A New Baby!

Hey Guys!

Guess what hatched today that Jay DIDN'T breed?  Garrett and Ashely had their baby!  Congrats guys!  We can't wait to see little Kira!  Her photos are beautiful and we all just can't wait for you to bring her by!  If you guys didn't know already, Garrett is the guys who answer all your online questions about everything and he is the one who feilds all you emails too!  Make sure you guys all email Garrett at info@prehistoricpets.com and tell him Congrats!

Mostly we would like to say thanks for bringing another member into the Prehistoric Pets family!  We love you guys so much!  If you need anything in the meanwhile, give us a shout!


Congrats Congrats!  Good Job Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

PS.... does this mean you guys aren't cooking us pancake breakfast tomorrow?  ummmmm, everybody else wanted me to ask......


Lots of Love and kisses to baby Kira from all of your family here at Prehistoric Pets!

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Ian's First Clutch of Ball Python Eggs!

Ian Pulling a Ball Clutch!!!! Ian came down here all the way from Vermont to help out at the Zoo during the summer, and Learn all about the animals we have here. He's an awesome dude with a strong passion for reptiles. Shoot him a comment on here or our Facebook page!


Video Link


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New Baby Tortoises!

Hey guys! 

Just wanted to let you know that we have a whole bunch of newly hatched tortoises!  It's so fun and exciting to see their little faces and eyes and even their belly buttons!  I think it's really a yolk sac, but either way they look so cute!  If you guys haven't been by The Reptile Zoo lately you should come!  If for no other reason than to see these little boogers! It's summer and we are hatching, breeding, growing and shedding on a daily basis here!  Oh, and we also have a booth set up at the Orange County Fair so come see us there as well!  You can even take a picture with a gigantic snake there aaaaand we have some coupon suprises as well!  Hope to see you all very soon!  COME PLAY WITH ME!


Much love!



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