Burmese Trifecta says NO to Python bans!

It’s finally winding down to a less break-neck pace here at The Reptile Zoo /Prehistoric Pets and were now able to catch up with all the little things we overlooked or forgot.  On the other hand, we have been excited to get a window of spare time to share a very special blog with you!  Here at Prehistoric Pets, we are known for our variety of snakes available for purchase, but rarely do we have such a ‘trifecta’ of a snake to offer.  She’s a beautiful, healthy Burmese Python.  “What’s so special about that?” you may ask.  Let’s take a look…  =D

For starters, typical Burmese pythons purchased are either Albino, which are especially popular and is the most widely available morph or Granite Burmese pythons which sport a much more intricate patter than regular burms.  Although there are several different morphs of this snake, most Herpers do not want to deal with the difficulty of cross breeding and choose to buy cross bred species already.  Does this sound like you?  Then boy (or girl ;P) do we have the perfect Burm for you!

Say hello to our Female TRIPLE-HET Albino/Green/Granite Burmese Python!  That’s right, a REAL trifecta of Burmese perfection.  With a little bit of just about everything’s genes and a friendly nature, this exquisite lady stands out above the rest.  Just like all other burms, she will get to her average size of about 12 feet once she reaches adulthood, which will eventually require a much bigger diet than needed now.  If properly cared for, she can reach up to 7feet in just a year! So you want to make sure you have the appropriate space and time needed to care for such a large animal.

Look at her, such a sweetie hanging out with Nick as he answers a concerned herper call. =D

Take this magnificent beauty home and don’t let THE MAN stop you from owning such a unique creature!  Say NO to Python Bans!   Til Next Time Herpers!


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Best in Class 'Pearl'

Hey there Herpers!

It's hotter than beans outside now that summer is coming to a unwanted conclusion. However, no amount of summer sun is as hot as the new Burmese morph we have to show you! Thanks to Garrett and his high quality camera, we were able to snap a few shots of this beautiful new comer. Just barely produced THIS year, the Hypo Albino "Pearl" Burmese morph has some of the cutest babies, and owners have shared their interest in just what exactly an adult will come to look like.

Curious? SO ARE WE!!! Follow us on Facebook to keep updated on new photos and fun facts. ;) Let us know your feedback!


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Jurassic Fact of the Week!

When I ask kids what their favorite animal at our parties is...the most common answer is the Burmese Python. Maybe because they are HUGE...maybe because they are usually the last animal and its the one they think of first...whatever it is, kids love them. Our burms go through extensive "party bootcamp"...getting handled frequently and fed a bit more often to ensure a sense of calmness in them.

Burmese Pythons are naturally found in what used to be Burma (now Myanmar) in Southeast Asia. As one of the 6 largest snakes in the world, they grow to an average of 15 feet, but sometimes as long as 20 feet! They are semi-aquatic...being nocturnal rainforest dwellers, and are naturally more docile than most snakes their size.

We take them to every party, plus they are always available for pictures in the Zoo, and at the Fair! We took hundreds of pictures of excited guests with our burms at the OC fair this year. At the Zoo, guests can get the same opportunity ($5 with their camera, $8 with ours plus a printout). We have even had toddlers brave the large snake for a memorable photo!

These guys have different "morphs" as well, like any other snake. We have several albinos (bright yellow) and they are a BIG favorite because of how unique and beautiful they are. We also have a few granite burms, which are mainly gray with a rock-like pattern. Here are a couple examples:



Come see us at The Reptile Zoo, and get your picture with a 9-foot Python!! It is definitely a memorable experience. See you soon herpers!

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Asia meets Asia

Good Afternoon Herpers! As you all know, we have tons of species and subspecies throughout our Zoo and store that come from just about every corner of the earth! Today was a special "reunion of cultures" in the Zoo; some visitors from Korea (East Asia) got to experience a hands on 'meet and greet' with one of our Burmese Pythons, Marvin. Burmese Pythons naturally are found in Southeastern/ Southern Asia and can grow up to 23 feet in length and weigh up to 200lbs!!! Here at The Reptile Zoo, we have cage beyond cage of Burmese Pythons, Retics, Boas and our new Rattlesnake exhibit upon many more awesome animals to visit! Come in for some summer fun and say hi to Marvin and all his friends! ^O^.....Priscilla Thalia wrangles up the big Burm as our Korean visitors snap a memorable shot!
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Frank and Friends

Good Afternoon Bloggers!  It is a busy fun filled day for our animal friends today!  Frank is romping about the store as his friends get pulled out one by one for picture and play time.  It's not every day so many of our little (and BIG) friends get to come out and play.  I snapped a few shots of some of our visitors from 31 Bits Jewelry Co. having a blast with our 'reptilious' buddies!  Maybe youre in here too ;) Check it out!


Anna bravely masters the art of wrangling a beautiful Burmese Python.


Josh takes a turn...


Alli poses for a memorable pic with Charming right after a big smooch!


Danielle overcomes here fear of snakes!


Todd introduces his arm candy to some intrested guests.

and last but not least, and DEFINENTLY the CUTEST....

Nicholas and Lisa lay out beside Frank for a quick power nap!


It was a BLAST this morning, Thank You to everyone who came in to visit, and i look forward to seeing the rest you all very soon!!

^o^... Priscilla

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Educating Old Fashioned Fun with Jurassic Parties


Hey All Prehistoric and Jurassic fans Andrew here.

Today I hosted my first Educational Party for the Boys and Girls Club at Lawrence Elementary School. For our classroom parties I like to provide a fine balance between education, hands-on interaction, and pure old fashioned fun, creating an experience that educators and students alike will not forget. We had a great time learning about all the animals and every student seemed to have a lot of great questions and comments.  

At the end of the presentation all the kids lined up for a group picture with one of our 12 foot Burmese pythons and got to handle a few of our animals for pictures and some up close and personal interaction.One student in particular, Marco, was especially fascinated with tarantulas and was the very first volunteer to hold our Chilean Rose Haired tarantula named Fuzzy. He stood up in front of his class, and let Fuzzy crawl all over his head. Way to go Marco for being so brave!!

Overall the kids had a great time and all agreed to come visit us at The Reptile Zoo!!!


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Fan Photo of the Week!

Hey Guys!

Thanks you for sending me all your awesome photos of you and your pets!  Unfortunately there can only be one winner this week but there's always next week!  So keep them coming!  The email address to send your super awesome photos to is savannah@jurassicparties.com that's me!  And to those of you that were in this week's contest, I do apologize for accidently deleting all of you emails, but thanks so much for sending them again!  Big oooops on my part!

I just want you all to know that I love chatting with you guys and posting pics and playing fun reptile games!  So if there's ever anything you wanna know or anything you have a question about just let me know!  (and if i can't answer it, i promise i will find someone who can)

much love


And the winner is

other awesome photos I loved!

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Carden Conservatory Feild Trip!

Hey guys!

We love it here at The Reptile Zoo when we get to have fun and teach the young ones about all of our amazing animals!  This morning the Carden Conservatory came for a visit from right down the road in Huntington Beach!  The kids held some smaller ball pythons to warm up to our friends here and then in the end they all got together to help their teacher hold a really big burmese python!  Kids are always so much fun!

If you didn't know, we do school assemblies all the time with amazing hands-on presentations and we even have kids come here to do their own feild trips!  For more information please go to jurassicparties.com or just give us a call!

or you just come on down to the Pet Expo this weekend at the Orange County Fairgrounds and see us!  Get your picture taken with a giant snake and pick up some information about planning your own educational event or presentation!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Special Delivery!

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to remind you all that we can ship almost anything to almost anywhere if you want it!  And we can get you almost any animal you desire!  If you go to Prehistoricpets.com there are tons of animals and pets for sale, but you can always call and ask as well!  Our phone number is 714-964-3525 and you can call and ask for Garrett or Sam.  We sell cages, decorations, incubators, and anything else you might ever need to keep your pet healthy and happy!

you can also email you requests to Garrett at info@prehistoricpets.com!

Wanna have a fun and exciting Jurassic Party?  we do that too!  go to Jurassicparties.com to find out more about it!

We love making you happy!

Hope to hear from you all soon!

much love


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Kids are the most fun!

Hey Guys!

Mondays are kinda crazy days around here, lots of fun and lots of work.  Today we were visited by a couople kids that came all the way from London, England to check out The Reptile Zoo!  They had the most fun and they were afraid at first but just like everyone around here they eventually fell in love with all the beautiful reptiles we have here at The Reptile Zoo!  They went from frightened, to snake enthusiast in about 30 minutes!  We are very lucky to be able to help change people's outlooks on snakes and everything else scaley!  That's what makes working at The Reptile Zoo a great experience!

Much Love


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