New Beardies!

Newborn Bearded Dragons!  They just hatched today...literally minutes ago.  They are beautiful, strong, healthy...and hopefully later on to end up in a loving home with one of YOU!  So come see our babies!




Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.........    : )

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Breaking News!

Guess what Guess what!

Our olive pythons have been breeding and the female is laying eggs as we speak!  It's all so exciting!  I can't wait til she's done!  We are gonna have a big bunch of olive python eggs!


Here are a few pics... we were careful not to disturb her!

much love


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Fan Photo of the Week!

Hey Guys!

Thanks you for sending me all your awesome photos of you and your pets!  Unfortunately there can only be one winner this week but there's always next week!  So keep them coming!  The email address to send your super awesome photos to is that's me!  And to those of you that were in this week's contest, I do apologize for accidently deleting all of you emails, but thanks so much for sending them again!  Big oooops on my part!

I just want you all to know that I love chatting with you guys and posting pics and playing fun reptile games!  So if there's ever anything you wanna know or anything you have a question about just let me know!  (and if i can't answer it, i promise i will find someone who can)

much love


And the winner is

other awesome photos I loved!

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Carden Conservatory Feild Trip!

Hey guys!

We love it here at The Reptile Zoo when we get to have fun and teach the young ones about all of our amazing animals!  This morning the Carden Conservatory came for a visit from right down the road in Huntington Beach!  The kids held some smaller ball pythons to warm up to our friends here and then in the end they all got together to help their teacher hold a really big burmese python!  Kids are always so much fun!

If you didn't know, we do school assemblies all the time with amazing hands-on presentations and we even have kids come here to do their own feild trips!  For more information please go to or just give us a call!

or you just come on down to the Pet Expo this weekend at the Orange County Fairgrounds and see us!  Get your picture taken with a giant snake and pick up some information about planning your own educational event or presentation!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Worldwide Visitors!!

Today we had some awesome guests come visit us, all the way from Bangkok, Thailand!  Jade and Ken Vanichvirulh and their family had a blast getting up close and personal with tons of reptiles, even our very own Twinkie!  This is a vacation they will never forget.

We also had fellow reptile-lover Tyler Shanley, from Las Vegas.  He was thrilled with our vast collection of snakes.  "Very cool."

Thank you everyone for visiting The Reptile Zoo, and have a safe trip back home!


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Jurassic Fact of the Week!

JFW time! 

So besides being an AWESOME place to have your birthday party...Prehistoric Pets is also an awesome place to LEARN!  We do many educational events both here at the zoo, and off-site.  There are many to choose if you are interested, check out the Jurassic Parties tab on this page.

If you are a teacher, we recommend our Classroom package which includes a one-hour, hands-on presentation with 12-15 animals.  We come to your classroom of 30 or less and spread the reptile knowledge!  (and if you are a student...tell your teacher!)   :-D   Also, we can give presentations here at the zoo, for a Field Trip of around 30 guests.

If it is a large group of students...we can do assemblies. They include the same presentation, a few more animals, and a special 20-minute hands-on period at the end.  We EVEN do special events, such as science fairs, where we can set up a booth for everyone to come see, feel, and learn!

So if its knowledge you seek, please don't The Reptile Zoo and we will save the day!!!


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What you missed!

Hey Guys!

If you missed us this weekend at the youth expo at the Orange County Fairgrounds or at The Reptile Zoo... shame on you!

We had egg laying, hatching, breeding, screaming kids, birthday parties, lizards and monitors running around, and the best fun ever!  I hope we get to see you soon! 

Come on down to The Reptile Zoo and let's all hang out!

It's will be super fun, I promise!

much love


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What a Tip!!!

So just now a customer came into our shop with a super cute Savannah Monitor! He asked us if we would take it in and give it a good home, which of course we would, and then he told us the craziest story ever! He said he was sitting on the street playing his guitar with his guitar case open in front of him for tips, when out of nowhere someone dropped this Savannah in his tip case and ran away! How crazy is that?! So here are some pics of our new friend Gibson (apptly named) Hope you enjoy!


Love you guys so much!

<3 Kayla

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Leopard Gecko Eggs!

Hey Guys! Here's an exciting Reptile Zoo story! This morning, right when we opened the Reptile Zoo it was full of kids! They were holding and playing with our pets when all of a sudden someone yelled, "HEY ARE THOSE WHITE THINGS EGGS?" and sure enough, right there in one of our display cages were 2 perfect leopard gecko eggs! I can't even believe how fast that happened! I had just been in the cage 2 seconds before! That, my dear reptile friends is the true miracle of life! Amazing! We set the eggs up as swiftly as possibly and now we just sit back and wait for them to hatch! It's all so very exciting! much love xo.........................Savannah

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Avery Saves a Turtle!

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this amazing wildlife rescue video! sorry my voice is so loud, i really need to face the mic the other way! xo.............Savannah


Video Link


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