Hello Herpers!
It's a big exciting week here at The Reptile Zoo with a quadruplet of new born Snabies! Thats right, Snake Babies, but not just any babies.... RATTLESNAKE babies!! To be more specific, they are Western Diamondback babies, this species ranges throughout the southwestern United States (Arizona, California, Oklahoma and Texas)and northern half of Mexico. These lil guys wont grow much more than 5-6 feet in length and guess what else?! Even though they're tiny babies, these ity bity Rattlers have the SAME degree of venom in their bite as mature adults, but just a lesser amount of it!! Of the 4 beautiful baby Rattlers born just a few days ago, we managed to snap a few shots of two of the little additions! Stop by the shop and check out these little guys, we could use some cool names for them! :)


BORN JULY 28, 2011!!!

Rattle Snake Babies!!! What to name them??!

Can you see them BOTH? Whereee's WALDO!
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Visit your favorite reptile and take home a new friend!

Hey there Herpers! With summer here and everyone out of school and vacationing from work, the streets are busy with cars, bikes, scooters and traveling pedestrians. Can't seem to make time to come in the shop and take a look around for your next perspective pet? Not a problem! We have several avenues of communication and information online as well as in store. For immediate information and details on our current available reptiles, you can always check out prehistoricpets.com and e-mail any questions at info@prehistoricpets.com! How about all of you parents looking for something cool, new and exciting to do with your kids? Why not stop by the Reptile Zoo and enjoy a hands on experience with some of your kids favorite reptiles?! For just a small donation, you can hold geckos, snakes and more! Come on by the shop and give your new coming classmates a REAL summertime story to tell!


A beautiful Chameleon in our Reptile Zoo (Sorry, He's VIC "Very Important Chameleon" and cant be held!)

Leatherback Bearded Dragon

One of our Pastel Male Ball Pythons (Yup, he's for sale! $149.99!)

A Baby Red Iguana also from our Prehistoric Pet shop, take him home for just $89.99!!

P.S. Don't forget to add your favorite snake, TWINKIE, to your Fan page! Copy and paste the link in your browser to become a Facebook fan of TWINKIE, The worlds LARGEST snake!
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Rojo Poquito!

Argentina produces a very curious little creature called a Tegu. If you haven't seen, or even heard of these lizards, you are definitely missing out! They are WAY cool.

There are also different types, from different South American countries...but MY favorite by far is the Argentine RED Tegu. They are one of the most unique lizards I have ever seen...and ever the crowd pleaser. They are primarily carnivorous, and can grow over 4 feet long! But the most interesting thing about them is probably their enormous jowls. Their huge cheeks set them apart in the lizard kingdom, that's for sure.

They can be very tame, if handled frequently and properly. We have two Red Tegus in our Zoo...Big Red and Little Red...and they LOVE attention! We often bring them out to the handling area so guests can get the rare opportunity to pet and hold these CrAzY CrItTeRs! I snapped some pics this morning of some guests enjoying Little Red's company and how adorably SWEET he is...I even got in on the action...his cuteness is hard to resist!

Liam with Little Red, and little brother Aiden with Buddy the Ball Python

Jordan is Pretty in Pink with her new friend!

Luke being brave for Jack, who tried to work up the nerve to hold the Tegu :-D

Jack got a bit nervous...so I decided to help him color a picture instead. We found a dino, similar to our monitor Frank, and made him look (a little), like him!

Thanks Jack! And thank you to all my fellow Tegu-lovers! See you again soon!!

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Happy Birthday Mike!!

It's was definitely a VERY happy birthday for Mike McConnell and everyone present here at The Reptile Zoo attending his Jurassic B-Day Bash! We even had a special guest, Yup, You guessed it, TWINKIE!!! That's right folks, our 22ft, 350lbs Albino Reticulated Python "Twinkie" finally came out for the very special birthday occasion! Mike has been loyally working with Prehistoric Pets for several years now, mostly working in back with all our crazy Retics and feeder animals. Always working with passion and love for his animals, Mike hustles and bustles throughout the store as the store "Mom" ;P making sure everyone is smiling and happy, as well as his snakes and feeders. All of us here at Prehistoric Pets/The Reptile Zoo Thank You very much Mike for your years of hard work, 'physical sacrifice' (lol), and good times! Hope you enjoyed Twinkie's visit and had a great Birthday!! ^O^...Priscilla.

C'Mon Mike! You can do it!

Twinkie takes advantage...


OH YEA!!! I almost forgot.... Guess who has a brand new Facebook Fan page?! TWINKIE!!! You got it, now you can be a official Twinkie 'fan', the biggest captive snake in the WORLD will now soon have the biggest fan base in the world, so add her NOW!!!

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Savannah Monitors =)

Good Afternoon Herpers! Today's Reptile of the Day is our very own Savannah Monitor from central Africa! This intelligent beauty can grow up to 5 feet in length, and because they have a tendency to gain lots of weight, their diet's mainly consist of beetles, millipedes, and other invertebrates. These sweet smart-tarts have a healthy 10 year life span when cared for properly by a loving home; and no need for excessive attention, they can entertain themselves, they are known for being quite the common escape artist! When confronted by a snake or other large predator, the monitor rolls onto it's back and grabs a hind leg in its mouth, forming a ring with its body and making itself harder for the animal to swallow whole! Pretty neat huh?! Here are some photos of the Zoo's Savannah Monitor as well as a Medium Savannah Monitor we have for SALE @ $49.99! ^O^...Priscilla TAKE ME HOME PWWEEEZZZEE!!!
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Helping Hands

From snappers to softies, our various reptiles aren't ALWAYS the easiest or safest to handle alone. However, there's always helping hands floating around the store. Of course, we wouldn't want anyone getting hurt, so we leave the big snappers to the pro's and the cute softies to our brave volunteers whether official or not! Remember first time herpers, its always safer to have a friend or parent to help handle any animals you're not comfortable or for sure about. Have fun and stay safe! Here's some of our team and guests showing some TLC. See you soon!!! ^O^.....Priscilla Tim O. helps Jay put the snapping turtle back in his home. Our usual customer Daniel, helps a fellow little girl feel comfortable holding our crested gecko. Nick hangs out with a Caiman Lizard!
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Party Time!

Hello everyone! It's a bright beautiful day here at The Reptile Zoo, with another visit from a YMCA summer camp, "YMCA of the Foothills". They definitely went "Above and Beyond" (their current camp theme) with pound for pound of high energy, beaming smiles and quirky questions. On top of our summer camp visitors, there's a lot of loving team work among fellow herpers ensuring everyone gets a chance to have a hands on experience with so much hustle and bustle going throughout the store. We are so excited to see so many of you who have been awaiting the arrival of and visiting our new Alligator, Rattlesnake and Snapping Turtle displays! Soon the exhibit will be up and running and we will expect to see ALL of you in! Until then, Au revoir! First Time snake handlers! Bumblebee and YMCA of the Foothills Summer Camp Kids Checking Out our new American Alligators! Great team work and sharing kids! See You All Soon! ^O^....Priscilla
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Its fun to stay at the.....Y-M-C-A

First off...apologies for the internet troubles we have been having...we should be back up and running now.

So, this past week was even MORE full of kids than usual...is that possible? Why yes...yes, it is.

A rowdy, but super bright, HUGE, group of kids from the YMCA and their counselors joined us on Tuesday for lots of education and reptile fun. Each kid got to learn cool facts about (and even touch) many interesting reptiles during our presentation, and then explore The Zoo! It was a day to remember...even for the counselors, as many were fearful of snakes themselves! Here are some pics from Tuesday, almost packed in like sardines!

Thanks for coming everyone! We know the kids sure had a blast!


We have a new cutie for sale...its called a Cherry-head Red-footed Tortoise. Quite the interesting little fella, and only $179.99. Come check him out!


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Fire...fighters At The Reptile Zoo


Hola Herpers!   The summer months are definitely heating up here at the Reptile Zoo with kids off of school, visitors on vacations and more and more new animal arrivals!  Our team is hard at work to better our Zoo and store for your education, experience and enjoyment!  With so many volunteers out at the OC Fair promoting our Reptile Zoo/Jurassic Parties booth, we are hard at work here at the home base awaiting the rest of summer’s surprises, hosting parties and giving animals to new loving homes!  Here are a few snap shots from today.




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Candid Camera and a NEW BOA!

Good Evening Party People!

Another busy Saturday completed with a lot of teamwork, energy, and fun! Lots of guests coming in and out....lots of animals out to "play"....and of course, employees hard at work. Here are some action shots, so our viewers can have a "day in the life":

Busy little Bees....

Priscilla, cleaning a cage for a feisty Red Iguana....

Mandy, nervously "taming" a very grumpy Red-tail Boa....

Buck, working on a new enclosure....

Linda, caring for an ill turtle (awwwww)....

Uncle Louie, heading out to the fair! (visit our booth!)

Nick.....umm.....taking a break

So through all the hustle and bustle of a thoroughly busy week, we also got a new addition to The Zoo!!

This is our brand-new, female, Argentine Boa. She is a MASSIVE beauty. They are critically endangered due to habitat loss and degradation, but ongoing efforts include captive reproduction and ultimate reintroduction to surviving environments. The female Argentine Boas are among the heaviest of all boas, reportedly reaching 60 lbs or more. She is definitely a big girl and if we ever get the chance, breeding is high on our list (which would be AWESOME because as a boa, she would give LIVE birth).

She needs a name! So if anyone has a good idea...email me at:


We will choose the best one and have a name card made for her cage, with the winner's name as well!

Here she is!

She is just gorgeous. So send those names so she can be official!

ALSO...don't forget to stop by our Prehistoric Pets booth at the OC Fair! Get info, look at awesome critters, and hold a Burm! See you there!!

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