John Wayne is Gravid!

Hey Guys!

I have exciting news! I do believe that our very favorite Ameva here at the Reptile Zoo is gravid!  His name is, or was rather, John Wayne... I guess you could be a girl named John Wayne couldn't you?  And we are gonna have a ton of little green army men and patriots soon!  We could build our own Ameva army and send them into battle!  It's all so very exciting!

This specific Ameva is my very favorite!  He gets so super excitied everytime I open his cage!!!  He runs around all crazy, he catches crickets and comes and shows them to me, all the while wiggling his little tail like a puppy in a kindegarten class!  It make me very happy to see them all so excited! 

But if we have more????  That's even more excitement and fun!

cross your fingers and wish them luck!

much love,


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