Fan Photos!


Today I have been super busy so far, but I am making the time to post the winners for this week!  Thanks for the photos everyone!!

The winner of the Fan Photo Contest for this week is up top, and the honorable mentions follow.  Remember, keep sending your pet pics to

and check back every Friday to see if you won!




Send me more!!!!!   :-D


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Two CRAZY clutches...


Good evening reptile fans....time for some awesome news!

I got to be up-close and personal for the pulling of two retic clutches that Jay is SUPER excited about.  It was very cool to witness first hand, not only how dangerous pulling clutches is (with the female striking at your every move), but also how delicate you must be.  Jay took great care to handle the group of eggs all at once and pull them apart very gently.  After counting, they were off to incubation.  Video was taken and will be up for now, enjoy the pics that I took.


The first clutch is from a Platinum and a Tiger Anthrax....



The second is from a Tiger Titanium and a Sunfire Genetic Stripe....


22 eggs in BOTH clutches....and we can't wait to see what is produced!  Check back in 3 months for an update!!!


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Jurassic Fact of the Week


Hey Party People....

So this week we are featuring Skim....the Milksnake, and his "mimic".  Skim and the other Milksnakes can be seen at all the parties because they are very tame, and very cool to look at!  The Milksnake normally has the color pattern of red, black, white...and it is commonly mistaken for the Coral Snake which is red, black, yellow.  While Coral snakes are venomous, Milksnakes are NOT and are perfectly suitable as party guests.   :-D

Many of you are probably familiar with the poem for these snakes:

"If red touches black...he's a friend of Jack.  If red touches yellow...he'll kill a fellow."

This is a VERY good example of why you should never, ever, ever...everevereverever...touch a snake in your backyard, or on a hike, or wherever.  The Western Coral Snake even has the SAME colors as a you never know!  While not PRONE to striking or biting, Coral Snakes have the most potent venom of all North Amercian you don't want to risk it.


Here are a couple pics of Skim, our tame and non-venomous Milksnake:


And here is what the Coral Snakes look like:





Pretty similar huh?   So, if your not an expert, please be careful out there...


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Fan Photo Contest...sorry its late!


This weekend has been crazy!  So many little time!  I apologize for not getting this out on Friday guys, but here is the winner up top...and the honorable mentions following. 

Some cool pics this week everybody!  Keep sending them to  and I will try to stay on top of it the best I can.  We are getting right in to summer, full speed, and we are all busy busy bees over here at Prehistoric Pets!  Thanks again!


Great job everyone....keep 'em coming!


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Aubrey's Awesome Adventure!


Holy milksnakes was CRAZY!!!   Parties all running around....animals everywhere....but what a blast.  We love our Saturdays because we know our guests do too.  Today was extra special for one little girl named....


She had her 8th birthday party today and she and all her friends got to hold "Mini Twinkie"  right in front of the real Twinkie's cage!  Andrew gave them a great presentation and it's sure to be a day to remember.  Check it out!!


Thank you Aubrey, for sharing your birthday with us...and we hope you had as much fun as we did!!!

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Jurassic Fact of the Week!


Wild Wednesday....we are going to feature TWO awesome facts this week! 

First, let's talk about the Deluxe Birthday package.  This is a GREAT deal...especially if you are looking for more hands-on time, and more photo opportunities.  The Deluxe package is a party at your location, starts at $325, and is based on mileage after 15 miles from our store.  The awesome things that you will get include an upgrade to 15-20 different animals, a 90-minute hands-on presentation (instead of just an hour), as well as a whole 30 minutes afterward for personalized photos with any of the animals brought (and more hands-on action).

This package has been growing in popularity and the reviews have been wonderful!  A very pleased customer every time!  So book yours today, get a quote on our website, or just call for more information!



Our SECOND fact of the week is a very cool animal that a lot of people don't expect. 

Always a hit, is Smurf, the Blue-Tongue Skink.  He is a snake-like lizard with a bright blue tongue.  Though a lot of kids guess it's because he ate too many blueberries...Smurf's tongue is so blue as a defense.  Like the popular poison dart frogs, they are telling predators that they might be venomous.  However, it's just a clever ruse...they are not venomous.

These cool critters are also little eating machines...they will eat almost anything.  From fruits and veggies, to crickets and catfood...Blue-Tongue Skinks are not picky eaters.  These guys come to all the parties, so keep an eye out for Smurf!

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Surprise Clutch!!! Always a treat for our guests....


We came in to work this morning and found something we always LOVE to find...a surprise clutch of eggs!  A male Brindle het Albino Retic and a female Normal het Albino Retic decided to get together and surprise us with babies!  So we are very excited for the cool things that are sure to come from it.  Hopefully some of those cool Brindle genes will pull through!

A few of our guests were lucky enough to be visiting when Jay pulled the clutch.  They got front row seats for the "show" and even got to touch the eggs after they were pulled.  How cool!  Check out the awesome action....









Never a dull day down at The Reptile Zoo....

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Rats and Rattlesnakes....


Hey's about time that you meet Mike McConnell. 

Mike makes sure that our vast collection of snakes stays well-fed and healthy.  He also takes great care of the FOOD....our rats, that we breed in-store, making sure they have food and fresh water, and that the babies are doing well. 

He has a big interest in all inverts...especially Ornamental Tarantulas, which he breeds at his home.  On average he probably has around 30 tarantulas.  Mike also has great appreciation for venomous snakes, as well as local species of snakes.  His favorite "would probably have to be the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake".  It is enjoyment for him to work with or near venomous...except when a Sidewinder Rattlesnake decides to snag him in the finger (at a friend's home, not in-store)....he lost his left middle finger last January.

Other than being one finger down, Mike is a great employee...very knowledgable and hard-working.  So come in and say will probably learn some cool facts that you didn't know before!


(Shedding a Sand Boa)


(Showing....."the Incident")

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Get to know Mike!


Hey there herpers...I would like to introduce you to Mike Jim, one of our new reptile wranglers. 

He started not too long ago, and has been involved in a lot of Ball Python breeding for us here at The Zoo.  He even has a favorite morph...the Pastave Ghost (pictures below).  It is beautiful!  He has also started doing parties, both in and out of the store.  He knows a lot about what he does, and works super hard...always looking for ways to help out. 

So, come down to visit us, or even just book a party, and you might happen across Mike!


(restocking crickets)


(with his favorite morph...the Pastave Ghost)


(absolutely beautiful!!)

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Jurrrrrrrrassic Fact of the Week!


JFW!   This week we are featuring one of our awesome educational events. 

There has been a lot of interest lately in the Split Assembly Package.  What we can do for you is bring not just 12-15 animals, but 15-18!  We offer TWO one-hour presentations, EACH with their own 20-minute hands-on period at the end, after the hour presentation.  One handler will teach students about each animal, allow for some questions, and really get the kids interested in reptiles and learning more about them.  At the end, the kids can even touch or hold a few of the awesome creatures that were shown!

This is a great offer if you have a large group of students and want everyone to have an up-close and personal experience with no hassle.  Frequently, we have teachers tell us that they devote a whole week, two weeks, sometimes a MONTH to reptile studies within their classrooms and these educational events are truly the perfect icing on the cake!

So go to, (or just click the tab at the top of this page), and check out how we can make learning fun!!

Hope to see you soon!  



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