on her face!  It really goes a long way to brighten up the whole Zoo when she is here and she never forgets to take out the trash after her parties like everyone else does!

We love have Juliette around and now that summer is here and she's done with school we look forward to days and days of enjoying her company and learning from all of her experiences here!  If you havent had the good fortune of meeting Juliette make sure you come by and say hi to her and introduce yourself!  She will love that!

Thanks Juliette for all you do!  Being around you makes us all happier!


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Remember When?????

Remember when you got your first snake?  When you caught your first lizard?  When you found your first frog?  My reptile background is not as cut and dry as everyone else’s here, but the longer I'm here the more I'm starting to remember that I might have really liked all these creatures after all!  I fancy myself as a dog lover and a furry pet kinda girl, and I still am, but being at The Reptile Zoo all the time I have started to remember a few things that I didn’t before and it makes me laugh to think that I might just be one of you… hahaha… like when I caught my first snake and put it in a jar to take to school and everyone made fun of me!  After school the dumb boys in my class stole the jar from me and shattered it and killed the snake… I remember crying and wondering how they could be so mean and them saying, it’s just a snake!!!!!!  Or when I caught a bunch of frogs and put them in the old lady next door’s mailbox so I could laugh when she reached in to grab the mail.  Or catching tons of fireflies and smearing their insides all over me so I could glow in the dark!  Ok, not so much those last two, but I have always been fascinated by the wonders of nature, each thing beautiful in his or her own way.  And now I get to see it everyday!  I am so happy to be here!  And I am happy to be on this journey with you all… so thank you so much for your patience and be nicer to me on http://www.youtube.com/user/prehistoricpetstv


Thanks Guys!

Much Love!



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New Baby Tortoises!

Hey guys! 

Just wanted to let you know that we have a whole bunch of newly hatched tortoises!  It's so fun and exciting to see their little faces and eyes and even their belly buttons!  I think it's really a yolk sac, but either way they look so cute!  If you guys haven't been by The Reptile Zoo lately you should come!  If for no other reason than to see these little boogers! It's summer and we are hatching, breeding, growing and shedding on a daily basis here!  Oh, and we also have a booth set up at the Orange County Fair so come see us there as well!  You can even take a picture with a gigantic snake there aaaaand we have some coupon suprises as well!  Hope to see you all very soon!  COME PLAY WITH ME!


Much love!



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The Brand New Media Room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You've never seen a zoo like this before!!!!!!!!!

We just got the absolute coolest thing at The Reptile Zoo and I'm so excited about it!  A brand new 55" HDTV that everyone can come to the zoo and watch!  We are going to play some of our greatest hits from The Reptile Zoo Series and some of our videos from our YouTube Channel!  http://www.youtube.com/user/prehistoricpetstv It is going to be so fun!... and with any luck, hopefully, eventually we can play some awesome Godzilla movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Rooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!  Maybe even mechagodzilla!!!!!!!!  We are constantly making changes around here to keep things fresh and up to date and we are soooooo excited about all of it and we hope you are too!

Movie nights are coming soon! 

Big thanks to Jay for all his hard work in making this Reptile Zoo the most cutting edge, exciting place ever! 

Come see us soon! 





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 The ooohhhhhs and aaaaaahhhhs and shrieks and squeals of children escaping from the doors and windows and through the walls of Prehistoric Pets aren’t coming from a movie or a soundtrack to some creative new 3-D Disney venture, they are, in reality coming from a once in a lifetime visual, hands on, authentic, educational demonstration and experience known as a Jurassic Party.  If you’re tired of watching your kids watch TV, or listening to them beg for new video games, or not listening at all because they are glued to their iPod, Jurassic Parties to the rescue!  A live snake can keep the attention span of a teen or tween (or adult) way longer than World of Warcraft because it’s real!  Real snakes, real lizards, real teeth and real bites and we haven’t even gotten to the spiders and scorpions yet.  Geico doesn’t have a monopoly on geckos; we have tons of them, all different shapes, sizes and colors.  In a world of computer generated, television induced, zombie tots, Jurassic Parties offers an opportunity for parents and children alike to bond and be overwhelmed by the beauty and wonder of nature.  Jump in head first and ask questions, be hands on or stand back and watch your child do it.  Laugh, smile, learn!  Some people come in a little apprehensive, but then walk out with a snake of their very own!  The memories that you make will last forever, the experience is like none other, and the educational information might just make a difference in whether or not you decide to stomp that spider on the side-walk or kill that snake in your back yard.  All life is important and once you know why things do what they do, maybe we will all understand each other a little better… it’s worth a try right?      

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Name: Miranda Huebner

Nickname: Mandy, Hey you

Where are you from/represent your hood: Huntington Beach

What’s your sign: Scorpio

Favorite Animal: Anything that won't try to take my fingers off

Why do you love reptiles: They're quiet, don't need to be walked, and totally different. Plus they help keep the rodent population down, which is always a good thing

The best thing about working at prehistoric pets is: Getting to interact with the people and the animals at the same time....best of both worlds!

Something embarrassing that happened to you at the store:
Thanks to Brando and Sam, I fell halfway In the pond. Smelled fantastic for the rest of the day...
Favorite Food: Steak!

Hopes, Goals, Dreams: Someday i want to milk a rattlesnake...

What do you like to do when you are not hanging out and playing with animals? Driving around having incredibly random adventures and going to concerts.

If you had a billion dollars, what would you do?
Anything i wanted

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The Egg Exchange Program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!

I dont know if you guys knew this or not so in order to be more informative and uber helpful I would like, if I may, to introduce you all to our egg hatching program! Lots of times people buy pets from us and sometimes other places and their pets lay eggs!!!! Yes. Believe it or not!!!!!!! Sometimes they are infertile if they have not been around or near a counter part but on the occassion your pet lays some eggs you can always bring them to us and we will hatch them for you! If your pet does have eggs, you can just pick them up exactly the way they were laid, careful not to turn them over put them in a container and bring them to us and we will incubate them and when they hatch, we split the animals with you 50/50. If you can hatch eggs yourself, now worries and congrats to you on being a great breeder, but if you can't and you want us to help, just feel safe in knowing that we will!

Here are a few pics from a happy couple of eggs we hatched for a customer this morning!

Much love!!!!


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