It's ALWAYS time to party at the Reptile Zoo

When you work in a Reptile Zoo, you know that every day is going to bring with it something new, excitng and educational, we are always learning more and more about our animals here and in the wild. But what some people don't realise is just how much fun it is to share some of this information with customers every day, and whats even more exciting is when you get to share it with a room full of overly excited children that are here for a birthday party.


Jurassic Parties is a company within a company, so to speak, and we do all kinds of parties here! You can bring your party to us or we can bring the party to you, whichever you choose, you are guaranteed a very exciting and memorable experince.

Just this morning Jurassic Parties and the Reptile Zoo were buzzing with party fever as some of our crew headed off to a birthday party in soemone's own home, and some of our team got ready to greet the 30 guests here for a little boy's party! When they arrived at the Reptile Zoo, we were delighted to see lots of smiling faces, super excited moms, and some nervous looking dads, who couldn't wait to meet our animals.

To start the party guests ate lots of pizza in one of our dedicated party rooms, and began their presentation at about midday. We started off small with a Ball Python, and once they were all comfortable, we moved on to tarantulas, geckos, scorpions, corn snakes and a Black Throat monitor that goes by the name of Bane, and for some reason smells like maple syrup!



We finished up our hour-long presentaion by letting all the children line up and hold a Burmese Python, all the moms and dads got some great photos and everyone had a great time. The kids (and some sneaky grown ups) then relaxed and enjoyed some home made brownies in the special party room!

Getting to see the excited look on these kid's faces as they got to hold and touch some of these animals is truly priceless and one of the most rewarding parts of this job!

We just love Jurassic Parties here at the Reptile Zoo, so why not have a party with a differnece this year, check us out on facebook or twitter for some great special offers and lots of updates and pictures!


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Expanding Behind the Scenes

Remember when we said we were finally demolishing the “Gauntlet” to make room for a brand new breeding room… that day might not be here quite yet, but we are getting closer. Just look at the expansion we have planned!


If you think that’s beginning to look impressive just check out the numbers. In the new breeding wing will be a 1000 sq ft facility housing 147 full size breeding cages plus 3 huge new incubators!

Not only will these new enclosures be the best of the best for our animals, custom designed by Jay Brewer from his over 30 years’ experience in breeding and keeping large pythons. They are also going to be a very exciting one-of-a-kind view experience for all guests to The Reptile Zoo. As they have designed it guests will be able to look into the behind the scenes action and even be a part of the egg hatching experience.

It may look like we are already done, but we have plenty left to do! Just check out all the work it took to get this far!

It takes a dedicated and passionate team and to make these dreams come true, but luckily we have that team! Everyone has been pitching in to help wherever needed, even late into the night.

As you can tell founder Jay Brewer and breeding manager Tim O’Reilly are more than a little excited about the big plans they have in-store for you.

Check back in the next couple months to see our progress and hopefully we will have the breeding room of our dreams completed and on display by the next time you visit The Reptile Zoo!

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Photos, Photos, Get Your Photos at the Orange County Fair!


The Orange County Fair is in full swing and The Reptile Zoo is going to be there for every minute of it. If you haven't been by our display in the Kid Zone you are definitely missing out! We've got 20 great exhibits that include some of the most exotic reptiles we've ever displayed... but you'll just have to stop by to find out who those are!



As always we have the memory making opportunity for hands-on fun with an 8ft Burmese Python. Visitors response to Bob or Sunshine the Burmese Pythons can vary from extreme excitement to shear terror, but if they take the opportunity to get up close and personal it's always a picture worthy moment! Just check out a few of our favorites so far... (which is no easy task seeing as we have over 5,000 photos to choose from!)





To make sure everyone has the opportunity for this seemingly once in a lifetime opportunity we've put together several special packages to save you money and maximize the fun! As we always say the price is the same for as many people as we can SQUEEZE into the photo! So bring the whole family, grab your friends and stop by The Reptile Zoo booth in the Kid Zone at this year's Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa.



If these deals are not enough we are offering a complimentary download of every photo! Just head over to to find your photo, tag it, share it, and download for your own at home prints! While you're there make sure to like our page to keep up to date with all of the latest happenings here at The Reptile Zoo.



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Little Friends of Jack

This past weekend we have been super busy with new and potential new arrivals, from hatching eggs to discovering freshly laid ones.

We were all very excited about the arrival of 9 Arizona Mountain King Snakes early on Saturday morning, and nobody was more excited than long time staffer Craig Tauchman who cares for the native species here in The Reptile Zoo. You can see in the picture below just how much he loves these snakes as he even has a custom made bracelet with the same pattern!


The arrival of these snakes gives me the perfect opportunity to talk to you a little bit about Coral Snake patterns vs King Snake patterns. Several non-venomous colubrids have similar red/black/yellow banded patterns to the venomous Coral Snakes. They mimic the Coral Snake’s pattern in an attempt to warn off predators, mimicking other more dangerous species is a common defense mechanism within the reptile world.

A good rhyme to remember to help you to distinguish if it is a venomous Coral snake or a non-venomous Colubrid is;

If red touches black, he’s a friend of Jack, BUT if red touches yellow you’re a dead fellow!


Even though this simple rhyme is a great way to help you remember, we recommend that you don’t attempt to pick up any of these snakes in the wild, just in case.




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Mary Poppins Special Offer for The Reptile Zoo Fans!


Mary Poppins

Ahmanson Theatre


August 9 – September 2

For tickets call 213.972.4400

or visit

All matinees at 2pm, all evening shows at 7:30pm


"A High-Fly spectacle!” --The Los Angeles Times

This spectacular hit has astonished over seven million people worldwide with its pure Broadway magic. With four productions currently running on three continents, Mary Poppins is one of the biggest stage musical successes in recent years to come out of London and New York.


Family Friendly Price!
$49 (Reg. $72) for select seats Aug 9 - 17*
Family Friendly Time!
Evening shows start at 7:30pm

To purchase call 213.972.4400 and mention code SUGAR

or visit


The consummate Disney production features the irresistible story and unforgettable songs from one of the most popular Disney films of all time, plus brand-new breathtaking dance numbers and astonishing stage-craft to make it everything you could ever want in a hit Broadway show.

So get swept up in the fun of this high-flying musical the New York Post gives 4 out of 4 stars and calls “a certifiable super hit!”


*Conditions: Offers valid for all performances August 9-17 in Rear Orchestra and Rear Mezzanine sections. Saturday and Sunday matinees not included in offer. Subject to availability. Offer does not apply to previously purchased tickets. May not be combined with any other offers.



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New Indian Ornamental Tarantula..Or is it an illusion?

Here at The Reptile Zoo our beautiful Indian Ornamental Tarantula molted yesterday and left visitors wondering if there were actually 2 tarantulas in the exhibit.

Inidian Ornamental Tarantulas live in monsoon forests, where the climate alternates between very wet and very dry. Poecilotheria species should be regarded with caution, beacuse their bites are considered to be much more significant than those of other tarantulas. Their bites are not lethal, but some poeple may be allergic to their bite which can be a big problem.


Tarantulas have an exo-skeletal structure which means unlike humans, their bones are on the outside and amazingly, they must molt their exo-skeleton to allow them to grow. This process can happen as little as once per year but may happend more frequently when they are young. Once their molt is complete, it appears that their is 2 tarrantulas in the enclosure, so we have to be careful not to remove the real one, just the molt.


These tarantulas are nocturnal, arboreal, and quite ant-social, they like to keep to themsielves and only really come out for food. In the wild they will eat anything, including rodents and insects and even eat things that are the same size as themselves.


They are quite slender and in the wild they will stick to the bark of trees and the pattern helps them to blend in.


Here are some pictures of the new molt.


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The Reptile Zoo and Prehistoric Pets get ready for the fair!

It's that time of year again when workers are busy preparing displays, new ideas are being brainstormed, and the animals are preparing for their busy "show time" ... no it's not Christmas already it's better.... The Orange County Fair!

Every year Prehistoric Pets/The Reptile Zoo have a display at the Orange County Fair and this year is set to be the biggest and most exciting yet!

Weeks, even months go into the planning of such a huge event and we are so excited to be taking part in such an important event for our community. Each year we take as many as 25 of our animals to the fair for visitors to see and we even have an interactive hands on area with some of our team helping you to take a walk on the wild side and handle some of our friendlier species!


This year will be our biggest year to date as for the very first time we will have a variety of fossils and minerals for sale at very affordable prices, some of these include; Rosasite from Mexico, Flourite from China, Beryl from Connecticut and Vanadinite from Arizona (to name but a few)!



We will also be keeping everyone up to date on the daily adventures of the fair with blogs, Facebook and Twitter updates and the story in pictures on Instagram. We are feeling very generous with the buzz for the fair in the air so keep your eye on all of our online profiles as you could be the winner of some great prizes!


We will be allowing visitiors to the fair the opportunity to hold one of our big Burmese Pythons and we will be posting their brave snaps on our Facebook page too!


But why let us have all the fun? Be sure to "check in" with us on Facebook while you're visiting us at the Fair and Tweet us about your experience! We would also love it if you made an "OC Fair" board on Pinterest so you can "pin" and share your fantastic day out!

For more information check out and join our online fun and games on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course this blog!



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So there is a Ghost at The Reptile Zoo..Have you heard?

There is a ghost at The Reptile Zoo and he is friendly...but his name isn't Casper!

"Ghost" is our Anerythristic Corn Snake! Anerythisitc is basically a type of albinsim, and this is what causes "Ghost" to get his name, he is white in color and has red eyes!

When Anerythristic Corn Snakes born they are kind of pink in color and this particular morph is becoming a more popular pet!





"Ghost" is normally available to meet and even hold at the Photobooth here in The Reptile Zoo and he is so friendly we even use him for presentations in birthday parties here at the zoo!



If you're feeling brave enough, come down and meet our "Ghost".

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The Reptile Zoo joins Instagram!

Instagram......for those of you who don't know what it is, Instagram is an App for iPhones and android phones that allows you to take photos, add effects to photos and most importantly share your photos! Here at The Reptile Zoo we just can't get enough of it!



We love to share pictures of our animals and visitors with our online friends and Instagram makes that so much easier and lots more fun! And what is even more exciting is that ALL of the photos posted to @thereptilezoofv account are Exclusive to that account so you get to experience more of The Reptile Zoo on the go.


When sharing your photos of The Reptile Zoo be sure to set your location as The Reptile Zoo and use the hahstag #thereptilezoo or simply tag us using @reptilezoofv


Would love for guests and visitors to post there pictures too, we might

even run some Instagram competitions from time to time!


After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Early arrival as Ball Python eggs begin to hatch!!

This morning we were happily surprised to find that 3 of our Ball Python eggs began to hatch 5 days earlier than expected!


The six eggs were laid way back on May 8th and weren't due to hatch for another 5 days! Three of these eggs "pipped" (the baby snakes poked their heads out) on their own while the other 3 had to be cut open to make sure they all survived.


These snakes could take anything from one to three days to hatch out completely so we will be watching them very carefully throughout this week.

These eggs contain 5 "lessers" and 1 "normal" snake. "Lesser" is what we call a co-dominant  genetic mutation, and usually half of the snakes in a batch of eggs will have this gene and half won't. That makes these snakes a double surprise as they are not only 5 days early, but we got 5 "lessers" too!!

Above, on the left is an adult "lesser" and on the right is an adult "normal".

These babies will be for sale in Prehistoric pets in the coming months. Ball Pyhtons make great starter pets and these two morphs are an easy introduction to the wide variety of Ball Pyhton Morphs available.





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