My Anaconda Don't want none unless..................

Unless she's hungry and luck for us, she wasnt hungry today!  And we all got to hold and play with her!  Even the guy that won our Facebook game contest got in on the action!  He got an in store tour, behind the scenes tour, and his very own photo with our awesomely impressive anaconda!  Soooooooooooooo, what that means to you all is, get in on the contests!  The prizes are once in a lifetime and definately worth it! 

Much love!


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Tim O'Reilly knows nothing about snakes??????


at least the kind of snakes that you use to unclog drains!  Tim was working so hard trying to clean out the pond, the filters, the bottom and the clogs in order to keep everything in tip top shape!  So Tim goes to a place where you can rent a "SNAKE" of all things and brings it back to the shop and breaks it!  Hahahahahahahahah.... Tim can breed the most amazing retics the world over, get and gigantic snake to eat and live even when it doesn't want to, but givev him a snake "tool"  and he's blowing it! 

In all seriousness, he got it back together without a scratch and the drains have never been cleaner!  Good JobTim!

That's why we love you........... that and you look like Sam Elliot!




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Sometimes because we are here everyday, day in and day out it is easy to forget exactly how awesome everything here is!  Meet Ira, today she came to visit us from the Ukraine, she is in the United States for a year working as a nanny (and on Sunday she will be a volunteer here!)  Ira doesnt have all the wonderful animals to play with where she is from and she was so fascinated and awestruck that we had to take more and more pictures!

People come here from all over the US and the world and it makes us so proud to be able to share the wonder we have here with other people!  If you haven't been by here in a while or if you are new in the neighborhood or maybe just vacationing in California, please make an effort to come visit us!  It will be worth the trip!

Thanks Ira!  You rock!  See you on Sunday!

much love!


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Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that we here at the Reptile Zoo love all animals!  Fluffies and Scalies, veggie eaters and meat eaters, cuddlers and constrictors, venoms and non!  Here are a few pics of some of the Fluffies we love!  And we hope you enjoy them too!!!!!

A great dane & a Savannah!

Lily is a frequent guest here!

A fuzzy spider!

A HAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Henchman

A Savannah & a puppy!

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Junior Volunteers

Hey guys!

There are some kids that just can't get enough of this place, and like anything, if you hang around enough, eventually you get put to work!  Meet Avery & Jack, today's Junior Volunteers!  Avery comes in at least twice a week to help feed bearded dragons and blue-tongued skinks, she's been here for hatchings and holdings and has had at least 2 Jurassic Parties in the past 2 years which is alot considering she is only 5!  Jack is a new Junior Volunteer, having pets of his own at home, 2 bearded dragons, today he decided to come by and help Avery feed the veggie eaters and we did it all in no time flat! 

We love volunteers here at the Reptile Zoo, if you ever wanna get into the action check out this link!

We are currently trying to develop a Junior Volunteer plan that will be open to the public, an educational, helpful, play with and feed animals type of camp that we hope will be up and available in the summer and maybe even during winter and spring breaks from school!

Thanks again to Avery & Jack for all their hard work today!  See you guys again soon!

much love


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I wonder what Jay is doing in South Africa?

I wonder what Jay is doing in South Africa today? 

I asked everyone in the shop and here are their answers......


Sam Makki--visiting my buddies at Mr. Pet

Savannah--lounging by a pool in his thong getting a suntan

Garrett--stuck head first like pooh down a african rock python hole

Craig--Climbing trees to escape a big cat

Mandy--doing a tribal dance (naked)

Greg--regretting what he ate last night because he has diarrhea

Tim--becoming the Lord of the Flies

Uncle Louie--Still shooting

Tim Nishio--snapping photos

Kayla--anxiously awaiting getting back, to Facebook

Lynda--Talking on the phone

Vincent--arm wrestling a crocodile

Juliette--eating frozen yogurt

Laura--working hard



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Sometimes when I am sad I like to do a photo shoot to make myself happy!  So this morning that's what Sam and I did.  We both got to work early and we took lots and lots of pictures, hoping that it would elevate the mood.  It has rained for almost 9 days straight in Southern California and the sun finally came out to welcome us!    The snakes around here like to go outside too so, that's where we went!  Hope you guys enjoy the pics as much as Sam and I did taking them, or making them?  Which is it?

much love!


Borneo Bateater

My Borneo Bateater

Borneo Bateater

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Thelma & Louise Snuggle up!

It must be really nice to have an extra head to snuggle up with even if it is attached to the same body!  We caught our 2 headed texas rat snake Thelma & Lousie snugging up with herself and we couldn't resist the picture!  Hope you guys enjoy it too!  Thelma & Louise are always a hit around the Reptile Zoo, lots of people ask if she is even real because she is such an amazing creature, but trust me, she is real and alive and well!  If you haven't seen her come by and make sure you do!


Much love


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Hey guys!

This morning Kayla brought in her most gigantic Tegu!  Jax is his name and I don't think I have ever seen a bigger tegu in my life!  He is an argentine and I thought I would show him to you guys and show you what a baby one looks like too!  Thanks to Craig for being today's super model and getting into the blog!  He is usually dealing with all the venomous snakes here and such so I had to catch him early!   Here are the pics, hope you enjoy them!

Much love


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Breakfast with Snakes & Lunches with Lizards

You gotta be crazy to work in a place like this!  All of us here, from a variety of back grounds and places, coming together for the love of animals.  Perhaps we were all nerds before?  or maybe we have become that, who knows, but the cross section of people here never ceases to amaze me, the personalities are eccentric and diverse, making everyday more fun than the next.  a good friend of mine and old school gator wrestler from Florida once told me when I was a younger and trying to take over the reptile world that "I will never be as cool as the animals I work with" at the time I thought he was stupid, but in retrospect he was right, none of us are!

Because here's what we are without them........... 

much love


Juliette Brewer






a bunch of us



Emo Mandy

Tim Nishio


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