Frilled and Friendly!!

Hey there Herpers!<br>

There are so many fun and interesting creatures lurking around every nook and cranny here at the shop, sometimes its hard to keep up.  Everyday we have kids and parents asking to hold and pet the array of beautiful animals we breed and supply, but most are housed behind glass walls and stone enclosures.  So how do you get a REAL Jurassic experience?!  BOOKING A JURASSIC PARTY OF COURSE!!!

Its as Simple as 1, 2, 3 CLICK and BOOM!  Book a party TODAY with us and have a ONE OF A KIND party for your special event!  Give your kids the party to be talked about for years to come!  Along with snakes, geckos, bearded dragons and MUCH more that are brought to parties, one guest especially stands out.  Our much loved Fred, the Frill-Necked Lizard!!




Frill Necked Lizards or "Frilled Dragons" are found mainly in northern Australia and southern New Guinea. Its name comes from the large frill or fan around its neck, which usually stays folded against the lizard's body.  BUT when  the lizard is frightened, it gapes its mouth exposing a bright lining and the frill flares out displaying bright orange and red scales. This reaction is often used toward off other predators  or during mating.  You probobly know these little guys from the feature film "Jurassic Park" as the black slime spitting "dinosaurs", however, Frilleds do NOT spit black slime! This is what it looks like to watch them do their 'Thang' ;P.




The frill-necked lizard is an arboreal lizard, meaning it spends a majority of its time in the trees.  These lizards venture to the floor only in search of food, or to battle over territory!  The trees provide adequate camoflauge as well as offer most of the small insects frilled dragons eat.  Not to mention the fact that they like to be at the tipy top of just about . . .



Or Anyone!



Friendly and loveable, Fred is one of the select few IN STORE ONLY party only animals provided.  Yup, that means you gotta come visit him at The Reptile Zoo, or book a party IN the Zoo to NOT ONLY to get hands on experience with one of the coolest lizards under the sun, but also check out featured animals like TWINKIE The worlds Largest snake, or Frank our asian water monitor who now stars in the Disney T.V. show "Jessie"!

Book us TODAY at!!


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Where, oh where, has everyone gone??

Don't worry, we still have a steady stream of customers and guests...and animals...but where have our employees gone??

There is A LOT going on right now, and some of our key players are out on a mission!

For starters...Sam is running around like CRAZY trying to get a shipment of snakes ready for the airport.  They are headed to a very excited buyer.  :-D   There is a lot of paperwork though, and a lot of preparations...



Garrett, our go-to reptile retail guy, is on his way to the UK right NOW.  He's headed to Germany for the annual Snake Day Convention.  This is a big-time show, for ALL of Europe...thousands of people attend every year, even from all around the world!  Events like this allow us to get our name out there, and bring in LOTS of information about suppliers, other retailers, breeders, and potential buyers.




Also, our very own fearless leader, trying to make his way to Chicago, for the NARBC in Tinley.  There has been a bit of trouble with the flights...but he's working on it.  The NARBC here in Anaheim was AWESOME this year, and there were SO many again, a fantastic way to get our name out there even more!




So, those of us who are left here are holding down the fort, and keeping everything running very smoothly.  We are still working on our Alligator enclosure, and even a new Caiman Lizard enclosure.  They are going to be so awesome.  Keep checking back for more updates!



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Anyone at your home that likes reptilian decor?  Look what we have--a "genuine" dinosaur head.  Do you know of anybody that likes this?  We have it in two sizes.  What a surprise this would be!

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An End to the Nameless!


Happy Rainy Day Herpers!  I actually LOVE this reminds me of where I grew good ole' Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I hated the humidity, but LOVED the rain...especially thunderstorms.  Awesome.

Anyway...we are officially putting an end to the animals without names in our zoo.  No...not THAT kind of end...jeez.  I have been running back and forth between here and the awesome print & copy shop next door, making sweet new name tags for our crazy critters!  We come up with most of them here, but some of them have been named by you!!  Here are some examples....






It gives the animals personality, helps us keep track, provides a caring atmosphere, and allows children to interact with them!  I have even seen some of the employees walking around the zoo themselves, checking it out and cracking up at some of them...    :-P

So, break out those rainboots and umbrellas, and come visit our newly-named reptilian friends!  Its warm and dry in here.....



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The Talented Mr. Kipling

Again??? Yes...again....we are just so proud of our little Frank and what an awesome job he's doing on his new TV show.

For those who don't know...real quick, our very own Frank, the Asian Water Monitor, was chosen to be a key part in the new Disney Channel show, Jessie. He plays the outrageous Mr. Kipling, and if you haven't seen it yet....well, its absolutely hilarious. Especially for those who know how monitors REALLY act. :-P So, I found a video of the second episode, and you MUST check it out....its so funny.

Its also very exciting. Its so cool to see him on TV after working around him for so long. He's like our shop pet. Frank is SO friendly, and the Disney cast loves him as well!   We saw his official "script", which was so cute...they have SFX of hissing for him, and he "flirts" with a toy dinosaur!

So, check out the video, AND the TV show, AAANNND come in to visit Frank here at Prehistoric Pets!!!


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The Beautiful Tortise

TA DAA! Introducing the beautiful, docile Redfoot Tortise. She is friendly and is a vegetarian. Her spots seem to increase in beauty with age. (What is her secret?) When you come in, be sure and ask about this wonderful tortise---SO BEAUTIFUL!

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Guardian Gargoyle Geckos!?

That's right, you weren't just misreading that headline, we said GARGOYLE Geckos! Interested already? PERFECT because boyyy do we have some for YOU!!

Greetings Herpers! Keeping up with our reputation for the coolest, newest and purrtiest reptiles around, we have a new group of Gecko to share and to sell! However, few males are produced in captivity and unlike what we find with most other gecko species, males are at a premium and can cost TWICE if not MORE the price of females. Everyone, say hello to the Gargoyle Gecko!

Right up there with crested geckos as ideal reptile pets are Gargoyle geckos. They get about as large but are more heavy-bodied and can weigh up to 2 1/2 ounces. They are as easy to keep as Crested's but are less social. Gargoyle geckos make awesome displays in planted tanks, and if your looking to add a cool new gecko buddy to your current pal, adult Gargoyles can be kept with adult Crested geckos in larger enclosures! Gargoyle females can be kept together but can be aggressive toward males.

Here are some of the Gargoyles we currently have in stock!

BUT it doesnt end there!! There are several varieties of Gargoyle Geckos including striped, mottled, as well as forms with bright red patterns and reddish background color! Come into the store and take one home today!

^O^....Priscilla ((BIG THANX to Tara Byk for the helping hand!))
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JFW...the knowledge of champions

Our Jurassic Fact this week is focused on an animal that I, myself, had to slowly get used to.

The Kingsnake, in many different forms, is an excellent party animal because its draws much attention when the facts are given. I have had many a child gasp when I tell them how they get their name. They are called Kingsnakes because they eat other snakes...even other kingsnakes....and EVEN rattlesnakes. It is found that they are immune to the venom and very commonly go after them in the wild.

Florida Kingsnake

This is the common pattern of the Florida Kingsnake, and the colors may vary. In captivity, they are actually quite docile and can make great pets. Wild-caught kings may be a bit more aggressive, but with proper handling and care, its easy to tame them.

California Kingsnake

I think California Kingsnakes are really cool-looking. They are much different than other snake patterns, with very thick and bold brown (or black) and white stripes. We have several that we use for birthday parties that are sweet as sugar!

The California King can be found throughout the southwest, in a variety of environments ranging from deserts to forests...and the same for the Florida King in the southeast. They aren't quite as well-tempered as the ball python or cornsnake, but with patience and care they can be wonderful pets.

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So...what's new in the Zoo? A LOT!!

We try to keep you guys updated pretty well on what happens day-to-day here at Prehistoric let's take a second to recap.

I just updated everyone on how well the alligator enclosure is coming along...we are just about a month away from completion!! Everyone here is SO excited because this is our biggest and most detailed yet....even bigger than Twinkie's! We had some of the guys clean it up a bit today, to get ready for painting and final preparations. Here are some "so far" pics for you:

GREAT work everyone!!

We also just got a new shipment of everyone's favorite gecko...the crested! We have some WAYYYY cool ones too, come check them out!!

There are the Red Harlequins (sweet) that range from $149.99 to $249.99

Even some Gargoyle Geckos (super cool) for $89.99

"Checkin' out my reflection..."

"Where's Waldo?"

Plus there is also a beautiful assortment of normal Cresteds with awesome coloring.

Perhaps the most excitement, however, is about a very special Asian Water Monitor named Frank. He has been a workaholic lately...Jay has been taking him to and from L.A. every week to film a new Disney Channel TV series!!!

"Jessie" will premier tonight on the Disney Channel at be sure to check it out to see Frank as the lovable little trouble-maker, Mr. Kipling. We are SO excited!

With all this craziness going on, we are still the same old awesome place to come have a party, feed turtles & tortoises, touch and hold snakes, and just check out some very RARE be sure to stop by!

See you soon!

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