Hey Guys!

Just want to give you a quick peek at how the Archiving has been going, I'm still super busy scanning everything into the computer but here are a couple of pictures of what's to come!  The pink flier is from a promotion Jay did with Bob Clark, the cute little girl growling in the cage is Juliette who is now a lead here at Prehistoric Pets, funny that she used to be small enough to fit into a teeny cage, and the last pic is of Jay's beautiful wife Becky with an iguana.  I will try and get as many new pics scanned in as possible over the next few days so you guys all stand by to see the entire growth and transformation into what has now become Prehistoric Pets that you all know and love today! 


Much love


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Tim Nishio the Party Star!

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday to you all!  Tim Nishio did the best Jurassic Party ever today, you can always learn alot from the old school party presenters!  They even give the scientific names for all the animals they show!  The kids, of course had a super fun time and there were screams and squeals of delight throughout!  I love Sundays when the parties go on forever and the kids are having fun!  Smiles are abundant!  Enjoy these few photos I was able to snap during the excitement!

much love!


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