This Week at the Zoo.....


Happy Mother's Day!

(quick shout-out to my mom....I love you!  You are the best!)

Ok this week at the zoo we are gearing up for a busy summer full of camps and parties and fairs and memories!  Here at Prehistoric Pets there is a lot of cleaning house going on...a few new animals coming in...a little more progress on the alligator enclosure...and of course, lots of reptilian fun! 

Come visit us and see our vast collection of reptiles, take a picture with a huge snake or lizard, feed the turtles and tortoises, and even hold some of our scaly or prickly creatures!  It's always a blast down at The Reptile Zoo. 

Lots of customers coming in and having a GREAT time! 

Today we are SO busy already, but having so much fun.  The kids are great, and very excited about seeing and touching so many cool things!  Lots of customers coming in to purchase food for their OWN reptiles as well!  Thanks everybody!


There is so much going on, even the ANIMALS are hard at work!! 

Here is Fred, answering your questions on Facebook...

And Bob...letting a customer know that yes, we do have small crickets in stock today.

Good work everyone!


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Educating Old Fashioned Fun with Jurassic Parties


Hey All Prehistoric and Jurassic fans Andrew here.

Today I hosted my first Educational Party for the Boys and Girls Club at Lawrence Elementary School. For our classroom parties I like to provide a fine balance between education, hands-on interaction, and pure old fashioned fun, creating an experience that educators and students alike will not forget. We had a great time learning about all the animals and every student seemed to have a lot of great questions and comments.  

At the end of the presentation all the kids lined up for a group picture with one of our 12 foot Burmese pythons and got to handle a few of our animals for pictures and some up close and personal interaction.One student in particular, Marco, was especially fascinated with tarantulas and was the very first volunteer to hold our Chilean Rose Haired tarantula named Fuzzy. He stood up in front of his class, and let Fuzzy crawl all over his head. Way to go Marco for being so brave!!

Overall the kids had a great time and all agreed to come visit us at The Reptile Zoo!!!


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Cinco De Mayo

Hey Guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  This colorful celebration comes to us from Mexico, so I thought today I would share with you all some of the beautiful animals that Mexico shares with us here at The Reptile Zoo.  From Emerald Swifts to Beaded Lizards, Mexico has given us some wonderful reptilian gifts and for that, we thank you!  So get a sombrero, and put that seista off until a little later today and enjoy the photos of these beautiful and exotic creatures!

much love


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Morph of the Month!!


Yay!  Beginning of the month and you KNOW what that means...Morph of the Month.  Every month we choose one special morph of Reticulated Python to be featured in our blog and tell you a little bit about it.  So, this month we have...........

Babies!  Here are baby Sunfire het Snows, Albino het Snows, as well as a beautiful Albino Sunfire het Snow right on top.

So, we are featuring the Albino Sunfire het Snow.  "Albino" meaning there is an absence of black in the pattern...and "Sunfire" meaning red is added (so it looks dark orange).  In the future, we will try breeding this beauty to hopefully create MoonGlow retics, which would be an absence of both black AND red.  There would be some yellow still, but only enough to give them an almost "glow-in-the-dark" look. 

Wish us luck!!   :-D

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JFW, means its Tuesdayyyy!


Jurassic Fact of the Week Everybody!

So, if you haven't already...let's meet Mandy!  She's our fabulous in-store party girl, Harry Potter fanatic, and has a store "pet"...a Black-Nose Tegu named Rambo!  She loves him and takes great care of him!  That love and enthusiasm is also realized in her party performance.  So here is the interesting fact I snagged from Mandy today, about her party experience:

"I always try to make sure the kids learn the difference between 'venomous' and 'poisonous'...and that animals themselves cannot be 'poisonous'.  Also, I teach them the differences between turtles and tortoises."

Great job Mandy!  Keep up the education!

So, 'come on down to The Reptile Zoo' and meet Mandy...and Rambo!   Not only a party here at the zoo, and Mandy just might be the one to make it super memorable!

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Dragon Misses You!

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to let you know how awesome this super busy Sunday was at The Reptile Zoo!  We had Jurassic Parties going on every single hour in the shop and at people's houses!  It was full of crazy kid excitement and so much fun for all of us too!  It takes alot of hard work and dedication to keep The Reptile Zoo up and operational and all of us are ready and willing!  And not just all of us that are employees, but the dedicated kids that come in day after day and week after week to see and share in all the work and fun!

Like Jennifer!  Jennifer comes in every weeke at least 3 or 4 times a week, she helps us clean cages and feed animals and bag lettuce and do all the things that we have to do because she loves The Reptile Zoo!  Today Jennifer helped shed a ball python for us!  She even has her very own Ball Python named Dragon that she brings in to let kids hold and touch.  We really like return visitors and we really like it when kids like Jennifer get awesome pets from us, we love it when they bring them back in to see us!

Thanks Jennifer, for all you do for us! 

much love


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