Spotlight on: Rambo

Meet Rambo! He is an Argentine Black and White Tegu, and my favorite animal in the store. Tegus tend to be fairly aggressive when they are young and haven't been socialized at all, and he was no exception.  When I started working with him, he was an angry little lizard with a nasty case of cage aggression. Now, not only is he a foot longer (and 3 times as wide) , he is a popular party animal and a favorite among the employees here. (At least that's what we tell him.) He can be seen on a regular basis here at Prehistoric Pets, usually either with me or his co-owner and my collegue, Nolan. He is a perfect example of what a little love (and a lot of rats, superworms, and bananas) can do for an animal. So next time you're in Fountain Valley, come and visit us at the Reptile Zoo. You just might get to meet the (in)famous Rambo. I hope you enjoy these amusing, if somewhat strange pictures of our employees (and a penguin) with the coolest tegu in the store.



Greg's tongue paid dearly for this shot...The camera just wasn't quick enough


Sam wasn't too sure at first, but Rambo's stellar pillow abilities quickly won him over


Rambo doesn't always like being the pillow....



Sometimes, there are no words...

No explanation needed



Rambo's tongue...the cause of so many funny pictures here at Prehistoric Pets

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Spinner Blast Ball Python What?

So Tim came up to me this morning with a bunch of eggs ready to cut and asked me "Do you know what a spinner Blast Ball Python looks like?" I Have no clue so we just decided to tape the cutting and let you see all the baby's and take a guess for yourself! The Winner Gets an AWESOME hi-5 from yours truly!


Video Link


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Albino Goldenchild Sunfire!

We here at Prehistoric Pets have an albino sun-fire that is currently breeding with a golden-child het albino and they locked up earlier this week. We here are trying to create the very 1st ever albino golden-child sun-fire!!!!!! It has never been done before and we are very excited about bringing you something else new! The golden-child is a project we have been working on for a while now and we haven’t produced very many of them but this year is looking like the best one yet and hopefully we will have multiple clutches that we will share with you as soon as possible! Meanwhile enjoy the pictures of some locking up and ovulation. Much love Xo………….Savannah

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Party Day!

Wanna go for a ride?  Who else but us could put a 15 foot dinosaur in the back of a truck for relocation?

Relocation to The Reptile Zoo anyways!  For the kids that come to the parties that are sometimes scared or too young to realize that the animals they might be interacting with are alive, we have lots of other fantastic things for them to look at and interact with.  Like Tex!  The gigantic 15 foot tall dinosaur in the middle of our store that watches over all of us!  If a picture with a real live snake is more than you can handle, Rex will be super happy to take a picture with you!!!  And he wont even bite!  I wonder sometimes if Tex came to life and he and Twinkie got into a fight who would win?  But there I go again fantasizing about dino-wars!  Hope you guys get to make it by and see all of us today!  We miss you!

Much love............ Savannah

Are you looking at me?

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Saturday's are crazier than a road lizard!

Happy Happy Day

Saturday's at the Reptile Zoo are crazier than a road lizard!

And we love every single part of it!  I'm waiting right now for all the kiddies to get here and testing out a few new blog techniques to help make things exciting and every new day!  Speaking of every new day, what are your plans for today?  You should come on down and see us!  You will be happy you did!  I promise!  This place is packed full of fun and smiles everyday, but Saturday is especially amazing!  It's everyone's day off, well, everyone except of course for us, and we are here to handle the crowds of little faces and teeny hands and help you have the best Saturday ever!  See you soon!



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Volunteer Fridays


Do you love reptiles and have a bit of extra time on your hands?

Well here’s your chance to join our team at Prehistoric Pets: The Reptile Zoo. We are now looking for outgoing volunteers to help educate and interact with guests in our hands-on exhibit on Fridays at The Reptile Zoo.

This is a non-paid volunteer program designed to help The Reptile Zoo connect with its customers. Your job will include welcoming guests at the gate and helping with any questions they may have when about The Reptile Zoo or reptiles in general.

If you love reptiles, love people, and love The Reptile Zoo you may be the perfect fit to volunteer.

Description: greet customers, hold animals, help answer questions about animals, and provide basic knowledge

Required: people person, willing to donate time to help The Reptile Zoo, reptile enthusiast, well mannered, outgoing, and at least 18 years of age

If this sounds like the perfect position for you please email us at with your name, phone number, age, volunteer availability, and your specific reptile expertise. You can also call us at 714.964.3525 or drop by The Reptile Zoo next time you just happen to be in the neighborhood!

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Bow Chica Wow Wow!

Here are some shots of the stuff that goes on in the back rooms around here... bow chica bow wow...

April 2010, the first time crossing these morphs.

Here is our male albino super tiger sunfire locked up with our female supertiger sunfire het-albino. This breeding should produce the first SUPERNOVA! ! ! Which is an ALBINO SUPERTIGER SUPERSUNFIRE! By the way this is the name we made up... What do you guys think?


Tiger double het Albino Titanium looking pretty big after breeding our SunTiger double het Albino Titanium. nice ovulation, with possibilities of Albino Plutonium Sunfires... any name suggestions for another new morph?

Who's the daddy of this big lump? We hope it's this male- our Dwarf SunSelayer double het Genetic Stripe & Albino, or the Albino Genetic Stripe we had in there earlier. Either way, we are happy, since she's a Double het Genetic Stripe Albino, but we always like the possibility of new morphs... Albino SunStripe in this case.


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Guess this snake!

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Summer Field Trip Feed Back!

We love to get your feedback here, good or bad because it is always helpful.  Here is an email from another satisfied customer that got to have an awesome Jurassic Party the other day!  Once a customer, always a customer!  If you haven’t had one yet go to and check it out, find what what would work best for you and let us help you have an amazing party!  We love it!!!!!  It really is our favorite thing to do!  Sharing a birthday with you is extra special!  Thanks so much!



“”We had a great time today at Prehistoric Pets. We have come in years past, as this is 1 of the kid's favorite Summer field trips. The staff loves it too !! Thanks so much for opening the store up for groups to come an visit. Savannah, who was our leader for our party, did an OUSTANDING job and you could tell she loves what she is doing. She had so much energy and kept the kids interested. She was definitely the best host that we have had at any of our trips. Thanks again to Savannah and all of the staff at Prehistoric Pets. Brando, the Asian Water Monitor was a favorite, as well as the small baby tortoises. We loved our visit and will be back.””



Head Teacher, Summer Camp

After-School Program


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The A team!

So we have made even more changes here at the Reptile Zoo to help everything run smoother than ever before!  We have divided our staff into leads and teams, sorta, anyways we are always on a mission to make this place the best place ever and we all hope the leads and the teams will be beneficial!  Congrats to Juliette, Greg, Tim Nishio, and Craig!  Each one of them has a special skill set that puts them ahead of the other staff here!  Their guidance, experience, and strong leadership qualities put them at the top of the heap here and we are proud of their accomplishments!  Good job guys!  Way to go!

Here are a few pics of Juliette and Greg.  Juliette is doing something I bet you guys never even thought needed to be done, she is using the magnetic fishing pole to find all the tongs that kids accidently drop into the pond in the front while they are feeding the red-eared sliders!!!!  If you haven't ever been here to feed the turtles then you don't know that it's ever so exciting when they swim up to eat their worms that sometimes you can't help but drop your tongs in the water!!!!!  And someone's gotta get them out of the pond!  Just another example of how Juliette continues to work super hard to make this the best place ever!

Congrats Congrats!

Much love!


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