Spotlight on: Rambo

Meet Rambo! He is an Argentine Black and White Tegu, and my favorite animal in the store. Tegus tend to be fairly aggressive when they are young and haven't been socialized at all, and he was no exception.  When I started working with him, he was an angry little lizard with a nasty case of cage aggression. Now, not only is he a foot longer (and 3 times as wide) , he is a popular party animal and a favorite among the employees here. (At least that's what we tell him.) He can be seen on a regular basis here at Prehistoric Pets, usually either with me or his co-owner and my collegue, Nolan. He is a perfect example of what a little love (and a lot of rats, superworms, and bananas) can do for an animal. So next time you're in Fountain Valley, come and visit us at the Reptile Zoo. You just might get to meet the (in)famous Rambo. I hope you enjoy these amusing, if somewhat strange pictures of our employees (and a penguin) with the coolest tegu in the store.



Greg's tongue paid dearly for this shot...The camera just wasn't quick enough


Sam wasn't too sure at first, but Rambo's stellar pillow abilities quickly won him over


Rambo doesn't always like being the pillow....



Sometimes, there are no words...

No explanation needed



Rambo's tongue...the cause of so many funny pictures here at Prehistoric Pets

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