South African Photo Safari

FINALLY Founder Jay Brewer and the Prehistoric Inc. team have returned from their travels to South Africa! While they were there they kept busy visiting much of South Africa including Kruger National Park, Prehistoric Pets distributor Arno Naude, as well as the 2012 SOS² Reptile Expo where they got to see the exciting and growing reptile community of South Africa. We decided to keep today's blog text light and photo heavy, because photos of animals this majestic can do the talking all on their own! Check back in the coming weeks for video and even more photos from their trip !



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THIS WEEKEND: Jay Brewer at SOS² Reptile Expo

Last week we let you know founder Jay Brewer was travelling with some of his team to South Africa where he would be enjoying the sites and native wildlife, but for those in South Africa we left the best part out. This weekend you can come meet him and check out some of our unique pythons at the 2012 SOS² Reptile Expo!  



This is Jay's first time visiting the expo, which is in it's 10th year as the leading South African Reptile Expo. This year it will be held at the Emperor's Palace in Kempton Park centrally located near Johannesburg International airport. Visit SOS² this Saturday and Sunday, the 5th and 6th of May between 9 AM - 4 PM for your chance to view and even take home some of the best reptiles the South African reptile community has to offer!



Jay has been excited for this trip, and especially this expo for months! South Africa is one of his favorite places to visit and he is looking forward to finally meeting the whole reptile community and sharing Prehistoric Pets one of a kind boas, burmese and reticulated pythons that have been previously unavailable in South Africa!



We have been luck enough to partner with organizer Arno Naude to set-up a permanent distributor relationship within the country, just like our friends The Reptile Room in Europe. We have sent Arno a great selection of animals, which if not all snatched up at this weekend's expo, will continue to be available within the country. 



If you live in the area make sure to stop by this weekend's event it is sure to be filled with the best animals South Africa has to offer and plenty of great people to meet. If you happen to see Jay while you're there be sure to stop him and say hello he always loves a good chat about animals, especially the new reticulated python projects we are working on right now!

Don't forget that's Saturday and Sunday 9AM-4PM SOS² Reptile Expo at Emperor's Palace in Kempton Park! See you there!

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And They're Off... to AFRICA!


We've been working for weeks to prep, but the day is finally here. Founder, Jay Brewer, is headed to South Africa for a THREE WEEK adventure full of reptiles and of course great safari adventures. 



This year's team includes of course Jay who will be up close and personal with all of the great finds. The lead videographer will be Sean, who has plenty of experience helping our team over the years, and has just started to manage all of our video and web content. Ron will be the back-up videographer and photographer, and also happens to be part of the family.



He visited first in 2010, but this year he is taking a whole team to make sure everyone at home can share in the African adventures through photos on our Facebook page and YouTube videos. Just check out how much luggage these guys are taking! They crammed just about all of their clothes into the carry-ons then used the other suitcases for filming and safari supplies.



We'll be posting more details about their trip, including how you can meet them if you happen to be in South Africa on the blog tomorrow. Until then hopefully this footage from Prehistoric's last trip will hold you over!


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Lighting It Up at Prehistoric Pets and The Reptile Zoo

When you're part of the Prehistoric Inc team, you never know what you're going to show up at work. After just a couple hours off I came back to a completely updated and lighted retail area in Prehistoric Pets plus a new display case in The Reptile Zoo!

Sometimes I think it must be little magic elves helping these project get done, which is partially right.

Over the years Prehistoric team has grown to include a huge network of friends who are happy to volunteer their spare time to make our big dreams come true and this time was no different. When it comes to construction Jay loves to work with his friends like Todd, Lance, and Buck who have each been major factors to completing this project.

Construction here has been pushed into overdrive as Jay makes his final preparations for his trip to Africa where he will be getting some great footage in Kruger National Park and visiting a local reptile breeders show. We're just glad the flight is 22 HOURS so he can finally get some rest! Becuase you know he won't rest until the shop is taken care of and all of his cool fossil finds have a beautiful place to be displayed.

Since this project is coming to a close we're already steaming towards the next which will increase accessibility in our retail area as well as provide a new cleaning station for staff to care for all of these great animals. Next time you see us the wall below will have dissapeared to make room for the crowds and new additions in Prehistoric Pets. 

Want to see the construction in action? Be sure to stop by Prehistoric Pets or The Reptile Zoo or even better you can stay at home and miss out on the dust by checking out our updated videos on our YouTube page at


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Our very own Jay Brewer/Vella is about to go on an amazing adventure to South Africa!  LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Jay will be filming in Groblersdal area for a while and then hanging out in Pretoria / Joburg area. He will be giving a short talk at the THA on the 29th at the Transvaal museum. I am trying to convince him to come again for a Durban / Mozambique trip. I suspect he will like this country enough to come back again later. Possibly during the SOS expo in May next year?”

Arno Naude

 Jay Brewer/Vella is a Herper known the world over for his advancements, discoveries, and innovations in the reptile industry and the world is taking notice!  Jay has been asked to come and speak at a museum and to go on safari in order to film some amazing things!  (I smell episodes of The Reptile Zoo)  Rhinos, Wildebeest, Lions, Cape Buffalo, Impalas,  Wart Hogs and Orcs or Oryx, I’m not sure which, because I think the Orcs got wiped out in Lord of the Rings, but Jay is going to be able to interact with them all. 

Jay has also been asked to do a little behind the scenes Zoo touring and lend his advice to other people like him that just love to care for and help animals.  All the speaking engagements, touring, filming, and media aside, Jay really wants to see if he too old and too slow to catch a cape monitor and is hoping that his experience will come into play and put him at the head of the heap when it comes to that.  Secretly I think he really just wants to go fishing and catch a couple King Cobras and Death Adders!

Ok, but seriously, between you and me, the raddest thing Jay is going to get to do is try and pull eggs from a 20 foot mama crocodile!  I’m so jealous!   The crocodiles that he is going to be working with are crocodiles that have been removed from their environs due to their fondness for eating humans, and I say that with much respect!  Jay is sooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky!!!!!!!   Not really though, he has worked a lifetime in his field of expertise and is deserving of every reward given to him!  Congrats Jay, just remember, a 20 foot reticulated python and a 20 foot crocodile have a lot in common, but to the retic you are a nuisance, to the crocodile you are dinner!

We hope you have so much fun Jay!  Don’t get hurt!  Take lots of pics and send them to us while you are there!  Don’t forget because I can’t text you international to remind you!

Much Love!



(released with in 3 min of capture)


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