Come get your very own Boxter!

Ok, so we don't have actual Porsche Boxters for sale, but we do have Ornate Box Turtles! These cute little guys are super popular pets for the turtle lover who doesn't want to have to change smelly aquarium water every few days (and who could blame them?), or try and wrangle a tortoise that is a natural bulldozer, will weigh more than a large dog, and  outlive their owners.

These guys aren't picky eaters, and will take down pretty much anything you want to offer. Being omnivorous (which is mainly what classifies them as a turtle, instead of a tortoise even though they are terrestrial), they'll chow down on anything from superworms to berries to grasses to lettuce and everything in between!

Box Turtles range from the Midwest to the Gulf of Mexico and from Louisiana to Colorado, mainly in grassy plains, where they can find vegetation and insects galore! So if you're looking for a cute new shell-toting friend that won't stink up a tank full of water or destroy your backyard, an Ornate Box Turtle just might be the perfect friend for you! But you better hurry, we only have 4 and these cute little guys go fast! Come on in and check them out!

(4 in stock / $139.99 each)

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