Jurassic Fact of the Week!

Time for another episode of JFW!

This week let's meet Vince...if you haven't already.  He is one of our party presenters, as well as monitor-breeder extraordinaire.  Instead of bringing a sweet, but small, savannah monitor to all of his parties...he goes for the large, and impressive, Frank, a 6-foot asian water monitor.  When he's not educating kids at parties, he's here at the Zoo feeding, taming, caring for, and breeding many of our monitors.  Vince has a real knack for breeding monitors, and a real love for them as intelligent, tenacious creatures.  Here's a pic of Vince with his buddy, Frank.

Awesome job Vince....we love you!!

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Prehistoric Adventure Camp!

Hey Guys!

Check this out!


June 27-July 1 | Monday-Friday | 10:00am-3:00pm

| ages 7-9 Location: Bonita Creek Park, Newport Beach, CA |


Dig fossils, handle live snakes, and play games; every day is a new adventure when you make it a Prehistoric Adventure. Campers will enjoy educational activities covering the ecosystem, habitat, food chain, senses, and camouflage taught by certified teachers. Campers will receive a camp shirt and workbook filled with everything they learned on their Prehistoric Adventure; plus a six-month passport to The Reptile Zoo to continue their hands-on reptile education.

Are you on the top of the food chain? Then don’t forget to pack your lunch.

Prehistoric Adventures.

Click on the link above and then click on View Activities.... where it says enter activity number or key word, type Prehistoric Adventures and then we will pop up!!!!!


Registration begins online March 24 Save 10% with the Early Bird Discount for registration before May 5 Visit the City of Newport Beach for more details or click the link above.

Do it!

It will be so much fun!

much love



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Answers to all your questions!

Hey Guys!

I finally pinned Jay down and got him to answer all of your questions from today!!!!! And believe me, that’s waaaaaaaaaaay harder to do than you could ever imagine! So here they are, enjoy!

Lance Bell

Q Because

A I don’t think because is a question, but if it is the answer is because I said so!

Kaysie Cox Q What is rounder than a ring? What is higher than the trees? What is worse than a woman's curse? What is deeper than the seas?

A Sorry Kaysie, I’m not into Celtic music, I’m a more into Contemporary Christian music. The Sandcarvers are ok I guess. 

Robin Wolf

Q how easy is it to get salmonella?

A If you eat the feces it is very easy, it is transmitted through reptile feces so if your hands are clean and you don’t put them in your mouth when they are dirty, you will be ok. Nick Moon

Q Where can I find a white phase albino or het for albino female tic that would be ready to breed next year and shipped to Kansas??

A Unfortunately you will have to keep your eyes out and search then net, check back with us in a while or email Garrett at info@prehistoricpets.com but if you are looking for a bargain, just keep yourt eye out but buyer beware, make sure you get the right sex as 2 males will kill each other. It’s better to buy one that is not quite old enough to breed yet or else you might be buying someone else’s problem.

David Crotty

Q Jay.... Bigfoot.... whats the story mate?

A It’s really my cousin running around in the woods, don’t tell anybody, but that’s why I wear a shirt in all the videos we make.

Paul Riddell

Q Can I have a dinosaur?

A WE will not release our secret breeding projects yet, until we have them completely established.

Siavash Mirzaei

Q why cant jay buy or breed GODZILLA!!!!!! then it would be the best prehistoric place ever!!! better than 65 million years ago!

A It’s going to take us a while but we have some magical stuff going on in the back room, that’s why we live so close to the ocean, right now we are trying morph some sea monkeys.

Ren Tarango

Q I got questions but doubt id get an answer so ill leave it at that...ok ill ask one but that's all...who put the ape in apericot???

A Wow, that’s waaaaaay above my pay scale

Wayne Sullivan Rawlinson

Q Why do women go to the loo in pairs? What the hell do they talk about in there?

A They are wonder what new retic morphs I’m going to try to create next year, and what will be hot… besides me of course. ROL

Don Julian

Q Why are we here?

A To learn, to love, to breathe and to help each other . And if you get all those down, living is a pretty fun thing to do.

Oh then Jay sings a song...............

Much Love


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It's official, I'm a Nerd :)

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey Guys!

I've missed ya'll so very much!  I just went on a vacation to Florida to see some awesome and amazing animals!  I think it's really cool that when reptile or animal enthusiasts, breeders, etc come here we welcome them with open arms and that when we go out and about on wild adventures, the same courtesy is extended to us!  Jay for example, just got back from a trip to Europe where he was treated like a king by Mark & Dean at The Reptile Room, and while I was on my trip, Safari Todd and the good folks at Jungle Adventures Nature Park Zoo treated me like a princess!  We are very grateful to all of the wonderful people in our industry that share our love for all things cold and warm blooded.

I've been working here at The Reptile Zoo in beautiful southern California for a while now and I will let you all in on a little secret, when I came to work here, let's just say I knew alot about alligators, and not much else.  Jay and Tim and Lynda have been amazing teachers and I have learned so much without even trying!  A great example of that came about when I was driving my son Gage up to Jacksonville to skate a contest and we passed the billboard for the alligator farm in St. Augustine that just so happened to have a huge retic on it and "OMG! That's a retic" I scream!!!!  and my son says, "Mom, you're a reptile nerd now!"

At that point I thought to myself, no way, that couldn't be true........

Until we pass a gigantic Florida River Cooter on the side of the road and I slam on the breaks and jump out of the car to have my son take a picture of me holding it.  Again, my son goes, "yeah, see, you're a total nerd"

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Again I deny it.....

But then we went to see my friend Safari Todd and play with some alligators and while I'm watching his animal presentation I realize that I know waaaaaaaaaaaaay more about animals than I ever wanted to know or wanted to admit..........

And at that point, I decided to embrace it!

I, Savannah Boan, am officially a Nerd, I am accepting it, embracing it and am proud of it.  Thanks to all that have helped me along this journey!

I hope you guys enjoy all the pics!

much love


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Jurassic Fact of the Week!

Aloha everyone!

So this week let's talk about parties!! The most basic, and most common party that we do, is called The Reptile Zoo Party. It takes place here at the zoo and includes one hour in one of our party rooms, a one-hour presentation with 12-15 animals, admission for 30 people to the zoo, and a whole lotta fun!! Check out jurassicparties.com for prices and availability. With any questions, call 714-964-3525.

So, don't have a boring party....have a Jurassic Party!!!

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Surprise Babies!!!

Yesterday we found an awesome surprise. Two eggs in the Leopard Gecko cage by the photo booth!

So all you guys that come in all the time...your favorite geckos just had babies! No nestbox, no signs...but a really cool surprise. Check it out!!

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Hoo-ray for Volunteers!

Good Saturday Everyone!

Weekends here at the RZ are so crazy, that we just LOVE having awesome volunteers to help out. Today, I want you guys to meet Adam. He's a huge help, loves reptiles, and has a favorite store snake....a ball python which he named "Spot". He helps with the hands-on station, and even with parties. Come in on the weekends and meet him, and wish him a Happy 12th Birthday on April 19th!

Here's a pic of him holding Seabiscuit, one of our Pine Snakes.

Thanks for ALL your help Adam! You are awesome!
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Jurassic Fact of the Week!

This week we are spotlighting an awesome party animal.

It's the African Bullfrog! (AKA "Pixie Frog"...named for the genus Pyxicephalus) His name is Prince Charming, and he is huge! African Bullfrogs are awesome...but very lazy. They will sit in the water, or dirt, or both...cover themselves all the way up to their eyes...and just wait for food to come to them. Something cool that most people don't know is that these guys don't eat bugs...they will eat RATS! In the wild they will eat anything that they think can fit in their mouth. So, besides eating and being lazy, Prince Charming is just plain cool-looking. Check him out!!

Now come have a party with him! :-)
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Party Update!

Hey everybody!

So, just a reminder that we are not ONLY an awesome reptile zoo and a fantastic exotic pet store, but we also do unforgettable Jurassic Parties! Weekends are especially full of fun and crazy birthday parties, and lots of hands-on interaction with many different kinds of reptiles, as well as some arachnids. This past weekend was awesome, thank you to everyone who came out!

Good Job Mandy! You are the Party Master!
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Florida Fun!

Hey Guys! Hope everyone has been enjoying the blogs and the videos we have been pumping out! We are all trying our best to give you all the good stuff that comes from The Reptile Zoo! We are working on a series of videos of kids with everything that we are posting to youtube so if you haven't subscribed to this channel youtube.com/thereptilezootv do it now! Jay is far away in Europe right now (see blog below) And I am headed off on an exciting Florida adventure and I hope to come back with awesome pics and video of all the wildlife there! ;) I will miss you all! Talk to ya when I get back! xo.............Savannah
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