The Bravery

Hey Guys!

It's a rainy Tuesday morning here in southern California but it is exciting inside the Reptile Zoo!~  Bubbles is, let's say, one of our more aggressive, biting and whipping tail type sulphur monitors.  He usually plays alone because he is happier that way aaaaaaaaaaand, so are we.  So today Bubbles had to be moved into a larger home because he is growing like a weed due to his voracious appetite, and who better to move the most aggressive monitor in the shop but the new guy, Vincent.  Greg went with him to supervise, hahahah, and it took a bit longer than it takes to move most monitors around here because Bubbles is a crazy monster but Vincent got the job done!  Good job Vincent!  We are happy to have you as a new part of our awesome team of reptile handlers!    Bubbles and all of us appreciate your contributions to the care and upkeep of the Reptile Zoo!

Here is the story in pictures!

much love!


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Hey Guys!

Everyone here knows Garrett, and you probably do too, because Garrett is in charge of all of our on-line sales, questions, answers, shipping, etc.... Garrett is the guys you email ( when you something super special and specific, he's the one who gets it for you!  Garrett has been here a while now and is one of the most helpful employees we have and his customer service is impeccable!  There is nothing he can't find and ship to you, and he's really really nice!  So shoot Garrett an email with any questions, requests or information you need about anything!  He is a wonderful person and I'm glad to call him my friend!  You will be too, I promise!  Here's a little more about Garrett........... 

Name: Garrett Hartle

Nickname:nope, not yet

Where are you from/represent your hood:Pittsburgh

What’s your sign:i dont know

Favorite Animal: i go through phases..right now..pangolins

Why do you love reptiles:i always understood them when no one else around me seemed to be able to.

What is your favorite animal:see above.

The best thing about working at prehistoric pets is:asking TIM everyday if he's made more snakes for me to sell yet.

Something embarrassing that happened to you at the store:I ripped a good 12" hole in the crotch of my pants. With i believe 4 hrs left to go in my shift.

Favorite Food:cheesecake ;)

Hopes, Goals, Dreams:To be a good dad.

What do you like to do when you are not hanging out and playing with animals? Travel especially via planes or motorcycles.

If you had a billion dollars, what would you do? jay would be rich. Have you seen some of the snakes he has. Do you see how much they cost? I don't know if a billion will cover it. hahaha


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Sunday's Fun!

Yesterday the Reptile Zoo was crawling thick with kiddies and mommies and babies and all sorts of awesome people!  We had a bunch of Jurassic Parties, a pile of Reptile Zoo guests and all kinds of other fun things going on!  Today is a rainy Monday here in Southern California, so why don't cha come spend you rainy day with me and all the super fun Reptiles we have here at the zoo?  Sound like a plan?  Ok, see ya soon then!

Much love!


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Jurassic Party Marathon!

If there was one more Jurassic Party today we would have created a vortex that might have sucked us into it and propelled each and every one of us into the dinosaur era where we would have become Prehistoric Pets ourselves in some weird 3 dimensional stratusphere!

hahahahahahah.......... Just kidding, today was a crazy day! 

Yep, today was full of parties and screaming kids and fun and tortoise olympics and water monitor diving contests and super awesome birthday cakes, and more flash bulbs flashing than when Grave Digger is in the finals at a Monster Truck show!  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  thanks Annie, Ash, Kaylee, Kaitlin, Christian, Johnny, and all the other kids that decided to make today a Jurassic Party!  We all had so much fun with you guys~!

Everybody has a birthday right?  Check out the pics below and if you want your party to be as fun as all the parties today were...

go to

and let us make it fun for you too! Can't wait to meet you all!

Much love!


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Our very own Jay Brewer/Vella is about to go on an amazing adventure to South Africa!  LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Jay will be filming in Groblersdal area for a while and then hanging out in Pretoria / Joburg area. He will be giving a short talk at the THA on the 29th at the Transvaal museum. I am trying to convince him to come again for a Durban / Mozambique trip. I suspect he will like this country enough to come back again later. Possibly during the SOS expo in May next year?”

Arno Naude

 Jay Brewer/Vella is a Herper known the world over for his advancements, discoveries, and innovations in the reptile industry and the world is taking notice!  Jay has been asked to come and speak at a museum and to go on safari in order to film some amazing things!  (I smell episodes of The Reptile Zoo)  Rhinos, Wildebeest, Lions, Cape Buffalo, Impalas,  Wart Hogs and Orcs or Oryx, I’m not sure which, because I think the Orcs got wiped out in Lord of the Rings, but Jay is going to be able to interact with them all. 

Jay has also been asked to do a little behind the scenes Zoo touring and lend his advice to other people like him that just love to care for and help animals.  All the speaking engagements, touring, filming, and media aside, Jay really wants to see if he too old and too slow to catch a cape monitor and is hoping that his experience will come into play and put him at the head of the heap when it comes to that.  Secretly I think he really just wants to go fishing and catch a couple King Cobras and Death Adders!

Ok, but seriously, between you and me, the raddest thing Jay is going to get to do is try and pull eggs from a 20 foot mama crocodile!  I’m so jealous!   The crocodiles that he is going to be working with are crocodiles that have been removed from their environs due to their fondness for eating humans, and I say that with much respect!  Jay is sooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky!!!!!!!   Not really though, he has worked a lifetime in his field of expertise and is deserving of every reward given to him!  Congrats Jay, just remember, a 20 foot reticulated python and a 20 foot crocodile have a lot in common, but to the retic you are a nuisance, to the crocodile you are dinner!

We hope you have so much fun Jay!  Don’t get hurt!  Take lots of pics and send them to us while you are there!  Don’t forget because I can’t text you international to remind you!

Much Love!



(released with in 3 min of capture)


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Picture Pages

Hey guys! 

This morning I have a lil writer's block so I took a bunch of pics for ya!  I'm sure something exciting will happen soon enough... mean while, enjoy!

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The Circle of Life

I have been waiting for Jay to get back from the Reptile Show in Chicago to write this blog and he finally got back today, unfortunately I did not have good news for him upon his return and he is very sad about something that happened in his absence.  Jay and I have talked in depth about what I am about to share with you and it has been decided that since you are all reptile lovers and part of the Prehistoric Pets/Reptile Zoo family that we could share an unfortunate loss with all of you, as well as a bright outlook for the future.

This blog will incorporate both happiness and sadness so if you are faint of heart you might like to stop reading now.  This is real life, and in real life things happen that are beyond our control, nature is nature and as much as we wish that every creature could live forever it is impossibility

That being said we have had a female veiled chameleon named Jenny for a while now that was gravid.  We noticed early on the Jenny was not doing well and we set her up and set her up time and time again and for a while she would do well, but in the end she unfortunately passed away.  Jay and all of us here are sad to have seen her go.

When she passed she was full of eggs that were ready to come out, the loss of Jenny hurt us all but we did not believe that her eggs should have to suffer the same fate.  She had lived a long and happy life and we thought we should try and at least save her babies.  The eggs were removed from Jenny and have been placed in an incubator and we all hope that they will live.  It is my understanding that this has been attempted before but without success.

We all hope and pray that Jenny’s eggs will eventually hatch and that they will all grow up to live long and happy lives, that is the way we believe Jenny would have wanted it.  We hope that you agree and are with us on this one as well.

The pictures below are shocking, but it is not very often an event like this occurs and we hope the utmost discretion and sensitivity is used in their viewing and the dialouge that follows as well.

Thank you,


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Tim Nishio

Tim Nishio is one of everyone's favorite employees here at The Reptile Zoo, mostly because of his amazing customer service, that and his reptile knowledge is so vast and expansive!  Tim Nishio is a martial arts expert in his off time studying the fine arts of Kay-rah-tay and Tai-kwan-doh and Billy Blanks Tai-Bo videos.  Tim likes to use really big words that you don't understand so as to baffle and impress you.... hahahahahahahaha

Just kidding, Tim is awesome, he does Ju-jitsu and has like 10 kids, he's smart, so I have to pick on him... that's what dumb people do! 

Tim teaches us a lot of important and not so important information, he loves reptiles and even invented his own mite spray! (patent pending)

I try to keep being serious with this, but everytime I start i can't... but mostly that's what Tim does, he brings out the best in all of us!

We love you Tim!  Thanks for all you do!

much love


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Aloha Hawaii

Jurassic Parties are the most fun thing we do here!  We love every one of them and they are all different and exciting!  Skylar came all the way from Hawaii to have his Jurassic party right here in Fountain Valley California!  Skylar and all his friends had a super fun time roaming around the Reptile Zoo asking lots of questions, holding lots of animals, feeding some and playing with others!  Thanks for sharing this milestone in your life with us Skylar, and thanks even more for flying all the way across the ocean to do it!  We had at great time and we hope you did as well!  Can't wait to see you next year!

Much love!


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American Idol

We had an exciting visit from Erin Shelton yesterday, and you might not know who that is now, but pay close attention and soon you will! Erin Shelton just qualified in LA to be a contestant on the next American Idol season!  Way to go Erin!  Next on her list of things to do was to come to Prehistoric Pets and face her fears and hold her very first snake!  Erin is a singer and songwriter and if we can help we are going to make her a full fledged snake enthusiast too!  Thanks for coming by Erin, hope you come by again soon!!  Congrats Congrats!  We can't wait to see you on American Idol!  Break a leg, you have our vote, just let us know when to text!

Much Love,


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