Asia meets Asia

Good Afternoon Herpers! As you all know, we have tons of species and subspecies throughout our Zoo and store that come from just about every corner of the earth! Today was a special "reunion of cultures" in the Zoo; some visitors from Korea (East Asia) got to experience a hands on 'meet and greet' with one of our Burmese Pythons, Marvin. Burmese Pythons naturally are found in Southeastern/ Southern Asia and can grow up to 23 feet in length and weigh up to 200lbs!!! Here at The Reptile Zoo, we have cage beyond cage of Burmese Pythons, Retics, Boas and our new Rattlesnake exhibit upon many more awesome animals to visit! Come in for some summer fun and say hi to Marvin and all his friends! ^O^.....Priscilla Thalia wrangles up the big Burm as our Korean visitors snap a memorable shot!
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OC Fair!

Calling all those in the Southern California area! If you're going to be here from tomorrow til August 14th, then you have to check us out at the OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA! We'll be having a photo booth set up (just like the one at The Reptile Zoo) for you to do some hands-on fun with some of our reptiles. In addition to this cool opportunity if you go tomorrow between noon and 1pm, you'll get free admission and free parking! We'll have a tortoise pen and around 40 animals there for you to see and learn about. We'll be right next to the Kid Zone and all the kid's rides, so be sure to stop by, take a picture with a Burmese python, and get the chance to show your family and friends some awesome animals :).

And just to give you a taste of what you'll get to check out tomorrow, here's a videos from last year's fair.

Hope to see you all there!


- Shannon

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Pic of the day Tie!

Hey there Herpers!

As usual, the Zoo is boomin' with guests from around the world visiting the creatures of others homelands.  Today was especially busy for our beautiful White-Sided Ratsnake which was recently added to our Zoo pet list.  Reaching over 5 feet long, this brilliant beauty was arm, neck AND eye candy for all who stopped by.  Here are the top shots from todays early bird visitors.



Shane bravely handles our White-Sided Ratsnake while his brother Nicholas gives Stickers a ride on his hat!

Michael wrangles one of our Ball Pythons as Mikey poses with his new found snake friend. :)


Thanks for visiting guys!  See you all soon!

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Bull Snakes!

Hey there Herpers!  Todays Jurassic Fact of The Day comes from right here in Northern America!  Many of you may have attended a Jurassic Party here or had a presentation at home and undoubtedly you had a chance to see a Bull Snake up close and personal.  Bull snakes average about 6 feet in length, and varieties of up to a little over 8 feet have been documented!  Bull snakes somewhat resemble the Western Diamondback Rattler, which is also common within the same area. The bull snakes take advantage of this likeness by performing an impressive rattlesnake impression when threatened! First, it hisses which creates a very convincing "rattle" sound. It will also imitate a rattlesnake-like "S-curve" body posture, as if it is going to strike. It will commonly vibrate its tail quickly between the brush and leaves, and flatten its head to make it look like the triangle shaped head of the rattlesnake.  Compared to rattlesnakes, which usually keep their tail raised in order to make the most effective rattle, bull snakes tend to keep their tail in contact with the ground, in order to hit it against something to make a sound.  Intrigued?  Well luckily, here at The Reptile Zoo we have a new Rattlesnake exhibit available for viewing so you can see and compare for yourself!

See You Soon!..............Priscilla ^O^


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Our Reptiles Know No Bounds

Hey Herpers

Today is a special day as we gear up an awesome shipment of boas, retics and ball pythons to our distributer (Arno Naude) in South Africa. Just look at how many snakes are about to cross boarders, and for some the chance to go back to their mother land haha. This shipment is HUGE!

The process is crazy complicated and requires many permits and legal fees that can cost up to $2000 per customer if they don't go through one of our distributers. However, we make it easy for reptiles to cross global borders by having a "middle-man" in almost every continent! So far, we have one in the UK, Africa and another in Asia.

Here's a pic of Garrett busy at work organizing all the paperwork and information that it takes to make these deals happen :)

You may remember Arno Naude as the guy that Jay visited during his first trip to South Africa. If you've forgotten, here's a link to our video of one of their cool adventures!

And if any of you are reading from one of the mentioned continents and are interested in having your own reptile, you can contact one of our distributers who can help you out! It's a great way to avoid those crazy fees and get the reptile that you've always wanted to own :).

Have a great day! :D


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Reptile Petting Zoo?


Sundays are always good to spend with family....and what better way to bring everyone together than to hold some snakes??

Here at The Reptile Zoo, guests can enjoy the awesome experience of holding and touching ball pythons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, bearded dragons, and possibly more.  On most days, we have our store pet monitor, Frank, roaming around so kids can pet him and take pictures with him.

A lot of fears are overcome in our "petting zoo"...we enjoy showing our guests that reptiles are beautiful and interesting creatures, and many are actually very tame.  The kids love learning about the animals, and then they come back and teach other kids the interesting facts they learned.  Personally, I love the educational aspect, but the kids keep me entertained as well.....they say "the darndest things".

(Bringing an Asian Water Monitor into a presentation:   "OH MY GOSH!   Its a Commando Dragon!!")

(A very common question about the snakes:   "Where do they poop from?")

(About the BIG Burmese Python:    "Can that eat my sister?  She's mean to me.")

They keep a smile on my face, haha.  It's a great thing to love your job.  Here are some pics from today...lots of kids enjoying holding awesome creatures that they can't hold just ANYWHERE! 

See you next time!!


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Super Busy Day!

I haven't had a day like this in a while at the Reptile Zoo where even though it's Thursday, it feels like a Saturday! And if you've ever been here on a Saturday, you should know how crazy this place gets! So far, we've had two huge groups of kids come in to the zoo and explore to their heart's content. I haven't even been able to complete my list of things to do because of the awesome amounts of people coming in!

Here are some kids taking turns holding geckos. You can definitely tell that everyone was into learning and sharing information about their new friends.

The overall message seemed to be to "be gentile!" because although lizards may look tough and unbreakable, they can get hurt really easily! But everyone who came in followed that rule and had the best time :).

- Shannon

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Tiny Dancers?


The newest addition to The Reptile Zoo....Red-Eyed Crocodile Skinks!

These adorable, fascinating little creatures look like tiny little dragons!  They are from the island of New Guinea, and prefer very swampy regions...sometimes at pretty high elevations.  They average about 8-10 inches as adults and commonly have the bright red or orange ring around their eyes.  So cool!

They are extremely gentle and will rarely bite.  They might even play dead if frightened and are VERY convincing.  They eat crickets and worms mostly...but the full grown adult will take the occasional pinky mouse.  My favorite part...other than their their head shape.  They have this awesome crested head that looks straight out of a medieval fairy-tale.

In short, these little guys are the coolest things I have seen in awhile.  Just one of the reasons I love my job...the most amazing things come and go here!!


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Twinkie's All Muscle!

Hey guys!

So something happened yesterday that I've never seen before. Sure, I've witnessed the hugeness that is Twinkie move from one side of her cage to the other for a quick dip in her pool. But never have I seen her climb the branches that are in her cage! I always thought that was there just for decoration or that Twinkie was too "fat" that it would take too much effort to get herself up off the ground. She climbed with such ease and that I was astounded! Her hefty weight has nothing to do with overfeeding or just being overweight, that's alllll muscle ;). There's always something cool or interesting happening here at The Reptile Zoo every day, even stuff that surprises those that work here day in and day out!


That's all for now! Have a great Tuesday!


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Happy Fourth of July!!

Hey all you Herpers!

Happy Indepence Day! As you can see, we're getting into the holiday spirit here at The Reptile Zoo! We even have our own residents showing off their patriotic pride.

I figured since it's a day to celebrate our nation's pride, I might as well gloat about some reptiles that are native only to the US. For instance, the American Alligator is native to Southeastern America, mostly in wetlands of populated places. That means they looove dirty, mucky swamps! Ewww. But if you come down to the Reptile Zoo, you can see that we keep them pretty clean and maintained, and so far they seem to love their new home here. Come check these awesome guys out! If you're not too afraid that is :P!

Some other cool reptiles that are native only to the US are Milk snakes, Corn snakes, all the rattlesnakes that you can only see here at the zoo, Arizona Rosy Boas, some Pine and Goffer snakes.

So do you're own patriotic duty of coming down to support the reptiles that have been here long before we were ever a nation. Without them, America just wouldn't be the same :-).

- Shannon

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