Let's Play the NAME Game!

Our locals, and CA visitors get the awesome chance to see our crazy collection of creatures...but for those of you who can't make it out to our zoo, how can we interact with you??

By playing the name game of course!! In this blog we have THREE cool, but nameless reptiles. That is just sad, right? So give us a hand from whereever you are on the planet, and help us name them!

First up, we have the absolutely gorgeous, MALE, Meller's Chameleon. Just look at those bright colors! He needs a good name to go with his unique look.

Next, there is a very handsome, MALE, Australian Water Dragon. He runs really funny, but we love his personality.

Last, but deeeeeeefinitely not least, is our BIG, beautiful, MALE, Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. His buddy Lucifer, is the super-cool Albino Diamondback...but this guy needs a name too!

So, give it a good think...and send your reptile name ideas to:


We will pick the best ones, and the new name tags will be made, along with a tag: "named by..."
So, make sure to include your OWN name (and hometown) as well so everyone will know where these boys got their awesome names!

Let the game begin!!

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How Many Enchis??

Let's throw another blog in today...you guys don't mind right? :-D

We have been featuring several YouTube videos about pulling clutches...how about one for opening a clutch?? In this video, Jay, Tim, and Garrett (well, mostly Garrett) cut a unique ball python clutch. A normal ball was bred to an "enchi" ball.

....a what???

The Enchi Ball Python is a genetic mutation discovered by Lars Brandell in 2002. They were named for the region of Africa in which they were discovered (Petros 2011). The Enchis have golden yellow sides and a greatly reduced pattern of dark pigmentation and faded saddles.

As you can tell from the video, it was very exciting for the guys to see mostly Enchis hatching out, because that means we can breed them later on for even cooler morphs! Check it out!

Also, check out www.prehistoricpets.com to see the cool morphs we have for sale!!


Petros, Mark. "Enchi Ball Python". 2011. http://www.ballpython777.com/enchi/enchi.html
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They Take Their House Whereever They Go....

This week let's feature an animal that is ALWAYS a big hit with kids and parents alike. They go to every party, they mow your lawn for you, and you can even feed them lettuce here at the shop....Sulcatta Tortoises!

We have several different sizes, and almost all of them are for sale. We recently acquired two groups of hatchlings, and they are adorable! At hatching, Sulcatta Tortoises (AKA African Spur-Thigh Tortoises) are just bigger than a golf ball. However, these little cuties can reach upwards of 200 lbs! Also…make room on your wills folks because you will be passing them down to your grandchildren, as they most often live between 120 and 150 years!

Originating in the deserts and savannas of Africa, these popular tortoises love to roam your backyard in the warm sunshine. You can start them in an aquarium like most reptiles, but when they reach about the size of soccer ball lots of owners prefer them outside. As long as you have some sort of enclosure (dog house, crate, etc.) with a heat lamp (for those chilly California nights), and a fence to keep them IN and potential predatory animals OUT, they are perfectly happy. But REMEMBER, they like to dig, and can very well dig under fences, so prepare for that with concrete or deep fencing.

Even as hatchlings, Sulcattas have a very hefty appetite, and will easily munch down lots of leafy greens, carrots, squash…even some melon! Just make sure to sprinkle plenty of calcium on whatever you feed them to prevent harmful diseases and pyramiding. Here at Prehistoric Pets we have the supplies and the knowledge to get you started on a very memorable new pet. Come check them out!

Babies are for educational purposes only ($149.99) until they reach over 4"
Medium Sulcattas $399.99
Large Sulcattas $999.99


www.prehistoricpets.com (tab at top)



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Beardies and Beyond!

Good Day Herpers!

Were comin’ at ya from the Beardie BeYoNd! =P Armed with new Bearded Dragon morphs, were going full force into the ‘after summer’ blues with a confident smile and a steady hand. On top of the hundreds of snakes, lizards, arachnids and amphibians we carry, and they’re many morphs, we have added a few new selections to our Bearded Dragon list!!

I’m sure many of you either own Bearded Dragons (due to their docile nature and calm temperament) or have had friends who own these little creatures. On the other hand, there are so many color morph options to choose between here at Prehistoric Pets, we decided to write a little blog with pictures to give you an idea for your possible future best beardie! =D


Sandfire Bearded Dragon ON SALE $179.99!!!

Fancy Bearded Dragon Morphs (email info@PREHISTORICPETS.COM FOR PRICING)

Translucent Bearded Dragon

Hypo Citrus Tiger Bearded Dragons $149.99

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Illumination Foundation

One of the many reasons that I love my job is the rewarding experiences with children. This past Wednesday, we donated a presentation to a very special group of kids.....

The Illumination Foundation is a recreational program, providing activities and educational opportunities to families affected by the economy. “IF” is a transitional program that helps families go from living on the streets into motels, and finally into homes of their own. They book programs like ours all the time, and for most of the children it is their first experience with these activities. The kids that enjoyed this donated presentation had never seen animals like this before.

I was greeted by Lua Levale, a frontrunner in “IF”, and he was very excited for the kids to see and touch everything. He mentioned that last week they went bowling, and most of the children had never bowled before. I was so excited to show and teach them about animals that they may have only heard about. Thanks Lua, for inviting us, and for giving your time to create memorable and educational experiences for these awesome kids.

It was a blast getting to know everyone, and I am so happy that I got to share this experience with them. They are wonderful families and I wish them the best of luck in life.

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European "Glass" Legless Lizards

Good Afternoon Herpers! No doubt many of you are quite familiar with our vast selection of snakes and lizards in the store, but how about a snake-like lizard?? o.O . . .

European legless lizards, also called "glass" lizards, are normally found in fairly dry habitats, often frequenting rocky hillsides with some cover. These squirmy slithery lizards are the largest of its family, its average length (including tail) being 2-3 feet!!

Although they look similar, these legless lizards are true lizards. Unlike snakes, they have movable eyelids, several rows of belly scales, and the ability to break off their tail when they are in danger. When this lizard drops its tail and it breaks into several pieces, the body would look about the same size as the pieces of wiggling tail. Imagine if you were the predator, how confused you would be as to which wiggling part is really the lizard. Pretty cool huh?!

Come on in the store and check out our European Legless Lizard in the Reptile Zoo! OH! Bring a name for him too ;)
Our Legless Lizard!
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NARBC Anaheim 2011!!

Greetings Reptilian fans of the WORLD!!

We hope most of you were able to stop by the North American Reptile Breeders Conference (NARBC) in Anaheim this past weekend…if not, here is what you missed!

First off, Prehistoric Pets, and the Swamp Brothers (from the Discovery Channel) stopped by KTLA's Good Day LA last Friday morning for an interview about the NARBC, and brought some critters along for the trip. Here is a peek:

Swamp Brothers And Creatures on GDLA: MyFoxLA.com

The NARBC does reptile trade shows all over the U.S. and Prehistoric Pets attends the Anaheim Conference every year. This is our chance to showcase our animals, especially our VERY extensive and amazing collection of Reticulated Pythons. This year, we had our biggest display ever! We brought around 180 snakes, (90% of those being retics) and a few extra critters...so about 200 animals altogether! Of those 160-or-so retics, almost all of them were different morphs! It was quite a sight to see for any reptile-lover and newbie-herper alike.

We had an awesome set-up that allowed guests to get up-close and personal with the snake displays to see just how interesting the patterns and colors are. Atmosphere was present, with our large T-rex and other huge critters from the shop including 2 huge tortoises and Frank, our Disney Channel STAR monitor! People from all over the WORLD gathered to showcase, trade, sell, buy, and discuss everything reptile! It was great to see and converse with others in the reptile community, and several even visited the shop afterward!

There was also an auction, with proceeds going to USARK. The Swamp Brothers (Stephen & Robbie Keszey), as well as Ton Jones from Auction Hunters (A&E) made guest appearances and gave signed t-shirts (right off their backs!) to be auctioned off...which our very own Prehistoric Pets owner, Jay Brewer, purchased. Here's a pic of the somewhat "embarrassing" transfer! (lol)

Prehistoric Pets actually partnered the booth with another AWESOME foundation, Reptile Rescue Orange County (with our own Sam Makki). RROC is a non-profit public organization, taking in and caring for herps of all types, creating adoption opportunities, and educating the public on care and proper maintenance.

The video in this blog is the first of two...the other video of the show will be posted soon! It will include in-depth info and access of our displays and animals.

Thank you to all who helped put this show together, all the hard work...and thank you to all who stopped by to check us out! Come see us at Prehistoric Pets, and watch for the second video on Facebook!


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Frank is a STAR! Watch him on the Disney special "Jessie"!

Today is an extra special feature piece on our beloved Asian Water Monitor 'Frank'. Soon, he will be known around the world as Mr.Kipling on Disney's new upcoming series, "Jessie"!

Frank is always accompanied by Jules Sylvester, host of Specials on The Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel as well as a wildly popular guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

This star studded duo make their way to the Disney studios about 6 or 7 times a week, making Bumblebee the new store pup ;D. Premiering on September 30, 2011, 'Jessie' is about an 18-year old girl from a Texas town who moves to New York City. She finds herself becoming the nanny of four children living in a multi-million dollar penthouse, one of the children has an imaginary friend and another has a pet water monitor, that's right, our very own Frank a.k.a. Mr. Kipling!
Excited for the show? Follow our fan pages on Facebook (Prehistoric Adventures, The Reptile Zoo, Prehistoric Pets, Jurassic Parties) to keep updated on new photos, blogs and videos! Here is a promo video for "Jessie", make sure to tune in for the premier September 30th 2011!!


Star Cast of Disney series "Jessie"


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Boa or Not a Boa? Wait...Was that the question?

Hola Herpers!

It's time for another trivia piece from your friends here at The Reptile Zoo! Although they both belong to the Constrictor family, What exactly is the difference between Boas and Pythons?
Surprisingly, not very many people know the differences between the two due to their similar appearances, but there are a few subtle variances.
First, Boas give live birth and pythons lay clutches of eggs.
Boa Babies!!

Second, Pythons have heat pits along their face and boas do not.

Third, Despite their external similarities, the python has one more bone in its skull than the boa. The python also has more the teeth (four rows of teeth and no fangs).

Want to see for yourself...UP CLOSE?! We can make it happen!! For just a few dollars, get a snapshot of you and your friends and/or family holding one of our big Burmese Pythons and check out all the various Pythons and Boas in our Zoo! See if YOU can tell the difference between Boa and NOT a Boa ;P.
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The Reptile Zoo Party

The most basic party we have here at Prehistoric Pets is the Reptile Zoo Birthday Party. One of the favorites, it is always an interesting and unforgettable experience.

We have two party rooms to choose from, and info about each can be found on our website (click JP tab at top). You get an hour presentation with 12-15 animals, an hour in the party room of your choice, and admission to the zoo for 30 guests for $250. Your presenter aids you in set-up and clean-up as well, and you can bring any food, drinks, coolers, and decor that you like.

Photography is definitely allowed, and encouraged! There are SO many photo opportunities, and video is allowed as well. Your kids will not want it to end! Fears are overcome, new critter friends are made, and a wealth of reptilian knowledge is gained.

Also, we LOVE to see the creative CAKES that all of our hosts come up with. Most are homemade!!

If you have any questions at all, give us a ring...and book your Jurassic Party today!!

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