Happy New Year!

Today I asked several of our guests and staff what they would like to see here at The Reptile Zoo and you wouldn't believe the answers we got!  Here's a big cross section of the feedback I got!


Jennifer from Fountain Valley would like to see rattlesnakes!


Chloe from Huntington Beach would like to see more turtles!

Chloe's sister wants to see a hippo!


Jake wants to see an Alligator!

Lane from Oklahoma wants to see a Green Tree Monitor!


Jay wants a Komodo Dragon


Laura wants an Aldabra Tortoise


Rylan from Orange wants a Brazilian Wandering Spider


The Christiansons from Utah would like to see a Leopard



Vince would like to see another Tim O'Reilly


Tim O'reilly would like to see a 200lb lobster


Tommy & Meagan would like to see a Platypus or a flying snake


Juliette wants a giraffe


Tim Nishio wants a King Cobra


Amy wants a tiger


and I want a Unicorn!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for a great last year guys!  Hope this one is even bigger and better!

Much love,


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Ninja Visits!

Hey guys!

This morning when I got to work I felt an eerie silence, and then all of a sudden I saw him!  A ninja!  Right here in The Reptile Zoo!  He was whispering to the tortoises, he was training the venomous snakes, he wrestled a crocodile, hid in the brush, made awesome ninja moves and even fought a dinosaur! 

Sound like something you might wanna see first hand?  Then get on down to The Reptile Zoo! 

Some mornings here are so much fun!  Even for the kids that don't wanna hold the real animals!  We can always find something fun for them to do!  Thanks so much Caidman, for playing with me this morning! 

Enjoy these amazing photos!

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Amee's First Bite!

Here's a sad story with a happy ending.........

Amee is one of the best happiest, prettiest, cutest, awesomest employees here at The Reptile Zoo and she loooooooooooooooooooooves animals!  She is even in school studying them while working here!  She does the best Jurassic Parties, gets the greatest write ups and is just a pleasure to be around all the time!

Today Amy got bit.

And eveyone here was so sad!  We all get bit all the time, so no biggie but what kind of monster would ever bite cute little Amee??????

A Savannah monitor :(

Amee was cutting the Savannah monitor's nails at the front counter when out of no where the little guy (whose name is Bozo) locked on and wasn't letting go!  Vince grabbed the savannah to keep him from twisting and ripping her skin off and supported his body until he calmed down and then Jay came to the rescue with some warm water and poured it on the savannah and he released!

Amee is doing just fine, so don't you guys all worry and she even commented to all of us that it had to happen sometime and she thanked Jay for handling it all so professionally!

Here are a few pics from the attack!

We love you Amee!~ 

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!





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How are all your new pets?

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to check and see how all your new pets are doing!  It's 2 days after Christmas and I'm sure everyone has finally settled down and I just wanted to know how all the animals are doing?  Remember they are living things and should be treated as such!  With lots of TLC!!!!!  Please do not cast them aside like the remote control car you got or the video game you have already won!

Are you taking good care of them? 

Feeding them everyday? 

Making sure they have fresh water and a clean cage? 

If they need UVB are you providing it? 

Are you snuggling with them? 

Keeping them warm? 

If the need calcium are you providing it?

Make sure you take good care of all the new animals that you have at home!  We love each and everyone of the little guys that left our store before Christmas!  If you have any questions about them please call us or bring them by!  We want you and your pet to grow and live together happily and no question is a dumb question!  We will be happy to answer them all!  You can even email your questions to us!




We look forward to hearing from you all! 

Send us pictures!  Tell us how good everything is going!  Show us how big they get!  A pet from Prehistoric Pets is a lifetime investment and we enjoy being a part of you and your pet's life!

much love


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Twas the Night before Christmas!


Video Link


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Kayla's Turtle and Frog Project!

Kayla is on of our most valued and trusted employees here at The Reptile Zoo, and she has just taken on a new project, as is her way!  She spent hours and hours rearranging, cleaning, and dressing up the frog and turtle wall so that the displays now are amazingly b-e-a-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful!  Kayla did this project while she working of course but she also worked through her lunch break and long hours after we closed so that she could have it all set up for everyone visiting The Reptile Zoo while they are out on their Winter Break!  Good Job Kayla!  You are awesome!

Much love



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BumbleBee's Backyard Adventure!

Hey guys!

I've missed you all very much!  I will admit I've missed my lizards and snakes more, but then again, I get to play with them all day and I only get to write to you all, but we are all still besties!   I like to try and keep you guys all up to date on the goings on around here and I havent been here for a few days but I hear there is video circulating within the store of a gigantic retic clutch that was pulled yesterday!  Of course there are no stills because I'm mostly the only still photographer left here, everyone else has joined the video movement, but I'm hoping the footage will surface sometime today so I can share it with you all!

In the meantime.......... here's what I've learned.

Bumblebee is my very favorite monitor in the shop, you probably already know that because he is in most of the photos I post and I use him for all of my Jurassic Parties.  Well it came to pass that the other day I decided to take him on an adventure outside in the bright California sun and into the bushes to let him play and do what monitors normally do in the wild, hunt, hide, stalk, you kow, the usual....  Little did I know how dangerous our adventure would become.  Within moments of his return to nature, his eyes started to look a little crazy and he started behaving strangely.  I thought at first he was playing with me but, well, you guys can probably guess where this story is going...  he started to hide from me at first, running faster than I have ever seen him move, and then when I stopped moving, he swelled up really big and started to hunt me!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He opened his mouth, showed me his teeth, whipped me with his tail several times and went absolutley crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought it was kinda cute at first until I tried to pick him up and that became a struggle and usually he just sits on my hip like any red-neck momma with her baby. 

I finally got him back into the shop and thought he had calmed down and I tried to give him a delicious chicken heart snack, out of the palm of my hand, aaaaaaaaaaaand he tried to bite my thumb off.  Soooooooo, that being said, BumbleBee is no longer allowed to play with the kiddies or any other humans except me for that matter until he readjusts to perfect Prehistoric Pets behavior.  I am working with him this morning and he seems fine but he still has that odd crazy look in his eyes and he doesnt quite walk with the same lackadaisical swagger he had before.  Lets all pray fro BumbleBee to get his swagger back, and soon!

I miss him and so do the kids, it will take work but I know we can do it!

Much Love




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Orange County Marketplace!

Hey guys!

Come check us out at the OC fairgrounds this weekend!  We will have big snakes to takes pictures with and lots of other amazing animals for you to come and see!  If you stop by the Reptile Zoo before hand we even have a free pass to give you so you can get into the Ornage County Market Place for FREE!

See you soon!  Come Join the fun!

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mandy!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know about an exciting thing that happened in our shop!  Besides the car crashing into the printing shop next door, and the new baby ball pythons hatching that have yet to be seen for the first time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the brand new first ever captive born sulfur monitors, we had a visit from a couple of the members of Avenged Sevenfold! 

Mandy pointed them out to us and I thought she was going to have a heart attack!  She was so excited to meet and talk with them and they were super sweet, and you know, you just gotta love Mandy!  She is not here as much as some of our other employees but she makes up for that with hard work and dedication.  Mandy's smile brightens up the whole place when she is here and she does some of the most fun Jurassic Parties ever!  I still can't even believe it when she picks up a 100+ pound tortoise and doesn't even flinch!

When M. Shadows (Matt ) and Synyster Gates (Brian) came in yesterday Mandy was busy selling a new customer an asian water monitor, and doing it in sign language!  I didn't even realize Mandy knew how to sign but she got the job done and the customer walked away happy with her new pet.

Mandy is by far one of the most beloved employees here at Prehistoric Pets and makes everone's day better just by being here!  If you haven't had a chance to meet Mandy yet make sure you come by and do so!

Glad you got to hang with your favorite band yesterday Mandy!  We love you!



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Here's what happened over the weekend!

Hey Guys!

We had an exciting weekend here at The Reptile Zoo!  Jurassic Parties all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Our Monkey tailed skinks had twins!  Awwwwwwwww, we have a whole bunch of new juvenile albino leopard geckos, just in time for Christmas!  The whole shop was filled with excitement and variety from open until close!  We love it when it's like that!  And thank you guys so much for coming to see us!

Oh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand if you are our Facebook friend and you like us, you can now check in when you come here to visit The Reptile Zoo and tag a friend one person gets in free!  It's all part of the  deals we are doing with facebook!  Check it out!


True Love



Uncle Louie Rules!





good work Greg!

A proud new Momma

Ladies Man!

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