We hope you enjoy your stay at our fabulous Anacondaminium!!!

Hey there Prehistoric Pets Fans!!! Anyone who has ever been to our Reptile Zoo can tell you that we have some pretty nifty animals....and their enclosures aren't too shabby either! We have The Crestie Condos, The Alligator/Sulfur Monitor Enclosure, and our new Caiman Lizard Exhibit. But has anyone ever seen the oh-so-cleverly named Anacondaminium? Because it's pretty darn awesome.

This is a picture of the then-unfinished Anacondaminium. Pretty sweet digs, huh? The Green Anacondas we have in here are worth it! Green Anacondas are the heaviest breed of snake in the world! The largest recorded Green Anaconda was around 26 feet long and a whopping 400 pounds! That's huge! Now while these guys probably aren't the first choice pet for just anybody, they are absolutely gorgeous and a really neat animal to get to be around.


And here's a picture of our fearless boss and owner of Prehistoric Pets/Jurassic Parties/The Reptile Zoo, Jay Brewer, putting our big girl Sweet Pea into her new house. Welcome Home Sweet Pea!!!

Here at Prehistoric Pets, we encourage EVERYBODY to do alot of research before deciding to buy an animal. Especially something like Sweet Pea! But if you think you're ready to take that plunge, come on in and see what we have for sale! Maybe you'll be lucky enough to catch Jay in the middle of another one of his epic projects!

Later Gator!

Mandysaurus Rex

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