My 1st Snake Breeding!

Hey Guys!

Guess What?

I berd a snake today!  I'm so super stoked about it too!  It happened completely accidentally but if they have eggs I totally get the credit!  Ok, so here's how it all went down!

I was cleaning The Reptile Zoo this morning like I do every day and I was cleaning out the ball python cage at the hands on section of The Reptile Zoo and I was moving snakes in and out and feeding them and I turned around and they were going at it!  I was so excited I ran and got Tim to tell him and he pretended to be impressed which means as much to me as really being impressed, either way, I am officially a snake breeder now, and here are the pics to prove it!

Much love............






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Guess the Construction

I thought yesterday's post was a strange occurence, but it looks like Prehistoric Pets has had to deal with unexpected suprises in their cages since the beginnning. Anyone who has been to Prehistoric Pets in Fountain Valley, Ca  know what is being built in these pictures?

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There's Something Wild in There!

There are no words for what I just found in our custom cages.



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We Have a Winner!

Today at 11:11 on 1.11.11 a lucky fan of Jurassic Parties life got a little more Prehistoric! Amber Patschull has won a FREE Jurassic Party for twins Jack and Brennan! Seems like today it definitely paid to keep an eye out on the happenings on the RZ Blog and Jurassic Parties Fan Page.

Don't worry if you didn't win this time, you can still enter at to be ready for our next drawing. Hey while you're there you might even learn something with on our Animal Facts section or find your very own virtual spider.

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In the beginning..............

All day I have been scanning picture after picture after picture of all the old photos, magazine articles, news paper clippings, ads and accolations that have been written about Jay, the Brewer family, and all of the amazing firsts in Prehistoric Pets & The Reptile Zoo history from the beginning until now! 

Check back soon as I will be posting a ton of pics and putting them into our photo gallery

You will be in awe at the growth and development aaaaaaaaaaaaaand the changes we here at The Reptile Zoo have made!

Please stand by!

much love


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Kids are the most fun!

Hey Guys!

Mondays are kinda crazy days around here, lots of fun and lots of work.  Today we were visited by a couople kids that came all the way from London, England to check out The Reptile Zoo!  They had the most fun and they were afraid at first but just like everyone around here they eventually fell in love with all the beautiful reptiles we have here at The Reptile Zoo!  They went from frightened, to snake enthusiast in about 30 minutes!  We are very lucky to be able to help change people's outlooks on snakes and everything else scaley!  That's what makes working at The Reptile Zoo a great experience!

Much Love


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Jay's Indonesian Photo Shoot

Hey Guys!

Jay was just being interviewed for a retile magazine in Indonesia where he will be on the cover, hopefully we will get a couple of copies of it here at The Reptile Zoo so Jay can autograph them for you all!  The interviewer asked him ofr a couple of autographs to take back with him... or maybe sell on ebay! 


Anyways, the best part for all of us are the pictures I took that will never be published, because while Jay is a professional and knows how to behave during a photo shoot, retics, well, they kinda don't.... here are the pics that will never make it into the magazine and definately not the cover!\

Congrats Jay!

much love


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Here we go again!!! 

In another miracle of snake breeding, Jay Brewer/Vella has created several new, never before seen, one of a kind original retic morph exclusive to Prehistoric Pets!

Jay has spent his lifetime creating new morphs and he has been blessed again with some amazing, never before seen morphs that are the only ones in the world!

Generations of breeding and lots of TLC were involved in creating these exciting new combos, that are named Citrine after the beautiful orangey-yellow gemstone and these snakes shine like the gems that they are, another notch in Jay's belt loop of unprecedented snake morphs!

We are very excited and Jay is walking on sunshine right now just waiting to see what color changes they are going to go through as they grow bigger and bigger and more and more beautiful!

Congrats Jay!  Keep up the good work!  The snake world appreciates you making your imagination reality!

Dream Big and Don't give up!

much love


Albino Suntripe




See the resemblance?


Plutonium Citrine


Purple Stripe


Tiger Citrine

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1.11.11 Giveaway!

Next Tuesday is 1.11.11 ... that's a lot of ones. I mean how often does that really happen? We've decided that's grounds enough to celebrate so we're gonna help you out by giving away 1 FREE Jurassic Party. That's right the party is on us! Just enter on and you can celebrate all the way till 11.11.11!

While you're on take a look around at it's new features like the Photo Gallery with a special section where you can upload your very own Prehistoric photos!

Wishing everyone the best of luck!

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