Party Mobiles Are Back in Action!

It's been a long time coming, but we are happy to say our decked out Jurassic Party vehicles are making a comeback in a huge way decked out in our custom designed reptile theme! Complete with The Reptile Zoo's stars like TWINKIE the World's Largest Snake, Frank star of Disney Channel's JESSIE, Darthgator the American Alligator, Rattlesnakes and Thelma & Louise the two-headed snake, plus plenty of photos of the unique hands-on reptile interaction available at every Jurassic Party. 

For now we can only show you the sneak peek of the design comps, but you can see the finished product this weekend at our HUGE booth in the Anaheim Convention Center for the annual National Reptile Breeders Conference (NARBC). After that you will see us buzzing around town to and from The Reptile Zoo visiting schools and private residences all around Southern California providing educational and entertaining Jurassic Parties!

So keep an eye out for our lime green party mobiles, even honk if you see us! Then follow us back to The Reptile Zoo where you can see all your pictured favorites live and in-person, along with over 100 of their reptile friends!


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Open Day at The Reptile Room 2012

What a weekend! We had so much fun meeting everyone at The Reptile Room for their open house. We'll write more about it later but we wanted to share some of the great photos taken by visitors to the event!

If you're in Europe and you missed your chance to meet Jay of check out the Prehistoric Pets stock available through The Reptile Room you still have a chance. This weekend the team will be at Terraristika in Hamm, Germany and next weekend you can find them at Exotic Forum just outside Madrid, Spain where Jay will be a featured speaker with Mark O'Shea!

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Egg Day at The Reptile Zoo

It's not everyday you get to see a huge clutch of pythons hatch in front of your very eyes... well that may not be the case at The Reptile Zoo. We are lucky enough to partner with Prehistoric Pets which means guests at The Reptile Zoo can have this once in lifetime opportunity... more than once in a lifetime!


As part of our coming expansion of The Reptile Zoo we are beginning some new and exciting demonstration programs. One of our most popular demonstrations is the live hatching snakes. For now this program has limited availability, but once our expansion is complete guests to The Reptile Zoo will be able to enjoy this experience daily with a birds eye view into our state of the art incubator and hatch room!


Just yesterday guests of The Reptile Zoo got the chance to have the first peek at a brand new clutch of Reticulated Python eggs. It is amazing to think each of these little snakes has the potential to grow as large as TWINKIE the 350lb world's largest snake who anxiously looked on from her custom enclosure at The Reptile Zoo.


We announced this special opportunity across our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and just like magic The Reptile Zoo was full of excited guests just waiting to see these little babies hatch! Visitors even got the chance to be part of filming for our YouTube channel! 

After all of the eggs had been open, to provide the best hatch opportunity for the snakes, guests got the extra special chance to actually touch these eggs.

To be sure this was an educational opportunity in every sense of the word. Staff from Prehistoric Pets and The Reptile Zoo answered many questions from the crowd about the potential size of these animals, the specific colorations, hatch proceedure and many more. 

To see the answers to all of their questions and learn exactly what snakes were in each egg be sure to check back on our Facebook and YouTube channels!

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The Reptile Zoo Down Under... Water


With the expansion of The Reptile Zoo we have had the unique opportunity to add two new semi-aquatic exhibits and plenty of beautiful new animals to our list of exhibits. One of a kind semi-aquatic displays have been integral since Prehistoric Pets' creation, way before The Reptile Zoo was even considered. We started with our 2,000 gallon pond which is most known for it's always hungry residents, red-eared slider turtles. 

This original display has served as a great resource for the community as all of the turtles who call the Prehistoric Pets pond home have been rescued or dropped off to provide a better home. To help care for these animals while also providing an entertaining hands-on experience visitors are given the opportunity, with a small fee, to feed these rambunctious turtles and fish their favorite snack, superworms. Every once in a while these visitors get a little more than they bargained for with a splash of Shamu proportions created by the feeding frenzy, which only adds to the entertainment for everyone.

When we decided to make the plunge and renovate to make way for The Reptile Zoo we knew we wanted to encorporate a splash of fun. This of course came in the form of "Gator Island" the 3,000 gallon all glass enclosure.  It took a couple years for this dream to become a reality, but once it was finally complete we liked it so much we built a smaller version, The Caiman Swimming Hole.

Not only do these new enclosures provide the perfect display environment for our exotic reptiles like Asian Water Monitors, the Motley Crew our Caiman Lizards group, and Darthgator the American Alligator, but also some of their aquatic friends. 


Gator Island is home to the largest of our aquatic specimens including Pacu, dark colored carnivorous fish who can reach over 50 lbs and are closely related to pirrahna which is pretty obvious whenever its feeding time!

Even larger than their Pacu neighbors Gator Island is home to both Tiger Shovelnose Catfish and Redtail Catfish who can both reach almost 6 feet in length. Appropriately the Tiger Shovelnose Catfish is identified by it's tiger like markings and flattened nose while the Redtail Catfish has a distinctly red tailfin and white stomach.

The prize from most secretive resident of Gator Island has to go to our Common and Alligator Snapping Turtles who only seem to make an appearance when there is food involved. Each currently weighs about 15lbs but have the potential to grow up to 200+ lbs with some records claiming even 400lbs!

In the Caiman Swimming Hole the animals are smaller, but that definetly doesn't describe their personalities which more than compensate. They were practically jumping out of the water to make sure they got in the photo!

We have 2 baby Hypo Alligator Snapping Turtles call The Caiman Swimming Hole home. Just like their older relatives at Gator Island these guys have some huge potential which will make them beautiful to look at with their unique Hypo, missing most black pigment, coloration.

Our fish residents in The Caiman Swiming Hole are both Tiger Oscar Fish, one with normal coloration and the other is bright albino each will grow to be about 18 inches.

Last but not least we are lucky enough to have a Fly River Turtle, also known as a Pig Nose Turtle which describes his unique snout like nose who looks more like a sea turtle with his cute grey flippers which help him glide through the water.

Next time you are at The Reptile Zoo make sure you don't miss all of our underwater friends, who knows they might even swim up to say hello!

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Boy do we have a surprise for all you fans out there!  So many people flood our message boards and posts with questions and inquiries about when we will be making ore NEW updated videos.  Well guess what I’m here to tell you, IT’S HAPPENING! 

Let’s introduce you to close friend and associate Sean who will be taking over our video production shooting videos the fans WANT to see!  How does he know what YOU want to see?  If you were thinking he was telepathic, you’re HALF right! (;P JK)  Fans can get a piece of the action by simply emailing Sean directly at with their requests or leave comments on our Facebook wall!   All of us here at the shop have tried to take advantage of any chance we come across to shoot a new updated video, so the extra free hands will be a definite help. 

Sean isn’t just here to be steady hands behind the camera; he also has assisted and accompanied Jay in his business.  He has been working with owner Jay Brewer for 15 years now (O.O) as an assistant breeder AND our official Tech Guy.  All of our blog and social sites you all enjoy have been built and maintained by him.  But much like Batman and Superman, Sean’s hasn’t quit his “night job”.  When out of his reptile environment, Sean acts as lead singer for a Post-Punk rock band! Woo, he does A LOT! 

Sean, a.k.a. Doktor Mortis, stands in lead position with guitar in hand.

Below I’ve shared with you guys a couple of the NEWEST videos we’ve just put out on our YouTube channel.  No need to fret or fear fans, Sean will also be accompanying Jay and traveling to AFRICA next month for a Safari and Trade show!  You can surely bet that he will return with OODLES of fresh new photos AND videos for your entertainment!  Ready to see new footage?  Well HURRY UP and submit your request to Sean before he packs up and leaves for his Safari adventure!



Here are the latest videos Jay and Tim were able to make for you.  These videos give you a sneak peak at some of the ULTRA AWESOME breeding projects we have going on including Ghost stripe, Goldenchilds and Albino Titanium Pinstripes!  Wish us luck as we hope for the healthiest and most successful clutches. =)

Video Link



Video Link


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This Weeks Deal: Juvi Albino Corn Snakes!

Most commonly known as a Corn Snake, the red rat snake has slithered its way into our hearts and our homes.  In a totally Non-threatening kinda way of course! ;-P  Becoming one of the most popular choices for beginner snakes alongside the ball python, Corn snakes have made a solid name for themselves with their docile nature, moderate size and beautiful colors.  Unfortunately their silly name wasn’t given to them because of their love for popcorn or corn on the cob, but instead, the name "corn snake" is a holdover from when farmers kept harvested ears of corn in a wood frame and rodents came to eat the corn, and corn snakes came to feed on the rodents.  Pretty gnarly circle of life huh? 

After many generations of selective breeding, domesticated corn snakes are found in a wide variety of different colors and patterns, about 45 generics to guesstimate.  Here at Prehistoric Pets, we have just about every general color morph you could ask for.  You have options for separate snakes or for breeding groups depending on what morph you’re looking to own. Luckily for all soon to be corn snake owners, we are hosting a GREAT deal on ALL our Juvi Albino Corn Snakes WITH starter kits!  That’s right, come in this week, save $61 and walk out with your corn snake AND everything you need to house him all in ONE quick and easy stop.  Included in the package is your snake, 20gal long glass enclosure, UTH, Thermometer, 8qt Aspen, water bowl, hide and admission into our infamous Reptile Zoo!  If you thought it couldn’t get better…for an additional $85 you can UPGRADE your enclosure to the 33x16x16” Critter Condo!  O.O !

33x16x16 Critter Condo

Not too sure if corn snakes are right for you?  Worried the internet won’t have all the info you need to care for your new pet?  WE have the answers for YOU!  Pick up one of our outstanding publications on your special pet along with your kit and follow us on Facebook, Reptile Zoo Blog and Youtube for educational videos and posts.  Here is a short video clip on the corn snakes for sale and a little bit about their temperament.  Enjoy!

Hurry in while supplies last!


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the best place on earth


Hi my name is Ben

I am 11 years old, and these are the things I think about The Reptile Zoo.

·       It’s the best place that I have ever been in 11 years.

·       I think this place has the best number one snakes in the world.

·       I think Jay is a great person and he teaches me how to work with snakes.

·       I think Twinkie is a sweet snake, but when I first got in her cage I was a little worried but she was nice.

·       Retics and ball pythons are my favorite snakes.

·       I think Savannah is cool, because she is writing this.

·       I like the way the cages in The Reptile Zoo are really creative.

·       Linda is a great woman and she takes the best care of the animals and I like people like that.

·       I like the alligator cage that is getting set up and I hope Jay gets the glass to set the alligators up soon.

·       There is no other place that I like better than The Reptile Zoo.

·       I think Tim O’Reilly is really good with the retics and he lets me hold the nicer ones.

·       When I grow up I wanna become a herpetologist.

·       I think Kayla is a great employee and also works well with the snakes up front.

·       Everything here is fun I would like to quit school and stay here.




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Maintaining the new toys!

Hey Guys!

Craig is our resident rattlesnake handler and he does such a good job!  I wanted to show you guys what goes on behind the scenes here at the Reptile Zoo, so here are some pics of Craig and Lucifer our Albino Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake!  Yikes!  Lucifer is probably the most beautiful rattlesnake I have ever seen, sometimes he looks yellow and sometimes he looks pink, but don't let those feminine colors fool you!  Lucifer is is one aggressive rattlesnake, and he backs away from nothing!  His rattle is big and so is he, but Craig has been handling his kind for years now and thank goodness!!!!!  Hope you enjoy the pics, this is just another example of how we are building the best and one and only Reptile Zoo!

and Craig made it out without a scratch!

much love,



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Newport Harbor Cheerleaders!

Hey Guys!

Everybody loves cheer leaders, but do cheeleaders love snakes?  Today the answer is yes!  We had a visit today from Amy, Alison & Chase from Newport Harbor Cheer and they cheered our albino burmese "Banana" on to great things!  Chase wasnt really a cheerleader, he plays lacrosse, but since he looked the part, we made him cheerleader for the day!  Hope you enjoy the pics!  It's super crazy busy in here today... gotta run!

Much love


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The Frog Blog!

You asked for it, you got it!  Here's a frog blog!  Can you guys name them all?  I bet you can! 

Have fun and don't forget to email me pics of your cool stuff for our Prehistoric Pets Fan pic of the day!



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