Little Friends of Jack

This past weekend we have been super busy with new and potential new arrivals, from hatching eggs to discovering freshly laid ones.

We were all very excited about the arrival of 9 Arizona Mountain King Snakes early on Saturday morning, and nobody was more excited than long time staffer Craig Tauchman who cares for the native species here in The Reptile Zoo. You can see in the picture below just how much he loves these snakes as he even has a custom made bracelet with the same pattern!


The arrival of these snakes gives me the perfect opportunity to talk to you a little bit about Coral Snake patterns vs King Snake patterns. Several non-venomous colubrids have similar red/black/yellow banded patterns to the venomous Coral Snakes. They mimic the Coral Snake’s pattern in an attempt to warn off predators, mimicking other more dangerous species is a common defense mechanism within the reptile world.

A good rhyme to remember to help you to distinguish if it is a venomous Coral snake or a non-venomous Colubrid is;

If red touches black, he’s a friend of Jack, BUT if red touches yellow you’re a dead fellow!


Even though this simple rhyme is a great way to help you remember, we recommend that you don’t attempt to pick up any of these snakes in the wild, just in case.




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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mandy!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know about an exciting thing that happened in our shop!  Besides the car crashing into the printing shop next door, and the new baby ball pythons hatching that have yet to be seen for the first time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the brand new first ever captive born sulfur monitors, we had a visit from a couple of the members of Avenged Sevenfold! 

Mandy pointed them out to us and I thought she was going to have a heart attack!  She was so excited to meet and talk with them and they were super sweet, and you know, you just gotta love Mandy!  She is not here as much as some of our other employees but she makes up for that with hard work and dedication.  Mandy's smile brightens up the whole place when she is here and she does some of the most fun Jurassic Parties ever!  I still can't even believe it when she picks up a 100+ pound tortoise and doesn't even flinch!

When M. Shadows (Matt ) and Synyster Gates (Brian) came in yesterday Mandy was busy selling a new customer an asian water monitor, and doing it in sign language!  I didn't even realize Mandy knew how to sign but she got the job done and the customer walked away happy with her new pet.

Mandy is by far one of the most beloved employees here at Prehistoric Pets and makes everone's day better just by being here!  If you haven't had a chance to meet Mandy yet make sure you come by and do so!

Glad you got to hang with your favorite band yesterday Mandy!  We love you!



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