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Just check out how amazing these deorations are! We were blown away when super organized and creative mom Michel's decor at Riley's Jurassic Party in The Reptile Zoo.  

Every detail was dealt with impeccably including brightly colored decor that perfectly balanced the already present jungle themed bamboo and leaf decor. 

She also incorporated some of the great options we have on our party supply website including our ever popular wooden wiggle snakes. Which depending on the quantity you would like can cost as low as $1 each.

At the end of the day fun was had by all from the yummy snacks to exciting hands-on reptile presentation, with hand sanitation between of course! We love sharing photos from our fans. If you've had a Jurassic Party just send your photos to and we'll feature them here on The Reptile Zoo blog or directly on our Facebook page.


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Attack of the Giant Chameleon at The Reptile Zoo


This big guy is one of the largest species of chameleon and has recently joined us in The Reptile Zoo. His diet mainly consists of roaches with their legs removed and lives above the photobooth. He is a fully grown adult, and is waiting for you to visit him!



As commonly known, chameleons can change their colors based on their mood. When he isn’t feeling too great or is scared he can change himself to dull colors such as light and dark browns, and when happy he changes to brighter colors such as green, blue and yellow.


He loves climbing up vines and branches (or really anything he can find to climb on) and if you offer him food he’ll actually eat it straight out of your hand using his long sticky tongue to get it from you. 


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New addition to the parties....YAY!

Jurassic Fact of the Week YA'LL....

I am VERY excited because we just got new cornsnakes for the in-store parties....and they are HUGE! Biggest I have ever cornsnakes dude.

Cornsnakes are commonly found in cornfields and open pastures of the U.S. and usually grow to 4-5 feet at the most. There are around 25 known color morphs of cornsnakes and thousands of compound morphs, just like other snakes.

Here are the two normal albinos that we just got(lacking the black rings around their saddle markings).


Thats not the coolest part that donated group we also got an Anerythristic Cornsnake. The "normal", or wildtype, cornsnake has deep red saddle marks with black rims down its back, on top of an orange background. The term "anerythristic" means a lack of erythrin, which are the red, yellow, and orange pigments. This yields a snake that is commonly black and gray. COOL! Well, cool for me...only having ever seen the normal and normal albino morphs.

Check him out!

Cornsnakes have a naturally docile temperament, and make wonderful pets, especially for first-time herpers. They can be a little snippy when young, but that is their instinctive tendency to defend against everything. The more gentle handling, the better they will become...and they will no longer see you as a threat.

I love the orange cornsnakes, but seeing a different color is WAY cool. Come check him out...we named him GHOST. Maybe Ghost will haunt your next Jurassic Party....muahahahahahah.

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What's NEW at the Zoo??

I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE.....

Working here, we see some CRAZY things come and go, and its awesome when they are bright and colorful. As of right now, we have a very cool array of different Iguanas! Iguanas are naturally shy and skittish creatures (especially when young) so it was hard to snap pics, but I got a few good ones. They are a little high-maintenance, but if you know how to care for them they can be tamed down quite a bit. Most of them are part of the Zoo as permanent pets, but we do have a few for sale! (shown at bottom)

Part of the Zoo:

We have GREENS varying in size and shade:

We have everyone's favorite, Sonny, the Albino Green Iguana...who is a beautiful pale yellow all over.

There is a gorgeous RED (who is also pretty feisty!)

We even have TWO of the dark, but super fascinating, Rhinoceros Iguanas

But, BRAND NEW to the Zoo are two babies, who are a stunning BLUE!! Come check them out!

So, I bet now you guys are wondering what we have FOR SALE!

Some beautiful REDS:

Babies: ($89.99)

Adult: ($149.99)

An awesome, not-so-common, gorgeous, young CUBAN Iguana! ($399.99)

PLUS, we can order almost anything that we don't have but you want! So call, email, or just stop by to see what we have, ask questions, and even take home one of these colorful beauties!

See you soon!

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You are so meeeee

I have wanted to feature this creature for some time now...because he is so gorgeous! I am sure a lot of you herpers out there have heard of these handsome little guys, but for those of you who haven' Guillermo, the Panther Chameleon!!

These Chameleons love the tropical forests of Madagascar. They grow up to 20 inches...with females usually ending up half that size. They live around 10 years in captivity. Panther Chameleons have a variety of different color displays, but the common misconception is that it is based on their background. Chameleons actually change their colors subconsciously, when affected by temperature, mood, and light. Females will even turn dark brown with orange stripes while gravid, to signify to the males that they have no intention of mating.

These beautiful critters definitely make for a very exotic pet...but they are VERY finicky, and require precise environmental conditions. One which mirrors the jungle, with proper light, heat, and humidity, would be best for these high-maintenance well as a nice assortment of worms, crickets, and even roaches.

So, our Panther Chameleon...which Mandy and I named "Guillermo" (Mo for short)...doesn't change his color much, we try to keep his environment very stable. However, I know many of you are chomping at the bit to see it happen, so I found a link to a cool YouTube video! If you have never seen one change, its pretty subtle...mainly darker shades to lighter shades...maybe getting rid of the dark altogether (especially when in in the video) pay attention to the "lightening up" of the colors. Pretty cool....Enjoy!

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