Two Thumbs Up!!


So, today I met a really COOL little dude named Randy. 

He's Jay's nephew, just turned the big SIX years old, he likes Bart Simpson, and he's got super awesome hair.  He loves The Reptile Zoo, and he's very brave...holding snakes, petting monitors.  He even climbed inside Twinkie's cage with Jay!!  Check out these pics from his awesome day here at Prehistoric Pets!




Thanks for coming to see us Randy!

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Fan Photo of the Week!

Hey Guys!

It's time again for the Fan Photo of the Week!  Thank you guys so much for sending in your awesome photos of you and your pets!  We don't really have any specific criteria for the contest, we just pick whatever we think is the best or funniest or brightest or coolest for that day!  You guys all send so many wonderful pictures and we look at each and every one of them!  I hope you enjoy today's winner, it wins on so many different levels!  Congrats to Vixey and Argo!  You guys are awesome!  And as always, the honorable mentions are below as well!  Thanks guys!

much love


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Twinkie Lost a Tooth!


Here is a cool shot you guys. 

Jay got up close and personal with one of Twinkie's teeth...outside of her mouth!  He even let one of our guests hold it for a picture so you can see how big it is.  So this lucky little girl held a tooth from the mouth of the biggest snake in the world!  Wickeddddd..... we call the Fang Fairy?????

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New Additions!

Holy Cow you guys!!

Come see what Jay just got for the store...going with our awesome "Jurassic" theme...we have dinosaur fossils that Jay brought back from a fossil show in Tuscon, AZ.  Come check them out!!!  They look really cool!



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Two in One!

The Jurassic Fact of the Week comes from our Prehistoric Pet of the Month!  This month's fan favorite is Dennis Hopper, the Crested Gecko!  He is always hanging out at the photo booth in our shop for guests to come hold and pet...and watch him HOP!  Everyone loves him, and he is SO cute, even though he has no tail.  Awwwwwwww.....

Crested Geckos are native to New Caldonia, which is off the coast of Australia.  Like our Dennis Hopper, they love to climb and jump from place to place with their sticky feet, but if they lose their tail they can't grow a new one like a lot of other lizards can.  They make wonderful pets, very tame, and VERY easy to take care of.  They even eat baby food!  They are a great choice for first time herpers, and we DO have babies for sale right now so come check them out!

Here are a few action shots of Dennis Hopper, and some guests enjoying his company.....

So come see our lovable, adorable, fan favorite...Dennis Hopper....the Crested Gecko!

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Kerry King from Slayer

Hey guys!

Just wanted to keep you all up to date as to the goings on around here at The Reptile Zoo!  Kerry King from Slayer came to see Tim and Jay the other day, and we (Kayla & I) being Slayer fans were super excited!  Jay and Tim on the other hand have known him for years.  Kerry also brought a former Prehistoric Pets employee from way back in the day named Todd, Jay said that Todd helped Jay to assemble his retic collection, the one that is still being used today to breed some of the most beautiful and one of a kind snakes in the world.  Vince showed him a few of our baby sulfur monitors and they checked out a few other snakes and all in all it was a really exciting visit!

Thanks so much for coming by Kerry!  Hope we get to see you again real soon!  Bring us some of your carpet pythons so we can have a peek at them!

much love


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Cleaning House!

Hey Guys!

Hoping you all had a super Easter!  We missed you on Sunday but it gave us a good opportunity to do a little spring cleaning!  But just like everything here at The Reptile Zoo we like to make it as fun as possible!  Our animals sometimes like to roam around the shop so kids can pet them and hold them and even sometimes help our staff feed them!  WE love it here at The Reptile Zoo and we want to keep everything in tip top condition so that all of our visitors always come back to see what we have new and exciting!

Snakes are laying eggs all over the place today, I think I've already counted 3 or so clutches!  I'm going to go get to work on that, but in the meantime... Enjoy these pictures of the fabulous Mandy making cleaning time almost as fun as a Jurassic Party!!!!

much love


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Don't have a BORING party.....have a JURASSIC PARTY!!!!!!

Good Evening's been a long day of out-of-store parties for me, but I had a blast.  I always do. 

Out-of-store parties are a great way to get the word out about our store/zoo, and get more people interested.  The kids always love it...especially the one celebrating his or her birthday.  How cool is it to have all kinds of awesome reptiles come out to your OWN house with all your friends there, right?  Not only is it fun, but also educational.  Kids learn interesting facts while being very hands-on with every animal.  PLUS (adults) there's a fantastic photo opportunity every second!  Especially at the end....

I personally love the on-location parties, and they seem to love me...I got rewarded pretty well today!  I also adore all the kids and how excited they get...and how BRAVE they are!  It never ceases to amaze me. 


So, there you go folks, book a party at your home, at a park, a beach, anywhere....we won't let you down!

peace out.....for now.....Thalia

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Spending time with the family!

Hey guys!

If you haven't been to The Reptile Zoo in a while you are definately missing out!  All the animals are up and active and playing around because it's summer time!  I was lucky enough to spend alot of time with some really smart kids over the past few weeks and I can't wait to see you all again soon!  The kids that come here on a regular basis always become part of our family!  We love it and we hope you guys do too!

We are open everyday from 11 am until 8 pm except on Sundays we close at 6.  We all look forward to seeing you soon and being able to share our knowledge, love and passion for all our amazing creatures!

much love


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Hands-on Reptile Adventure Camp


June 27-July 1 | Monday-Friday | 10:00am-3:00pm | ages 7-9
Location: Bonita Creek Park, Newport Beach, CA | $350

Dig fossils, handle live snakes, and play games; every day is a new adventure when you make it a Prehistoric Adventure. Campers will enjoy educational activities covering the ecosystem, habitat, food chain, senses, and camouflage taught by certified teachers. Campers will receive a camp shirt and workbook filled with everything they learned on their Prehistoric Adventure; plus a six-month passport to The Reptile Zoo to continue their hands-on reptile education.Are you on the top of the food chain? Then don’t forget to pack your lunch.

Registration begins online March 24
Save 10% with the Early Bird Discount for registration before May 5
Visit the City of Newport Beach for more details or click the link above.

**If your child is above the age of 9, but would like to participate in a Prehistoric Adventures Summer Camp
Please email for more information.**

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