P-A-R-T-Why?! Because you GOTTA!!

Hey there Herpers!  Its a buzzin busy day here at the shop with all our birthday boys and girls having their one of a kind Jurassic Partys.  Always consisiting of at least 12-15 different types of awesomely amazing reptiles, arachnids and amphibians; Your Jurassic Party is sure to be talked about for months and years!!  Out and About on "Party Duty" today are our associates, which some of you may know, Daniel, Nick, Thalia, Clint and myself (Priscilla ^O^). 

I just finished up Matthew Gilberts 7th Birthday Party, he bravely conquered his fear of tarantulas and mastered snake handeling! Have a Happy Birthday Matthew! See you soon in The Reptile Zoo! 

Happy Birthday Matthew Gilbert!

Our second in store party today was handeled by Nick M.  He was helping celebrate Aiden McDermott's 7th Bithday!  Loaded with questions and requests, Aidens birthday party had a huge turnout and lots of cool critters to show off.  Not only do we provide our guests of honor with a one of a kind hands on experience, but we educate them on what makes good pets as well as health and safety facts!

Happy Birthday Aiden!


Last but not least, I finished up the in stores with a TWIN celebration!  Our guests of honor are John and Claire Riss and they are here to celebrate their 7th Birthday too!!  ITS A DAY FOR 7 YEAR OLDS!! WOO HOO! =)  The party went fantastic and my head is spinnin' so fast from all the fun, i think im seeing double...or is it twins?  ;)

Happy Birthday John and Claire Riss!!


Never forgetting our out of store parties, the rest of the crew went out to celebrate and send best Happy Birthday wishes to birthday boys and girls Isabelle Moreno, Linden Smith, Isabella Enriquez, Shane Will, Madison Young, and all the amazing kids at St. Georges Academy!

Hope everyone had an amazing Birthday and cant wait to see all your friends and family back here again for THEIR Jurassic Party!


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Arachnid 101

Most commonly feared thanks to the over dramatized, highly impossible scenario used in the hit film " Arachnophobia", these friendly '8 legged freaks' made quite a comeback today.  Yes Ladies and Gents, were talking Tarantulas today!  Majority of society today lives in morbid fear of these little critters (myself being one) and avoid anything to do with them, even if given the opportunity to explore them in captivity.  However, today is a day of bright new things.  Clint was kind enough to pull out a Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula for some curious guests turned intrigued crowd, and explain the differences from it to other breeds like the Rose Hair.  Everything from it's large strong legs, to its 'Goliath' size and appetite.  Some cringed away in disgust or fear, as other drew in closer to inspect the intricate details and markings of this beautiful arachnid.  Now thanks to Clints knowledgeable answers and everyones great questions, we have turned some freaked out Arachnophobs into Arachnid-Lovers!




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