Things are moving along very well now for our Alligator & Snapping Turtle enclosure. We had a crew in today that did an awesome job cementing the inside of the tank, it looks fantastic! The glass is drying steadily, and we will be able to fill it with water right on schedule.

They did a wonderful job molding the cement into "rock-like" formations, and shaping it to look like the rest of the surroundings. Soon they will be painting everything and putting on the final touches!!



We are all very excited for the final outcome. I even heard talk about exotic FISH?!?!?!? I shall keep you updated as more information flows in! For now...comment us on Facebook and give your feedback, suggestions, and ideas!!! Peace out home slices....

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Hi everybody! It's Sue at the Reptile Zoo. Do you like these snakes? These are corn snakes we hatched here at the zoo a few months ago. I think they are so pretty, docile, and they almost never bite. Don't be fooled by the picture, because he was just waking up from his nap and having a nice yawn. Now that everyone is awake, come in and visit. =)

Have a nice day! <3 Sue
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Question of the Week...

Well, more like question of the YEAR.

QUESTION: "What do you feed that huge snake??"

I can honestly say that EVERYDAY we are asked what we feed to Twinkie. We get several questions about her, but that is the most popular. I can see why, because she is so big, most of us just can't comprehend her eating anything other than a small child. But don't worry...that is definitely not on the menu.

Twinkie is our claim to fame...she's an 8-year-old, 23-foot, 370 lb, Amelanistic Reticulated Python. She is the largest documented snake in the world, due to her size. She is not the longest...but the largest. Very muscular and powerful, Twinkie is a beautiful sight to behold...causing MANY MANY gasps each and everyday.

ANSWER: Each week, we offer her a JUMBO rabbit, usually at least 15 lbs itself. Sometimes she won't take it, but usually she's a great eater. Obviously.

She's also famous...having been on Leno and Conan. She even has her own facebook page. Check it out: "Twinkie: The World's Largest Snake". People have come from all over the world to witness her girth, as well as the MANY other rarities in our zoo. While not particularly aggressive, it does take at least 6 grown men to handle her because she is SO powerful.

We love you Twinkie!

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Creature Feature!

The Jurassic Fact of the Week is highlighting our Emperor Scorpions. A very common party animal, these tough little guys are the largest of all scorpions in the world. However, they are the least venomous as well.

Mandy and I dub ours "Batman" and assure the kids that if he did sting, it would be as harmless as a bee sting. The Emperors are naturally docile and actually use their pincers more often than their stinger. However, even THEN they mostly use their pincers to "feel" around their environment with the many tiny hairs that cover them. So, its definitely a great creature for groups of kids...very hardy, and tame. Also, it creates QUITE a stir, especially among moms, when it first comes out!

Emperor Scorpions originate in Africa, and can get about 8 inches long! They eat crickets or super worms mostly...they grab them with their pincers and chew. As tiny tiny babies, they are a strange, almost transparent white and ride on their mom's back all day...what a life. Want to know something really awesome?? Under a blacklight, these critters GLOW turquoise!

Wicked!! Come see some for yourself...hold one...even take one home for $19.99!!

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ATTENTION: SoCal Teachers!

Our presenters are now equipped with the Core Curriculum Guidelines for California Public Schools! We have K through 12 Content Standards from the California State Board of Education, and are incorporating them into our presentations...especially for Classroom and Assembly packages.

We now have the ability to determine what needs to be covered for each age group and grade, so that the information correlates to what the teachers require. Also, at booking, you can even enter extra information for what you would like to be focused on, and what group it will be for. We will do our very best to cater to whatever style and focus that you need.

We take great pride in our work and enjoy the educational aspect a great deal. It's an incredible experience for children to be able to touch, hold, and learn about reptiles in their OWN classrooms. They learn that these creatures can be friendly and beautiful in this type of setting, but we always stress the caution to take when not accompanied by a professional.

So, if you are an educator, looking for an awesome presentation for your "earth sciences month"....or even your "reptile week"....look no further!! Your students will learn a ton of cool facts, maybe get over some fears, and definitely be talking about this one for years to come.


(jurassic parties tab at top of page for more info)

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Munchkin Land!

No, we are not overrun with kids....they are in school. Duh.

Haha, I'm talking about tiny snakes! Well, tiny for a retic. There has been a bit of an upsurge lately in popularity of the Super Dwarf Reticulated Python...and we have some wicked awesome ones!! Jay, Tim, and Garrett have been working on some really awesome breeding projects, including some super dwarfs that will have you itching to get your hands on.

This featured YouTube vid is NEW, so make sure to subscribe! The three musketeers show us a BIG beautiful clutch from a Super Dwarf het Amel cross. She's actually Twinkie's sister! (Twinkie is an Amel)

So, from this SEVEN pound snake momma, we got a clutch so HUGE that it resembled that of a ball python! Sweet! Check back soon for details on the babies, and other super dwarf projects soon to come!

Here are some examples of the super dwarfs we currently have for sale: (www.prehistoricpets.com)

100% Super Dwarf - the smallest it gets for retics! ($400)

Super Dwarf Tigers (run about $600)

Super Dwarf Purple Albino het Snow! ($4500)

Remember, we have several multiples of most of these, breeding packages, and even MORE morphs online! So keep checking back for your perfect snake!

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Amphibian Paradise

Amphibians are becoming popular pets because of their small size, attractive looks and the undemanding conditions needed to take care of them. Here at The Reptile Zoo, we understand your need for simple household pets for you or your family and have made sure to supply you with a variety of Amphibians to choose from! Let's check out some of the options you can find NOW at Prehistoric Pets! Let's Go! =)

Cheap and bite size, this cute little guy, unlike many amphibians, does not require artificial heating. They croak so loud they even sound like quacks!! The color of their hide range from bright and olive green to yellow green, BUT they are not absolute and could change depending on the temperature and the condition of light in the area of habitat!
Green Tree Frog $7.99

"Fire-bellied" comes from the brightly colored red- or yellow-and-black patterns on the toads' ventral regions, which act as warning coloration, a warning to predators of the toads' foul taste! The mating call of the male sounds like a dog's bark and will be very faint to hear. These colorful hop scotchers are one of the most popular amphibians to hit our sales floor, they make great class pets too! ;)
Fire Bellied Toads $11.99

Originating in Madagascar, the Tomato Frog's name comes from its bright red coloration. If a predator grabs a tomato frog in its mouth, the frog's skin oozes a thick substance that coats the predator's eyes and mouth, causing oit to release the frog to free up its eyes. The gummy substance contains a toxin that occasionally causes allergic reactions in humans, although secretion is rare and only when threatened.
Tomato Frog $29.99

As for the BiG BoY, we bring you the Giant African Pixie Frog!! Females grow to about 5 inches; males grow larger, up to 11 inches. They will eat pretty much anything that will fit in their mouths or that they can overpower, including mice, lizards, and other frogs. (For the more daring herper =D)
Giant African Pixie Frog $79.99

These guys could really use a new loving home, take one home today and introduce your new family pet! Happy Herping!

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Its FINALLY happening!! The countdown is on!!

Ok, so maybe we are roughly 500 days behind schedule...but we are finally putting the finishing touches on our Alligator & Snapping Turtle enclosure! I told you guys a few weeks ago that we had acquired the glass, and it came in just a couple days ago. Well, last night, Jay and his crew actually started putting in the pieces and we got some awesome pics and video.

The glass is INSANE. Three pieces have been put in, and they are 3 1/4, laminated, 300 lb monsters! Not only are they heavy to lift, but they are tough to install. Here are some pics from the crew's "workout"....

Once the glue was applied, it was almost a race against time to lift, correctly place, and PUSH the pieces into place. Just check out this effort and teamwork...

....and they haven't even gotten to the BIGGEST piece yet...a 600lb WHOPPER!!

Take a look at the finished half of the enclosure....you can almost visualize how awesome its gonna be!

Great job everyone!! We are so excited for the finished product!!

But remember zoo-goers...no touching!


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Emergency! (kind of)

If you don't know already...we have upgraded our tiny little party cars! We recently purchased 5 brand new Kia Souls from Kia Car Pros in Huntington Beach. They are awesome to drive, very smooth, we like them a lot.

HOWEVER, they are all white...and frankly, they blend in with the crowd WAY too much. So, our very own Laura Brewer has come up with a few ideas for wrapping the car. These are the first ideas, and we have more coming...but we just wanted to see what the public thought about them. I have attached the pics, and if you guys like any of them, just email us, call the store, comment this blog, or post a comment on any of our facebook pages, anything! PLUS, if you guys have any great ideas for wraps, give us a holler too! We would LOVE some feedback.

Here is what we have so far...

FEEDBACK! We love it. What are your faves? What should we have on them instead??

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NOW SHOWING:: NEW Reptiles in the Zoo!!!

Welcome back Herpers of the world!! Here at The Reptile Zoo we strive to educate and help reptile lovers experience the many different varieties these special creatures offer. Whether your across the universe or down the street, we keep you guys informed and included in all the workings that is Prehistoric Pets/ The Reptile Zoo thru our Youtube video channels, Facebook page and our Official websites. But what about all the cool new stuff in the Zoo you may not have noticed?! Well WATCH OUT cause here theyyy coommee!!! =P

Starting off on the smaller end of the spectrum, we have here our NEW Crested Gecko, replacing our beloved "Stickers". Crested Geckos make fantastic first pets for just about any age. As long as you handle with care and sensitivity, this little critter will have you going "Ga Ga" over his marshmallow puff body and ity bitty tongue! Easy to clean, and even easier to feed, our little "Loki" looks forward to his new future in the Reptile Zoo! Come Check him out!

Next in line were greeted by the Spaz-tastic duo, our baby Blue Iguanas! The Blue Iguana is one of the longest-living species of lizard, with a record of longest living lizard at age 67!!! The Blue Iguana's toes are said to be efficient in digging and climbing trees, they also have excellent vision, which allows them to detect shapes and motions at long distances! Check out their cousins with different color variations too!

Up next, everyone's favorite Prima Donna pet, the Veiled Chameleon! They have a flattened body meant to mimic a leaf and feet designed for grasping limbs and branches. They have a tail that acts as a fifth appendage and helps in climbing. Their eyes work independently of one another allowing the chameleon to look in front of and behind itself at the same time!! They have a long sticky tongue that they use to capture their insect and are capable of lying still for very long periods of time waiting for an unsuspecting bug to wander by!

On the much bigger side of the spectrum, we bring to you a Albino LABYRINTH Burmese Python! These beautiful snakes show the pattern of the labyrinth Burmese and the color of the albino. They have become one of the most sought after morphs of this species even though it has only been around since 1993!!

Last but never least, we have the Madagascan Tree Boa! A male will coil its lower body around a tree limb, leaving the top half suspended to fight its adversary, but the species will spend more of its time on the ground than up in a tree, especially the larger adult snakes. The young snakes spend a significant portion of their day in trees and the snake does the majority of its hunting in an arboreal setting, searching for such prey as birds and bats.

Hopefully this little blog made your mouth water with anticipation for your next visit to the Reptile Zoo!! Go hunting to see of you can spot these 'featured creatures' in our Zoo, as well as any other NEW reptiles we may have in store for YOU!!

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