Reptiles at Church?


Do reptiles at a church service seem like an oxymoron? Not at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California reptiles are just one of the many unique features at this community church. Prehistoric Pets and Jurassic Parties started partnering with Saddleback Church a couple years back and we have been priveleged to be included in many of their events since, including annual Blocktober and Vacation Bible School events.



Every time we are involved with Saddleback there are sure to be plenty of excited kids ready to learn about reptiles. This year's Easter services were no different with over 200 elementary school kids attending just one of the 7 kid-centric services. 



Even though the groups are large we always get the crowd involved especially with the grand finale, one of our 12 foot Burmese Pythons or a large lizard like Rusty who just happens to be a full-time resident at Saddleback Church. Just when you thought it couldn't get any cooler right!

Rusty is an Asian Water Monitor just like Frank his brother (who plays Mr. Kipling on Disney Channel's JESSIE). Saddleback has built a great enclosure for him to hang out in with his own pool, basking areas, and custom cloud sky ceiling. This huge enclosure is part of "The Extreme" where middle school students come each week to enjoy the reptiles and service.


In addition to all of the kiddies who love visiting Rusty, he also gets a lot of attention from the reptile volunteers including founder Jay Brewer who visit each week and provide hands-on interaction with some of the smaller reptiles also housed at Saddleback.



Here at Prehistoric Pets and Jurassic Parties we love any opportunity to reach such a large and excited group of kids and are always excited when we get the call from Saddleback Church. If you are in the area it's worth a visit to see Rusty and his buddies at Saddleback!



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The Talented Mr. Kipling

Again??? Yes...again....we are just so proud of our little Frank and what an awesome job he's doing on his new TV show.

For those who don't know...real quick, our very own Frank, the Asian Water Monitor, was chosen to be a key part in the new Disney Channel show, Jessie. He plays the outrageous Mr. Kipling, and if you haven't seen it yet....well, its absolutely hilarious. Especially for those who know how monitors REALLY act. :-P So, I found a video of the second episode, and you MUST check it out....its so funny.

Its also very exciting. Its so cool to see him on TV after working around him for so long. He's like our shop pet. Frank is SO friendly, and the Disney cast loves him as well!   We saw his official "script", which was so cute...they have SFX of hissing for him, and he "flirts" with a toy dinosaur!

So, check out the video, AND the TV show, AAANNND come in to visit Frank here at Prehistoric Pets!!!


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Frank is a STAR! Watch him on the Disney special "Jessie"!

Today is an extra special feature piece on our beloved Asian Water Monitor 'Frank'. Soon, he will be known around the world as Mr.Kipling on Disney's new upcoming series, "Jessie"!

Frank is always accompanied by Jules Sylvester, host of Specials on The Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel as well as a wildly popular guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

This star studded duo make their way to the Disney studios about 6 or 7 times a week, making Bumblebee the new store pup ;D. Premiering on September 30, 2011, 'Jessie' is about an 18-year old girl from a Texas town who moves to New York City. She finds herself becoming the nanny of four children living in a multi-million dollar penthouse, one of the children has an imaginary friend and another has a pet water monitor, that's right, our very own Frank a.k.a. Mr. Kipling!
Excited for the show? Follow our fan pages on Facebook (Prehistoric Adventures, The Reptile Zoo, Prehistoric Pets, Jurassic Parties) to keep updated on new photos, blogs and videos! Here is a promo video for "Jessie", make sure to tune in for the premier September 30th 2011!!


Star Cast of Disney series "Jessie"


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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Saturday!

Hey guys!

Well, it's Saturday and Saturday's at the Reptile Zoo are packed full of people and Jurassic Parties!  More people in here than you could possibly count and every single one of them with a big big smile on their face!  We love Saturday's here and you would too if you came by to say hi!  Here are some pics of our newest animal handler here at The Reptile Zoo!  Her name is Thalia and I will be writing up her blog really soon!  In the meanwhile check out theis awesome dinosaur cake that growls and moves!!!!!!  AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's eyes turn red! 

much love


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Freaky Friday Blog

Hey guys!

Wanna see a few awsome pictures that just didn't make the mark?  Pictures that are beautiful but might have a flaw here and there?  It is very hard for all the reptile models around here to keep up appearances and to look fabulous 24/7 but some how they pull it off without making it seem like work...

ps... if there are ever any errors in the pics it is always the human photographer and not the reptile models discretion

much love


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Here are a few or more wonderful things we have for sale here.!  If you have any questions about any of this please contact Garrett at

He can answer all your questions about everything and if there is something you want that is not pictured, Garrett can get it for you!  Just email him a description of what animal you want with all the details, and Garrett will make sure you get it!  He even does the deliveries and the shipping and the handling himself!

He can do anything and he can't wait to hear from you!


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Parties All Day!

The parties are awesome today!  We wish you were here!

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The Bravery

Hey Guys!

It's a rainy Tuesday morning here in southern California but it is exciting inside the Reptile Zoo!~  Bubbles is, let's say, one of our more aggressive, biting and whipping tail type sulphur monitors.  He usually plays alone because he is happier that way aaaaaaaaaaand, so are we.  So today Bubbles had to be moved into a larger home because he is growing like a weed due to his voracious appetite, and who better to move the most aggressive monitor in the shop but the new guy, Vincent.  Greg went with him to supervise, hahahah, and it took a bit longer than it takes to move most monitors around here because Bubbles is a crazy monster but Vincent got the job done!  Good job Vincent!  We are happy to have you as a new part of our awesome team of reptile handlers!    Bubbles and all of us appreciate your contributions to the care and upkeep of the Reptile Zoo!

Here is the story in pictures!

much love!


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Sunday's Fun!

Yesterday the Reptile Zoo was crawling thick with kiddies and mommies and babies and all sorts of awesome people!  We had a bunch of Jurassic Parties, a pile of Reptile Zoo guests and all kinds of other fun things going on!  Today is a rainy Monday here in Southern California, so why don't cha come spend you rainy day with me and all the super fun Reptiles we have here at the zoo?  Sound like a plan?  Ok, see ya soon then!

Much love!


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Picture Pages

Hey guys! 

This morning I have a lil writer's block so I took a bunch of pics for ya!  I'm sure something exciting will happen soon enough... mean while, enjoy!

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