Monitor A, B, C's

Most of you know by now that our beloved Frank is a TV celebrity and stars in the Disney show “Jessie”.  But Frank, a.k.a. Mr. Kipling, isn’t the only monitor in town!  Here at Prehistoric Pets, we carry a wide variety of gorgeous and friendly Monitors for sale.  Want your own “Kipling” pride and joy?  Well here are a few selections we have available for you RIGHT HERE in the shop! 

The ARGUS Monitor, also commonly known as the Yellow Spotted Monitor, can reach anywhere from 3-5 feet in length depending on the gender.  Females averaging on the 3ft side whereas males tend to be bigger.  Because they spend majority of their time on the ground, they become avid diggers and will dig large burrows where they spend a sizable portion of their time!  They like to munch on fish, crabs, rodents, small birds and even other monitors!

Asian Water Monitors can thank our beloved "Frank" for their new claim to fame and popularity!  They are capable of growing up to 10 feet in length and maximum weight can be more than 55lbs!!  Water monitors can be defensive, using their tail, claws, and jaws when fighting or defending themselves. They are excellent swimmers, using  their tails to steer through water. As carnivores they have a wide range of foods and are known to eat fish, frogs, rodents, birds, crabs, and snakes.

Yellow Monitors shelter in burrows, crevives in river banks or termite mounds.  These monitors are not efficient climbers, and when their territory is flooded, they stay in the water building large fat reserves.  Their diet consists of frogs, toads, turtle eggs and lizards eggs.  These guys can live over ten years in captivity! Check em out!

This is a GORGEOUS Peach Throat Monitor!  Young lizards should be fed live insects — such as crickets, roaches, mealworms and waxworms — that have been fed a diet of fresh greens, and dusted with vitamin supplements. Larger young lizards may also be fed small rodents, fresh shrimp and fish strips, and bits of precooked sausage.  These guys can grow up to 3 feet long and bear a similar resemblance to the Mangrove monitor. 

Monitor crazy yet?!   JUST WAIT til you can check em out in person!!  All of them are sweethearts and are looking for a new home to strat off the new year!!  Bring one home today and start off 2012 with a big monitor BANG!!   BANG BANG!!!

Happy New Year Herpers!!  Have fun and stay SAFE!


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It's Friday, Friday.....

Ok, so my co-workers would smack me if they heard me sing that.....come to think of it, I might smack myself. Anywho! Its a busy Friday here at the Reptile Zoo, as we wind down 2011 in style! Only a day and a half left until 2012, people! And what a crazy year its been here at Prehistoric Pets. New animals, new people, and (finally!) our Alligator Enclosure!!! True, we waited a long time for this, but boy was it worth the wait. Not only do we have our new alligatot (who, by the way, still needs a name. We want your vote! You only have until Sunday!), but we also have a pretty handsome male Sulfur Water Monitor in the other side. As is a tradition here at The Reptile Zoo, we are constantly changing and updating even our fanciest enclosures to make them even prettier :) The reptile business is all about looks, and their cages are no exceptions! Check out some pictures of our busy zoo and the Sulfur Monitor loving his new pad.

Here's Nick, getting ready to go do Syndey and Madison's Birthday!

Here are some of our lovely and excited guests early waiting for their turn to hold a gecko at the photo booth

And here are some shots of our newly decorated Sulfur Monitor enclosure!


Enjoy these last couple of days of 2011, and come on in soon if you wanna ring in the new year with a new pet!


Later Gator!

Mandysaurus Rex

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Name our gator!

Come to our zoo and be a part of naming our 5ft male alligator! You can win a 1 year passport to the reptile zoo, have your name on the name tag, and have a featured blog about your visit. The last time to enter will be New Years day and on the next day we will post the top five and vote on those names online and in store.



Our Gator wrangler Juliette really wants to name him Bowser, but it's up to you! Can you think of a better name?

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Get Ready for 2012!!!

Herow Herpers!

It's another special addition blog just to bring you up to date on all the NEW critters in our Reptile Zoo and Prehistoric Pet shop!  Thats right, WE'VE GOT MORE!!  Curious?  Thought so.... Let's not waste any time and get straight to it!

NEW to the ZOO:

Black Tree Monitor!


Growing up to 35–47 inches in length, they inhabit the Aru Islands off New Guinea, adapting to and  living in areas highly populated with trees.  It's tail is particularly long, sometimesTWO-THIRDS of the overall body length, and is used to stabilize the animal in the branches while their feet sport large claws and adhesive sole to enhance their grip on branches.  Come check this little guy out ....whiles he's still little anyways ;P!


Tangerine Leopard Geckos!  On SALE $89.99 !!!O.O!!!

A beautiful color option to the already popular Leopard Geckos.


I feel these cool guys are the perfect middle ground for someone wanting a Iguana like lizard, but are not able to maintain the size and attention needed to care for such a large lizard.  They max out at about 2-3ft in length and are prone to eat mainly crickets, roaches and worms.  To make them even cooler, these little dudes love to SWIM!!!  That just makes them fun fun FUN!!  I know... I have them ^O^!



Need MORE??  I BET!!!  Stop by the shop ASAP before all the guys are swooped up and gone!!  TONS of Holiday deals on animals, starter kits and MORE!!  Gets your new pet NOW before the December ends and get 2012 off to a BOOMIN start!


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Christmas Miracle!




Well Gang,

We here at Prehistoric Pets all had a great Christmas away from the shop, except for the breeder Tim, who was hoping for a great Christmas to himself with the snakes he works with here- in the hopes that something big would happen that day.  He came in to check on a couple of Reticulated Python Clutches that were getting close to hatching, and a couple of females that were getting ready to lay eggs- and boy was he glad he came in to witness our own little Christmas miracles! 

First, our giant Ivory female laid a gorgeous clutch of 35 beautiful eggs that were as bright white as she was!  This female was bred to an Anthrax Tiger this year, which means we should have some Platinum Het Anthrax, and Platinum Tiger het Anthrax on the way!  Then, when he checked what was going on in the incubator- he saw several really gorgeous babies crawling out of their eggs for the first time-  the first clutch had a few of one of our favorite Dwarf Retic morphs- SunTiger Genetic Stripes!  These gorgeous snakes have 3 visual genes- two Co-dominate ones (Sunfire & Tiger), and one recessive (Genetic Stripe), and they are also possible het for Albino!  These little guys are very cutting edge in the designer python world, and will make some amazing new morphs in the future as they come of age- not to mention they are one of the most beautiful morphs in their own right, with clean, chaotic patterns that stretch from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail.

Next, he checked in another eggs box to see that our Black eyed and Ruby Eyed Ivories had also decided to be born on Christmas Day!  The Black eyed Ivories, like the female that laid her eggs, are a rare almost solid white snake with deep black eyes.  The Albino version, which were first produced this year, were even more of a surprise (which you can see in our reaction as we first peered into the eggs in our YouTube video).  What happens when you turn a Solid black eye Albino?  You get a beautiful ruby red eye that looks as if it is on fire from within!  These little snakes seem to peer right into your soul with their blazing stare, and see for themselves if you have been naughty or nice!  These snakes are very difficult to produce, and the odds are against hatching one, even if you have the right two snakes to breed together (which are extremely rare as adults).  Out of the entire clutch, which was full of Albinos, Platinums, and Platinum Albinos, we only got one pair of these beautiful jewels, and these are the very first pictures of them out of the eggs to ever be shared- our gift to you, along with the hope that you will be blessed this Christmas, and in the year to come.  That’s what Christmas is all about!




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'Tis the day before Christmas.....

And all through the store, people are buying pets and supplies, lizards and more! They're coming to learn, to buy and to see, why snakes make are much cooler than a dog name Fifi. Our T.V. star Frank, in the holiday mood, looks like he'd rather be searching for food.

Our little T-Rex gets in on the spirit, though most people don't really want to go near it.

All of us here at the Reptile Zoo, love the animals we own and the ones you do too! So come one and come all to this place we call home, to buy a new friend or simply to roam. Our staff can be funny, sometimes kinda weird, but hey that's what happens when our lizards have beards!

So Merry Christmas to all, have you scales or fur, remember that snakes make better gifts than boring old Myrrh.

Merry Christmas everybody!

<3 Salmandy

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M.A.D. Studio Presents...

Hello Herpers!

It's a BeAuTiFuL Wednesday morning here in Fountain Valley,CA at our store thanks to the children at MAD Studio.  They had their one of a kind reptile show early this morning and had the chance to pet and play with some cool critters!  Armed with big beaming smiles and some pretty cool art pieces, these kids conquered their party and project with entusiasm and spunk!


MAD (Make A Difference) Studio is a place where people believe in sharing ones thoughts and ideas without judgment thru Art.  Art has been around for centuries to tell stories and more, a way to express full range of emotions.  The wonderful staff of MAD Studio believe 'Art gives oneself inspirational empowerment and it is a healing tool that provides various forms of release.'  With a variety creative media, the mobile studio is relaxing, inspiring, and motivating for artists of all ages!  The program offers a safe place for kids to express themselves, and thoughts and emotions can be expressed. 



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Hey there everybody!

I've come to the conclusion that everybody needs to own at least one tarantula. They don't make noise, they won't stink up a room, and they don't need a cage big enough that you have to ask yourself if you realllllly need a bed, or if a bean bag in the corner will suffice. (We've all been there, don't pretend you haven't). Here at Prehistoric Pets/ Jurassic Parties/ The Reptile Zoo, our holiday cheer and deal-giving days are in full swing. You can come into our store and leave with your very own Rose Hair Tarantula, and everything you need to care for it!

This means that for the incredibly awesome price of $99.99, you get the tarantula, the cage, bedding, a small heat pad, a hide, a water dish, and a book all about your taranutula and it's other fluffy, 8-legged friends. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that everybody should pack up the family, drive out to the nearest desert and wrangle up some arachnids, but this particular kind makes an awesome pet.

Rose Hair Tarantulas (Grammastola Rosea) are probably the most popular pet tarantula in the industry. They get to be a decent size, but not so big that you have to lock up the family Chihuahua when you leave the room, they're super friendly and handleable (with adult supervision, of course!) and they live a pretty darn long time (females commonly live 15-20 years, possibly longer).


So if you love the creepy-crawlies as much as I do, or if you think Fluffy would be the perfect addition the family, come on in! She's right up on the front counter, waiting for a loving family to take her home.

Later Gator!

Mandysaurus Rex

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Heeeyyyyy Herpers!

Now we all love our cute cuddly critters, but Why Oh, Why do they have such wEiRd little quirks?  Like what you may ask?  Take for instance, a reptiles ability to be autotomic? Auto-whaty? .... Let me explain. =D

Autotomy, not Autonomy, is the act whereby an animal severs one or more of its own appendages by self amputation.  This is commonly used as a self defense mechanisim to escape a predators deadly grasp!  Coooool...or Grooooooss?!?  TOTALLY GROSS!!!  No need to fear however, most reptiles can REGROW the lost limb!!!  Coooool ..... or Grooooossss?!? C'Mon...thats EASY... TOTALLY COOL!!!  ^O^  Now that we know what they do and why....  what about WHO does what?  Let's check it out!


Geckos, Skinks and other lizards that are captured by the tail will shed part of the tail structure and then be free to escape!  The detached tail will continue to wriggle, creating a distracting sense of continued struggle and turning the predator's attention from the escaping prey animal.The animal can partially grow back its lost limb within a couple weeks.  However, there are some exceptions like the rested Gecko, who cannot regrow a lost tail. =(

Autotomic Lizard:

Tailess (Frog-Butt) Crested Gecko <3:


Spiders that find themselves trapped, or in life-threatening situations can autotomize, "self-amputate" their legs. They DO have like what....8 to spare??  The missing limb(s) can regenerate over the course of several moults, and the spider will resume 'full functionality' in those limbs over time.

This Spider has lost 2 legs...

Feel a bit better now?  Good!  Hopefully this will help us all rethink how we choose to handle our delicate friends and keep them all in ONE piece! ^O^ !

Happy Herping!!!


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Hypo Snapping Turtles

Herow Herpers!

Today we bring you a very special addition to our reptilian and "more" family!  Welcome home our new HYPO ALLIGATOR SNAPPING TURTLES!! Yayy!

The largest freshwater turtle in North America, the alligator snapper keeps to primarily southern U.S. waters.  The alligator snapping turtle is characterized by a large heavy head, and a long, thick shell with three dorsal ridges of large scales.  They can be immediately distinguished from the Common Snapping Turtle by the three distinct rows of spikes and raised plates on their shells.    

Common Alligator Snapper

The textbook definition of  a "Hypo" is lacking or experiencing a reduction in black and brown pigment, this would mean an increase in yellow and white pigment, making the appearance brighter and more vibrant.  Hypomelanism is not the same as albinism, which is the complete lack of black pigment.
Here is what an extreme case of Hypomelanistic genes looks like:

 Hypo Snapping Turtle

Thats about the size they grow to as well! Pretty cool huh?  Just WAIT til you see the two new Hypo's we've got on display here at the zoo!  Stop pn by and check them out, they are currently roomies with the properly named "Motley Crue" of Caiman Lizards we have in the Zoo area.  Help us think of some cool new names too! 

Til next time, Happy Herping!



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