Jurassic Fact of the Week!

Ok, we have another new addition to our information line-up....Jurassic Fact of the Week. Each week we will be posting info on a party animal, a party presenter, or maybe just a party itself. Our goal is to get more information out on how totally completely super awesome our parties are! So, our first fact is about one of our presenters...the cunning Kayla!

Kayla's Fact:

(speaking about her presentations)

"I'm big on education, so I like to bring a boa, a python, and a colubrid. I ask for 3 volunteers, and have each kid hold a snake, then teach them the differences between the families."

How cool! Kayla, keep up the awesome work!
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Jay in the UK

Here is an update on Jay's journey across the pond...

10 minutes in and he's already had his first snake encounter!


finally in the UK!!!

check back soon for more exciting action from Jay's trip!
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Hamming it up!

Hey Guys! Jay is out the door and on the way to the Hamm show! Make sure you guys go by and see him and give him the warmest welcome ever! Take good care of him cuz we're gonna need him back after he's done over there! Have fun Jay! We will miss you! See ya when ya get back home!


Video Link


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This is what we do on Saturdays!




Video Link


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Camps Are Coming!


June 27-July 1 | Monday-Friday | 10:00am-3:00pm | ages 7-9
Location: Bonita Creek Park, Newport Beach, CA | $350

Dig fossils, handle live snakes, and play games; every day is a new adventure when you make it a Prehistoric Adventure. Campers will enjoy educational activities covering the ecosystem, habitat, food chain, senses, and camouflage taught by certified teachers. Campers will receive a camp shirt and workbook filled with everything they learned on their Prehistoric Adventure; plus a six-month passport to The Reptile Zoo to continue their hands-on reptile education.Are you on the top of the food chain? Then don’t forget to pack your lunch.

Registration begins online March 24
Save 10% with the Early Bird Discount for registration before May 5
Visit the City of Newport Beach for more details or click the link above.

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Good evening fans!  Hey...if you have a fear of eight-legged creatures, then The Reptile Zoo is a great place to conquer it!  We have beautiful Rose-Hair Tarantulas, as well as impressive Emperor Scorpions, that are very well-tempered and make great pets.  Here are a few guests checking them out...while getting over their fears!

peace out........Thalia   :-*


Emperor Scorpion....


Great face....


Check out the shirt....


Very brave.....


Adorable  : )

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Frequent Visitors

Here at The Reptile Zoo we adore the familiar faces that enjoy weekly visits to see, hold, and learn about our awesome animals.  Today I saw little 4-year-old Jaclyn...who just LOVES to hold our sweet ball pythons and leopard geckos.  Her dad says she is even getting a Red-tail Boa for her 5th birthday!  I think that's awesome to be a herper that early.  She's so brave and very gentle with all the animals.    :)

Thanks Jaclyn!  Hope to see you again soon!






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Morph of the Month!

Time for a new section we like to call "Morph of the Month"...where we show you a different reticulated python morph every four weeks.  Today, Tim and Garrett showed me the Purple Tiger Goldenchild.  It is the FIRST one of its kind that we have created here at Prehistoric Pets.  He has deep orange sides, a purple-blue stripe down his back, and bright silver eyes...the ultimate albino.  What is really cool about him is that he can be bred to any albino female retic and 25% of the clutch will always be Purple Tiger Goldenchilds.  He's awesome!

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Lynda Rules!

Hey Guys!

If you have ever been down to The Reptile Zoo, I'm sure you have seen and met most of the workers and managers and owners that have been here forever and helped you with your purchases, but there is one person that you may or may not have had the pleasure of meeting that seriously and in all honestly works harder than anyone else here and is single handedly responsible for the taking care of most our hurt and abandoned reptile friends.  Ladies and Gentle, I would like to introduce you to Lynda.

Lynda has been taking care of animals forever, she volunteers almost every minute of her life to the survival and well being of animals of all kinds.  She loves the tortoises, the beardies, the iguanas.  She goes to the shelters regularly to pick up any cute animals that are lonely or hurt and in need of assistance.  She uses her own money, knowledge, time and connections to save and rehabilitate almost everything she touches and I have no idea what we would do with out her.

She has a bearded dragon named Crazy Legs that has MBD and she actually made him a mobility aid out of an empty paper towel roll so that he can get the hang of making his little arm and legs work again.  Lynda is like Macgyver when it comes to making rehabilitation tools for animals that have been abandoned or not taken care of.  She is a miracle worker.  She has an ornate nile monitor named Cinderella that she has completely transformed into a beautiful princess!

Lynda know almost everything about reptiles, she serves as a guide, correspondant, and adoption assistant to several clubs that help to relocate and house tortoises, turtles and iguanas.

I think we, all of us at The Reptile Zoo are constantly in awe of Lynda and all she does, and we when grow up we wanna be just like her! 

Saving the world, one cold-blooded friend at a time!

We love you Lynda!  Thank you for all you do!


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Jack and the Spider!

Here's another one of our awesome videos from The Reptile Zoo!  Come by sometime so you can star in your own!


Video Link


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