Takes the cake!

Hey Guys!

The coolest things we have been seeing at all of the Jurassic Parties lately besides of course the amazing animals and smiling screaming happy kids, are the cakes!!!!!  I think we should do a cake contest actually, but until then, I want to give you guys a peek at some of the most amazing and creative cakes we have seen coming through here lately!  If you have a picture at home of your awesome Jurassic Party cake please email it to us!  We would love to have your party pics included!

Thanks so much!

Much love


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A Delicate Eco-system

Everywhere you go and everywhere you are in life there is a delicate balance between things and creatures, light and dark and human and animal.  We here at Prehistoric Pets pets are all family and the shop here is really much like all of us living in our own seperate world or cage or terrarium, or bubble, which ever name fits on any certain day.  The animals we love are much like us and we gravitate towards what is the familiar, with the occasional opposing personality thrown in to keep us all on our toes. I'm going to try and break down our biological environment here as wonderfully as I can.... Because in the Reptile Zoo, we are all animals and though our moods might swing between mangroves and mice, we are all exactly what we are.....

in no specific order, so please refrain from complaints and tears!

Here we all are if we were animals in the shop......... 









Tim Nishio









Uncle Louie

Savannah............Much love guys!  xo


And of course Laura! you rock sista!

awwwwwwwwwwwww, i didnt forget you Sam!

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