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October may be over, but the excitement is just beginning!

Our newely finished alligator exhibit is up and running, with our 5-foot gator as well as an Alligator Snapping Turtle enjoying the abundant water.  We are still working on getting an even larger gator (fingers crossed) to inhabit the super cool enclosure, but until then, take part in our contest to name the one we have!  Come in to the zoo anytime and find the "naming table" by the photobooth/animal handling area.  There are bright green slips of paper, enter your alligator name idea, YOUR name, address, and email for a chance to win a 1-year pass to the Zoo!  Drop them in the blue bucket and at the end of December we will sort through them all, put the best ones on our Facebook page and let our fans decide!!  (So check back for that portion of the contest and get your friends to vote!)


Make sure to not only check out the gator and snapping turtles...but also the Softshell Turtles, Red-eared Sliders, and the Pacu (a South American freshwater fish related to the Piranha).  They used to be in the pond up front, but in this exhibit you really see how HUGE they are!


The Caiman Lizard enclosure turned out so awesome!  If you haven't seen the finished product come check it out!  They are so happy swimming around with the turtles and fish.  This particular enclosure again provides a GREAT view of one of the sneakier fish in the front pond...the Red-tail Catfish! (come and see if you can find him!)


Our new wing next door is being worked on everyday...I hear talk of a new presentation area, new zoo exhibits, and even a new incubation room with a window for guests!  How cool does that sound?!?!?!  I can't wait to see what happens....

Our Water Monitor Breeding Group is honeymooning in the gator exhibit for right now, and it seems to be working its magic...we will most likely have a few clutches on the way VERY soon!!

ALSO, this is a big month for us because of Black Friday!!  Yayyyyyy!  There are going to be some SWEET deals happening, and I will keep you informed...possibly another party as well??  We'll see.....


As for the Zoo itself, we are still the same AWESOME place to come hang out, look around, bring the kids, and PARTY!  Plus, we are getting new additions to the zoo or retail area almost every week, so there is always something new to see! 


See you soon herpers!!


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Munchkin Land!

No, we are not overrun with kids....they are in school. Duh.

Haha, I'm talking about tiny snakes! Well, tiny for a retic. There has been a bit of an upsurge lately in popularity of the Super Dwarf Reticulated Python...and we have some wicked awesome ones!! Jay, Tim, and Garrett have been working on some really awesome breeding projects, including some super dwarfs that will have you itching to get your hands on.

This featured YouTube vid is NEW, so make sure to subscribe! The three musketeers show us a BIG beautiful clutch from a Super Dwarf het Amel cross. She's actually Twinkie's sister! (Twinkie is an Amel)

So, from this SEVEN pound snake momma, we got a clutch so HUGE that it resembled that of a ball python! Sweet! Check back soon for details on the babies, and other super dwarf projects soon to come!

Here are some examples of the super dwarfs we currently have for sale: (www.prehistoricpets.com)

100% Super Dwarf - the smallest it gets for retics! ($400)

Super Dwarf Tigers (run about $600)

Super Dwarf Purple Albino het Snow! ($4500)

Remember, we have several multiples of most of these, breeding packages, and even MORE morphs online! So keep checking back for your perfect snake!

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NARBC Anaheim 2011!!

Greetings Reptilian fans of the WORLD!!

We hope most of you were able to stop by the North American Reptile Breeders Conference (NARBC) in Anaheim this past weekend…if not, here is what you missed!

First off, Prehistoric Pets, and the Swamp Brothers (from the Discovery Channel) stopped by KTLA's Good Day LA last Friday morning for an interview about the NARBC, and brought some critters along for the trip. Here is a peek:

Swamp Brothers And Creatures on GDLA: MyFoxLA.com

The NARBC does reptile trade shows all over the U.S. and Prehistoric Pets attends the Anaheim Conference every year. This is our chance to showcase our animals, especially our VERY extensive and amazing collection of Reticulated Pythons. This year, we had our biggest display ever! We brought around 180 snakes, (90% of those being retics) and a few extra critters...so about 200 animals altogether! Of those 160-or-so retics, almost all of them were different morphs! It was quite a sight to see for any reptile-lover and newbie-herper alike.

We had an awesome set-up that allowed guests to get up-close and personal with the snake displays to see just how interesting the patterns and colors are. Atmosphere was present, with our large T-rex and other huge critters from the shop including 2 huge tortoises and Frank, our Disney Channel STAR monitor! People from all over the WORLD gathered to showcase, trade, sell, buy, and discuss everything reptile! It was great to see and converse with others in the reptile community, and several even visited the shop afterward!

There was also an auction, with proceeds going to USARK. The Swamp Brothers (Stephen & Robbie Keszey), as well as Ton Jones from Auction Hunters (A&E) made guest appearances and gave signed t-shirts (right off their backs!) to be auctioned off...which our very own Prehistoric Pets owner, Jay Brewer, purchased. Here's a pic of the somewhat "embarrassing" transfer! (lol)

Prehistoric Pets actually partnered the booth with another AWESOME foundation, Reptile Rescue Orange County (with our own Sam Makki). RROC is a non-profit public organization, taking in and caring for herps of all types, creating adoption opportunities, and educating the public on care and proper maintenance.

The video in this blog is the first of two...the other video of the show will be posted soon! It will include in-depth info and access of our displays and animals.

Thank you to all who helped put this show together, all the hard work...and thank you to all who stopped by to check us out! Come see us at Prehistoric Pets, and watch for the second video on Facebook!


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Get to know Mike!


Hey there herpers...I would like to introduce you to Mike Jim, one of our new reptile wranglers. 

He started not too long ago, and has been involved in a lot of Ball Python breeding for us here at The Zoo.  He even has a favorite morph...the Pastave Ghost (pictures below).  It is beautiful!  He has also started doing parties, both in and out of the store.  He knows a lot about what he does, and works super hard...always looking for ways to help out. 

So, come down to visit us, or even just book a party, and you might happen across Mike!


(restocking crickets)


(with his favorite morph...the Pastave Ghost)


(absolutely beautiful!!)

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New Beardies!

Newborn Bearded Dragons!  They just hatched today...literally minutes ago.  They are beautiful, strong, healthy...and hopefully later on to end up in a loving home with one of YOU!  So come see our babies!




Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.........    : )

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Breaking News!

Guess what Guess what!

Our olive pythons have been breeding and the female is laying eggs as we speak!  It's all so exciting!  I can't wait til she's done!  We are gonna have a big bunch of olive python eggs!


Here are a few pics... we were careful not to disturb her!

much love


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Leopard Gecko Eggs!

Hey Guys! Here's an exciting Reptile Zoo story! This morning, right when we opened the Reptile Zoo it was full of kids! They were holding and playing with our pets when all of a sudden someone yelled, "HEY ARE THOSE WHITE THINGS EGGS?" and sure enough, right there in one of our display cages were 2 perfect leopard gecko eggs! I can't even believe how fast that happened! I had just been in the cage 2 seconds before! That, my dear reptile friends is the true miracle of life! Amazing! We set the eggs up as swiftly as possibly and now we just sit back and wait for them to hatch! It's all so very exciting! much love xo.........................Savannah

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John Wayne is Gravid!

Hey Guys!

I have exciting news! I do believe that our very favorite Ameva here at the Reptile Zoo is gravid!  His name is, or was rather, John Wayne... I guess you could be a girl named John Wayne couldn't you?  And we are gonna have a ton of little green army men and patriots soon!  We could build our own Ameva army and send them into battle!  It's all so very exciting!

This specific Ameva is my very favorite!  He gets so super excitied everytime I open his cage!!!  He runs around all crazy, he catches crickets and comes and shows them to me, all the while wiggling his little tail like a puppy in a kindegarten class!  It make me very happy to see them all so excited! 

But if we have more????  That's even more excitement and fun!

cross your fingers and wish them luck!

much love,


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Morph of the Month!

Time for a new section we like to call "Morph of the Month"...where we show you a different reticulated python morph every four weeks.  Today, Tim and Garrett showed me the Purple Tiger Goldenchild.  It is the FIRST one of its kind that we have created here at Prehistoric Pets.  He has deep orange sides, a purple-blue stripe down his back, and bright silver eyes...the ultimate albino.  What is really cool about him is that he can be bred to any albino female retic and 25% of the clutch will always be Purple Tiger Goldenchilds.  He's awesome!

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My 1st Snake Breeding!

Hey Guys!

Guess What?

I berd a snake today!  I'm so super stoked about it too!  It happened completely accidentally but if they have eggs I totally get the credit!  Ok, so here's how it all went down!

I was cleaning The Reptile Zoo this morning like I do every day and I was cleaning out the ball python cage at the hands on section of The Reptile Zoo and I was moving snakes in and out and feeding them and I turned around and they were going at it!  I was so excited I ran and got Tim to tell him and he pretended to be impressed which means as much to me as really being impressed, either way, I am officially a snake breeder now, and here are the pics to prove it!

Much love............






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