Monitor-ing the Inventory

Meet our new stock boy!  His name is Chris, today is his first day on the job!  When I got to work this morning this is what I found!!!  One of our smaller monitors seemed to be gaurding and protecting and taking inventory of all the new merchandise we are getting in to help you better take care of your pets!  Chris is one of our smaller Asian Water Monitors and he has a little bit of an attitude problem, actually Jay and I had to chase him down through the parking lot the other night and fish him out from underneath a parked car together.  So, who better to put in charge of inventory control?  As you can see from the pictures below, he was circling the product keeping everyone away and then checking each individual package to ensure that everything on the invoice had arrived in proper condition!  We are hoping that giving Chris more responsibility and putting him in charge of something will be all the positive reinforcement he needs to help him become a better monitor!!!!  The bruise on my leg from the whipping he gave me this morning is proof positive it's working!  hahahahah!

Much love!


On Patrol!

Checking the invoice!

Everything looks good Boss!

Back off man and stay away from my stuff!

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