What you missed!

Hey Guys!

If you missed us this weekend at the youth expo at the Orange County Fairgrounds or at The Reptile Zoo... shame on you!

We had egg laying, hatching, breeding, screaming kids, birthday parties, lizards and monitors running around, and the best fun ever!  I hope we get to see you soon! 

Come on down to The Reptile Zoo and let's all hang out!

It's will be super fun, I promise!

much love


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Hoo-ray for Volunteers!

Good Saturday Everyone!

Weekends here at the RZ are so crazy, that we just LOVE having awesome volunteers to help out. Today, I want you guys to meet Adam. He's a huge help, loves reptiles, and has a favorite store snake....a ball python which he named "Spot". He helps with the hands-on station, and even with parties. Come in on the weekends and meet him, and wish him a Happy 12th Birthday on April 19th!

Here's a pic of him holding Seabiscuit, one of our Pine Snakes.

Thanks for ALL your help Adam! You are awesome!
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Good evening fans!  Hey...if you have a fear of eight-legged creatures, then The Reptile Zoo is a great place to conquer it!  We have beautiful Rose-Hair Tarantulas, as well as impressive Emperor Scorpions, that are very well-tempered and make great pets.  Here are a few guests checking them out...while getting over their fears!

peace out........Thalia   :-*


Emperor Scorpion....


Great face....


Check out the shirt....


Very brave.....


Adorable  : )

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