Forever Wild and RaTtLeSnAkEs at The Reptile Zoo!!


It's awesomely chaotic here at The Reptile Zoo today. Lots of guests coming in to see our newely-displayed, local-species rattlesnakes, which include a Southern Pacific, a Western Diamondback, an ALBINO Western Diamondback, and a Colorado Desert Sidewinder! After almost a year of waiting, they are finally open to see at your leisure!

Come visit The Zoo to get up close and personal with these exhibits!!

Also.......TODAY ONLY.....from 5-10pm, Joel Almquist from Forever Wild will be here with a Kinkajou, a Parrot, a Snapping Turtle, and an American Alligator! You can't miss it!

There are also a ton of changes going on. We are giving our shop a make-over! So, we apologize for the bit of mess and noise, but please come on in and join the party!!

As always, there is so much to see and do here. We are not only featuring our newest creatures...but also the ones you know and love! Come see Twinkie, the world's largest snake....Thelma and Louise, the two-headed Texas Rat Snake.....Ninja, the eyeless python.....Sonny, the albino iguana.....George, the 200-lb Tortoise.....and so much more!!

Come meet the new addition to our decor as well: Adam, the 13-foot 50%-scale MALE T-Rex, created by Frausto and Darrow Stretz...It's rare to see a model of a male T-rex (they have the spines down the back). He's a recycled dino...made out of plastic bags (paper-mache fashion), and was originally made for a Smithsonian traveling-gallery. Wicked!

PHEW! That's a lot going on in one day...but man are these guests enjoying it. Not only that, but we, the employees, are SOOOOOO excited!

Oh! and I almost forgot...we also got a surprise this morning....about 8 or 9 baby Colombian Rainbow Boas appeared next to their mommy and daddy today. They didn't want to be late for the PARTY!!

Admission is the same, but the experience is even bigger today! So come visit us, and see things that you have never seen before!

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One Day Left

Everything is happening here at the Reptile Zoo. More animals for sale out front at Prehistoric Pets and lots of work being done to get ready for the opening of the Rattlesnake exhibit tomorrow. Everyone's really excited to show off the animals. Make sure to come on down and see some really cool animals.
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Rattlesnake Tuesday

This Tuesday is a very special day for us here at The Reptile Zoo. It's the official unveiling of the Rattlesnakes. There will be four species of Rattlesnakes open for the public to view. The four species are the Western Diamondback, Southern Pacific, Southwestern Speckled and the Colorado Desert Sidewinder. This is an important step for us here and we invite everyone to come down and celebrate with us. There will be lots of fun including Joel from Forever Wild, who will be here with an assortment of special animals. He will have with him some surprising animals including an alligator and a snapping turtle. These will be a sneak peak of what's to come once we finish construction on our alligator and snapping turtle enclosures. We've been looking forward to this event for a long time and hope everyone can come down and have some close encounters with some truly remarkable exotic animals.
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It's like an amusement park in this place...there are so many kids, so much noise, and so much F-U-N!

All the kids are getting opportunities to see, learn about, and even touch and hold many different kinds of crazy reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Three spectacular in-store parties today, for three awesome kids and their guests, lots of fun photo opp's at our hands-on reptile exhibit area, lots of feeding the turtles and fish, and of course....CAKE! There are so many exciting things that the kids don't want to leave!

We loved helping each and every future herper today learn about these cool creatures, and giving them possibly a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hold these exotic animals. We try to give everyone the best experience available. Personally, I like to think of being in their shoes..."how cool is this???" (Thats what I would be thinking) :-P

Like every Saturday, we have had a steady stream of guests...but today seemed even busier! Probably excited to be out for summer! Woohoooooo! And this is a GREAT place to have a summer party (especially now that we have AC in the party rooms!!)

Today was crazy fun overall, and a BIG thank you to all who came out to enjoy The Reptile Zoo! We hope to have made your weekend super awesome amazingly epically memorable!!

(Shannon gives it two thumbs up!!)

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Fun Times at the Zoo!

Hey Herpers! Just got in to work today and already we have people experiencing reptiles for the very first time! Brave souls abound at the zoo where everyone is geared up and are ready to delve into the world of reptiles! Everyone is pumped for next Tuesday’s special event (which you can read all about in the previous post) and especially for our up and coming summer camp! One thing is for sure, everyone who’s been through the zoo has come and gone with a huge smile on their face, whether it be because they’ve held a new gecko for the first time or were finally more comfortable handling a snake. Here are some visitors making some new reptile friends! Hope to see you guys around the Zoo! Definitely be sure to stop by for an exciting time on Tuesday!! - Shannon
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Rattlesnake Exhibits finally OPEN!! (but wait, there's more...)

Yes! The wait is finally over! After almost a year, the covers come off of our local-species Rattlesnake Exhibits this Tuesday the 28th! And you, our ever-loyal customers, friends, and fans are the first to know! So come get ahead of the crowd to see these beautiful creatures of danger! (muahahaha)


You guys have waited SO its only fair to make this day super extra amazingly epically fantastic...



So, Joel Almquist, from Forever Wild is coming in as well!!! He will be here at 5pm and is bringing with him some awesome things, such as a syrinx, a parrot, a snapping turtle, and even an alligator! Joel will be working with us as part of our summer Hands-On Reptile Adventure Camp next week, bringing lots of exotic and interesting animals that you rarely even see at zoos! Speaking of which, there is still time for last-minute sign-ups! It takes place at Bonita Creek Park, in Newport Beach, but is open to all of Orange County! June 27th through July 1st, 10am to 3pm, ages 7-11, $350 (which includes a t-shirt, workbook, fossil souvenirs, and a 6-month pass to The Reptile Zoo!) so hurry before its too late! Its going to be AMAZING!

Alright, back to Rattlesnake Day....The admission will be the same as always ($5 for everyone over 3 yrs). We open at 11am and we stay open until 10pm just for this super awesome spectacular day! And remember, the rattlesnakes will be viewable ALL day, but if you want to see Joel and his animals as well, he won't arrive until 5pm. He should be here until we close at 10 though, so come enjoy all the amazing animals!

See you there!!

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Mini's, Monsters and More!

Hello fellow Herpers! Today I'm bringing you some cool photos of some babies and monsters we have here in the store. First off, we were fortunate enough today to have Garrett bring out a clutch of Ball Python eggs and educated us on breeding habits, hatch-ling care and more. Soon after, our Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula stole the show, flashing us his enormous size and preforming a trick or two. This Goliath tarantula can reach up to 12" in size, which is about the size of a dinner plate! Although not fatal to humans, it has fangs are about 1 1/2" long and they inject juices that break down soft tissue so that the spider can slurp up its meal! Afterward, we learned about our Pig-Nosed Turtles which are slow-growing, but an adult can reach 22". At the end of such a busy day, I spent just a second of time helping out Garrett with one of our Retics and got my first hands on experience and photo op! There's so much going on here at The Reptile Zoo now that summer is here, Come on down and say hello to all your favorite friends and spend some summer days with us all! ^o^.......Priscilla Garrett and Ball Python clutch I AM TarantulaMan! Pig-Nosed Turtle eye-ballin his food! Me (Priscilla) holding my first Retic!
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Fun Reptile Fact Article!

Hey guys!

I was researching some interesting reptile facts and stumbled upon a cool article that helps to debunk some of the myths about reptiles and maybe even help you overcome a fear of them! Some of the things that I found surprising were the fact that less than 2% of ALL snakes are thought to be harmful to humans. Except maybe in Australia, the only continent where venomous snakes out-number non-venomous snakes. Another cool thing? More people die from bee stings each year than from snake bites! So there shouldn't be any fear at all for you guys to come on down to The Reptile Zoo. It's less harmful than hanging out in your backyard haha :P.

You can read the many more interesting tid bits here. Hope you all have a great day! -Shannon

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Summer time fun!

Summer is a time of smiles and fun with friends, reptile friends that is! ;)  Our star reptiles got a action packed day today with the flood of kids and teens coming in to spend some quality time.  With summer swimming around us, everyone is shedding they're "last season" skins and putting on a bold bright show for all our visitors!  We still patiently await the clearance for our Rattlesnake exhibit as well as the Snapping Turtle/Gator exhibits that are sure to come soon.  But as for now, our hyper active gang of slithery snakes, goofy lizards and fuzzy arachnids enjoy being the main attractions soaking up all the ooh's and awwe's of adoring on-lookers.


Jack and his sister Grace boldy overcome theyre fear of our lovely Ball Python, Babe.

BUNDLES OF CUTENESS Chloe with our Leopard Gecko Spotty and her sister Mackenzie with the infamous Stickers!

Frank the snake kicking back with his new buddy Jaime!

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Meet Ken!

Hey there Herpers!  Today we are introducing a new member of the Reptile Zoo family, Ken Ngo!  Coming to us straight from Westmnister, Ken adds a fresh fun vibe to the crew.  He is studying to get his AA at Goldenwest College and has a love for tortises.  Ken hasn't had much experience with reptiles but hopes to gain knowledge thru our professional and friendly staff.  Already getting into the swing of things, Ken has been a great asset to our Zoo, especially during such a busy day.  He handles the snakes and beardies with ease, a steady hand and a smile!  So come on down and visit us all here and say hello to Ken and our other new animal additions!




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