The Price Is Right!!!!!!!

 OK, so I know for sure that all you guys don't have the money to spend on all the amazing high end things we have here, and since that's mostly what I have been taking pictures of, I thought I would take a few pics of some of the things we have in our shop that are for sale that are under 300 dollars.  I don't know how many of you are breeders or pet owners, or just enthusiasts, but we really do have some affordable awesome pets in addition to our amazing retic collections!  Some cute things that kids can play with, that you can hold and pet and love and kiss even!!!  I hope you like the collection I have assembled, if you have any questions about anything please let me know and I will try and answer, or at least find you someone who can!!!  Ok?  Cool, enjoy!


much love




Knob Tail Gecko



Leucistic Pine Snake



Frog Eyed Gecko




Fire Bellied Toad



Cave Gecko



False Water Cobra



Hog Island Boa



Albino African House Snake



Box Turtle



Savannah Monitor



A bunch of corn snakes



My Finger, but you can't buy it for under 300, the snake however is fair game!
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Tim O'Reilly

Ok, so, we all know that Tim is Jay's right hand man, but he is also about the coolest human being in the whole entire world!  He is from Long Beach, CA and has lived here most of his life!  Tim is the guy here you go to with all your problems, personal or reptile related and he will always give you the best advice ever.  Tim breeds all the amazing retics, morphs, etc.... I could put 10 bazillion awesome pics of him up here, but I'm gonna put some funny ones instead!  I don't know what we would do around here without Tim!  He's the all time saver of everyone here, he keeps us all from killing each other,  he tells funny jokes late at night after we close and he loves Van Halen!!!!, Hot For Teacher is his favorite song!  Tim's the coolest fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure!  We all love you so much Tim!  More than you know.... can't wait til lobster season starts...we are hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

much love!


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It is indeed our differences and imperfections that make us all special. Animals too! So as it comes to pass, yesterday someone dropped off to us 2 new crested Geckos, which is always the most exciting for me because they are my favs... I didn't get a chance to have a peek at them until later in the night but you guys gotta see this guy! He doesnt have a tail at all, but that's ok... imperfections make us special right? But for what he lacks in tail, he makes up for in eyeball! Now, I'm not exactly sure if it is an eye defect or something more but I assure you I will find out... Meanwhile, this Cresty has the absolute coolest looking marble eye I have ever seen! So, I havent thought of a name for him yet because I have been busy taking pictures of him..

Any one wanna help me out? Name the gecko for me, and if I pick your name, maybe you get a prize? i could probably afford to buy 1 of you a candy necklace maybe?

Or maybe the name it's self is the price????

Love you guys! Happy Friday!



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Why is a Borneo Bateater called a Borneo Bateater??????

The answer to this question in well beyond my area of expertise, so, like any good writer, I’m going to make one up.  Actually, I have a theory rather than just a made up story even though that is where my mind likes to lead me, all the time!!!!!  From listening to Jay and Tim talk all the time I have learned a lot around here, like, if you are the first person to create a new morph you get to name it, and the snakes around here have more names attached to them than a coffee drink a Starbucks!  Like Supersupercalifragilisticexpialidocioustigersunfire citronhetalbinocalifragilisticexpialidocious

Or whatever that new snake is.  Anyways, I don’t know where the name Borneo Bateater came from with regard to the Retic/Burm mix but since he is my favorite snake here and I let him roam around in the mornings before the crowds come, this morning I had the pleasure of seeing something super awesome!  I watched quietly (believe it or not) as this beautiful creature slithered up the side of a concrete wall to a standing height of about 10 feet with room to spare on the bottom end.  So I was thinking, maybe the reason he is called a bateater is because he can stand up tall inside deep dark caves to eat yummy bats?  Or maybe he could even catch them out of the sky????  Or maybe the guy that created the first one was a big time Bat-man fan?  Either way the pics are for sure worth sharing!  I hope you all enjoy them!


Much Love,




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Monitor-ing the Inventory

Meet our new stock boy!  His name is Chris, today is his first day on the job!  When I got to work this morning this is what I found!!!  One of our smaller monitors seemed to be gaurding and protecting and taking inventory of all the new merchandise we are getting in to help you better take care of your pets!  Chris is one of our smaller Asian Water Monitors and he has a little bit of an attitude problem, actually Jay and I had to chase him down through the parking lot the other night and fish him out from underneath a parked car together.  So, who better to put in charge of inventory control?  As you can see from the pictures below, he was circling the product keeping everyone away and then checking each individual package to ensure that everything on the invoice had arrived in proper condition!  We are hoping that giving Chris more responsibility and putting him in charge of something will be all the positive reinforcement he needs to help him become a better monitor!!!!  The bruise on my leg from the whipping he gave me this morning is proof positive it's working!  hahahahah!

Much love!


On Patrol!

Checking the invoice!

Everything looks good Boss!

Back off man and stay away from my stuff!

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8 Legged Freaks!

Today, I had the pleasure of coming into work to witness two beautiful creatures in courtship! Our P.Regalis Tarantulas (Indian Ornamentals) were doing the love dance, and hopefully making some lovely eggs for us! Indian Ornamentals are one of the most beautiful species of tarantula, and one of the most aggressive too. They make wonderful display animals, but are not good pets to handle (unless you are into that sort of thing?)

As if that wasn't enough, on the other side of the zoo we caught some boas doing their mating thing too! Did someone come in here in the night and turn on some Marvin Gay and scented candles?




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Love the art & the artist!

Sometimes I get super caught up in what I’m doing and forget about the repercussions, I try really hard to have a handle on it but it’s so easy to get excited and forget things.  You will like to have a for instance I am sure…


Like for instance, I was taking pictures of a false water cobra baby one time and he was super cute and I love him and so, camera in one hand, snake in the other I start taking pictures.  Sometimes baby snakes might not like a camera shoved in their face, like this little guy, and so he bit me.  Now, at this point it shouldn’t be a problem except that I found him even cuter as he was biting and I decided really needed a picture of him biting me.  So, click, click, click and then, blood starts running down my thumb and I decided I really really needed a picture of that so, I let him bite and bite and bite until I got an even better picture.  All the whil I completely forgot the snake was rear fanged and the little guy was working really, really hard at pumping my thumb full of his venom.  My hand immediately swelled up, as this artistic project lasted about 30 minutes aaaaaaaand, I was left with a Hulk Fist for about 3 days. (I took pics of the swelling at first, but then I got bored with that, so I stopped, the swelling however did not, it got way bigger than the pictures)

All that being said, again, this morning a big retic was striking at Davide while he was changing out his water and…. Well, you can probably guess where the story goes, I haaaaaaaad to get a picture, I haaaaaaaad to get a picture of it striking, and of course with my camera around my neck and being all zoomed in, I totally forgot that I was well within striking distance so when he lunged for me I dodged the bite, barely, but I jumped back so fast that I tripped over one of our gigantic sulcatas, fell over the wall in his pen and almost knocked myself out on the concrete and now ther is big gross lump on the back of my head……….. but I did get a couple shots before that happened and it’s only noon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a headache…………. L


Much love!



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Macho Man Randy Savage

Ok, so there is this iguana here and I named him Macho Man, not because of the YMCA song, but because he looks exactly like  Macho Man Randy Savage.  If you don't know anything about professional wrestling, or wrasslin' rather you might not get it, but you can always Google it.  I try to pay attention to people that come in here because they often look like their pets and more times than not, if they get the pet as a baby, it begins to look like and mimic it's owner.  Not like they turn into a human or anything but like, they seem to adopt similar traits.  Maybe I spoke too soon, because I definately don't want to offend anyone if they have an ugly pet, but then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I loke things with big bug eyes, i'm not sure if I have them, but big eyes can definately make me love something, big eyes and fat heads. Example; creted geckos, tiger retics, borneo bateaters, leucistic rat snakes, and leucistic gators are a few of my favs.  OOOHhh, and red eyed tree frogs too... hahahah...

Anyways, the bigger part of this blog is, this crazy looking iguana we adopted looks just like Macho Man Randy Savage, he is always puffed up and staring and i know for sure he wants me to "SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM.... OHHHHHHHH, YEEEEEEEAH"

Much love!


xo............ Savannah





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Happy Anniversay!

Hey Guys! Just want to say Happy Anniversary to Jay and his lovely wife Becky! Hope you guys are having a great mini vaca! In this world of disposable everything, people, pets, and things, your love and dedication to one another for over 22 years is something to be admired! We all hope that the two of you are having a wonderful time enjoying each other and that you get some well needed relaxation! We are holding it down here while you are gone so Jay, don't worry! All the snakes and lizards are fine! Thank you from all the staff here for everything you both do day in and day out! All our love! The Reptile Zoo & Prehistoric Pets Staff
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While you guys were at the Reptile Show.... here's what we were doing!!!!

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