Party Animals!

Good Afternoon Herpers!  Busy day as usual for everyone here at the store, we have visitors in from all different parts of the world, and were not just talking about the exotic reptiles! ;)  Just about everyone and everything had a bit of meet and greet time with eachother.  For many guests today, it was the first time they had ever come into contact with ANY sort of reptile.  As for others, they handled theyre new friends like pro's.  Many animals went to new homes today, and the rest await a new loving home and family just like yours!  Here are some funny and cool pictures of todays happenings! Enjoy!


Evan and our new Beardie addition to the Zoo with his brother Jacob who's hanging out with Stickers, everyone's favorite Crested Gecko


Ashley, Alex holding Frank, Anthony with Babe the Ball Python, Agnes and Randy with our Leopard Gecko!

Jaden tempting Frank our Water Monitor with a Super Worm since our Red Ear Slider was playing hard to get!

J.P. feeding our Red Eared Sliders

Thanks for coming in today guys!  We still eagerly await the rest of our guests to visit this summer to come and check out all the new animals and soon to be exhibits.  Keep updated on all of our upcoming events, fun animal facts and new additions to our family here at The Reptile Zoo thru our Facebook or online blog!  See you soon!


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Photo of the Day

Good Afternoon Herpers!

It's time for the Photo of the Day! Here is a visitor with one of our crested geckos acting silly. These little crested geckos just love to climb and crawl wherever they can get a hold of, even up to the top of someone's head!

Keep sending in photos! I will definitely be posting more later!

- Shannon

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Frank and Friends

Good Afternoon Bloggers!  It is a busy fun filled day for our animal friends today!  Frank is romping about the store as his friends get pulled out one by one for picture and play time.  It's not every day so many of our little (and BIG) friends get to come out and play.  I snapped a few shots of some of our visitors from 31 Bits Jewelry Co. having a blast with our 'reptilious' buddies!  Maybe youre in here too ;) Check it out!


Anna bravely masters the art of wrangling a beautiful Burmese Python.


Josh takes a turn...


Alli poses for a memorable pic with Charming right after a big smooch!


Danielle overcomes here fear of snakes!


Todd introduces his arm candy to some intrested guests.

and last but not least, and DEFINENTLY the CUTEST....

Nicholas and Lisa lay out beside Frank for a quick power nap!


It was a BLAST this morning, Thank You to everyone who came in to visit, and i look forward to seeing the rest you all very soon!!

^o^... Priscilla

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Prehistoric Pets Splash Pond!

Good day all!   Its a busy day here in the store and we are working like busy little bees!  We've got visitors in the Reptile Zoo, customers shopping the retail walls, and kids getting splashed by our infamous Pacu!  Thats right, and were not talking just a little sprinkle of water or a splash here and there.  One of our guests in particular got to experience the flash flood of water thrown about by the Pacu while he was feeding our Red Ear Sliders.  I watched as he eagerly leaned in close, picked a worm with his tongs and moved in.  Then BAM!  A wave of fish and turtle water drenched him on his entire left side!  Taking it like a champ, he flashed us all a huge smile as he wiped away the water from his face and rung the excess from his shirt.  After, I went around for a round of high-fives from the Champs of Soaked!  It was a fun morning everyone, see you in again soon!




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Anthony and his "dog" Bane


Many herpers come in to buy new pets from us, but we especially LOVE when they come back to show us how well they are doing!

Anthony Nguyen, bought a gorgeous black throat monitor from us about 3 months ago, and it is already twice the size it was!  He named him Bane, and he loves to take him for walks on a harness...drawing much attention I'm sure.  Bane gets a healthy diet of chicken and rats...which you can tell from his nice round belly.  Here are a couple pics from their visit today.  Thanks Anthony, and we are so glad that Bane found such a loving home!!


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All About Sand Boas!!

Good Afternoon :)

We have about 4 or 5 Sand Boas here at the Reptile Zoo that are on display. These sneaky snakes will hide in the sand patiently waiting for prey to stroll along. Then out of the blue they'll pounce on their captive like a ninja! It's a pretty amazing sight to watch. This is why you never want to try and pick them up from above or they might mistake you for food. You always try to pick them up from below. A fun fact about these guys: their tails are blunt like their heads, giving them a double headed look. Hard to tell which one is which haha. It was also believed that they would alternate every 6 months which "head" they would use. Also, many cultures believe that they cure ailments and can bring good luck. Pretty nifty, huh?

- Shannon

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Today is definitely a day that we are thankful to have enough people.  We can anticipate a lot of customers for parties, but you can never tell how many will show up in the retail shop.  We have had lines almost out the door all day, and made lots of great sales.  Several animals have found wonderful new homes today.  Thank you everyone!   :-D

Our staff has been hard at work cleaning, helping customers, feeding animals, and making sure everything is running smoothly here at Prehistoric Pets...especially on a busy Sunday.  Here are some action shots from today......

"We keep it fun, while gettin' the job done!"


Craig, diligently labeling snakes....


Mandy, keeping things "sparkling" clean....


Sam and Nick, quickly assisting customers with their needs....


Me, trying to get some peace and quiet to answer the phones.....


Adam, an AWESOME volunteer, teaching guests about ball pythons....


Sue, greeting everyone who comes in our doors, especially our party guests....


Clint, showing kids that reptiles can be interesting and beautiful creatures....


Jay, the owner, always keeping the ship running smoothly....


We have a great team here at The Reptile Zoo, and thats what makes it easy to work together and make things happen!  No matter how busy it gets, we always help each other out...and the customer comes first!  That whats keeps a business going people!


PLUS....a little fun once in awhile doesn't hurt either.  (Shhhhhh!)


Love you guys!


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Arachnid 101

Most commonly feared thanks to the over dramatized, highly impossible scenario used in the hit film " Arachnophobia", these friendly '8 legged freaks' made quite a comeback today.  Yes Ladies and Gents, were talking Tarantulas today!  Majority of society today lives in morbid fear of these little critters (myself being one) and avoid anything to do with them, even if given the opportunity to explore them in captivity.  However, today is a day of bright new things.  Clint was kind enough to pull out a Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula for some curious guests turned intrigued crowd, and explain the differences from it to other breeds like the Rose Hair.  Everything from it's large strong legs, to its 'Goliath' size and appetite.  Some cringed away in disgust or fear, as other drew in closer to inspect the intricate details and markings of this beautiful arachnid.  Now thanks to Clints knowledgeable answers and everyones great questions, we have turned some freaked out Arachnophobs into Arachnid-Lovers!




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Busy Bee's

Its a busy day here at The Reptile Zoo!  I walked in about 11 am and already there were at least 25+ kids scrambling around the store pointing and clicking away with their parents camera phones.  As usual, Frank, our up and coming star Monitor, was the belle of the ball it seemed.  He had kids littered all around him, petting his scaley dough boy body and exclaiming how he would make the perfect next "Fluffy".  I tried to encourage the parents to give a little TLC to Frank, but apparently the kids were the brave souls today! ;P  There are many more parties planned for later on this evening, and i will keep you posted on any cool new happenings or funny facts of the day.


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The Going On's at the Reptile Zoo

Good afternoon!

So it's Thursday and The Reptile Zoo has been pretty active. Tons of things going on its hard to get everything done! Currently, I'm soaking the Beardies then should be going onto soaking the tortoises. They just love getting their baths! :). Not much else to say other than I'm excited for lies in store for the rest of the day! I think the best part of my job is being able to interact with the kids that come in that are a bit scared and intimidated and then watching them leave excited about possibly taking home a reptile of their own.

- Shannon

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