Boa or Not a Boa? Wait...Was that the question?

Hola Herpers!

It's time for another trivia piece from your friends here at The Reptile Zoo! Although they both belong to the Constrictor family, What exactly is the difference between Boas and Pythons?
Surprisingly, not very many people know the differences between the two due to their similar appearances, but there are a few subtle variances.
First, Boas give live birth and pythons lay clutches of eggs.
Boa Babies!!

Second, Pythons have heat pits along their face and boas do not.

Third, Despite their external similarities, the python has one more bone in its skull than the boa. The python also has more the teeth (four rows of teeth and no fangs).

Want to see for yourself...UP CLOSE?! We can make it happen!! For just a few dollars, get a snapshot of you and your friends and/or family holding one of our big Burmese Pythons and check out all the various Pythons and Boas in our Zoo! See if YOU can tell the difference between Boa and NOT a Boa ;P.
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Celebrity Appearance

Today we had a celebrity grace us with his presence. If you don't know Charles Corona then get to know him because he's coming your way!

or at least he says so. But either way we definitely enjoyed his visit!

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Family Reunion Reptile Style

Today we had the priveledge of showing a whole family around the zoo. Thirteen family memebers total. Some of em' were even from out of state and one of em was having their birthday today. They got the full tour! They held Little Red the Red Tegu, Spalding the Ball Python, and even Bob the BIG Burmese Python. They were even in time to watch the Caiman Lizards eat! Heck, I had a lot of fun too! So long story short, if you've got family comin in from outta state or even just around the corner and want to make their visit REALLY special, come on down to The Reptile Zoo so you can take your picture with a constrictor too!

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Meet Nolan!

  In yet another blog introducing more of our awesome and eclectic staff here at the Reptile Zoo, I would like you all to meet Nolan.  Nolan is our resident rock climber, which comes in handy when dealing with those of the aboreal nature.  Nolan is always happy to climb up high and catch anything that might have gone out for a journey in the day!  Nolan has 4 boas and he takes his job very seriously here.  He is always available for parties and loves playing with kids that come into The Reptile Zoo.  Nolan's continuous positive attitude is an asset to The Reptile Zoo!  His main interest is breeding boas and playing with scorpions, eeeeek.  All you scorpion fans out there with any questions should give Nolan a shout and I'm sure he could answer any questions you might have on the matter. When Nolan is not climbing rocks, breeding boas or playing with deadly scorpions he likes to listen to Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.......... 

Thanks Nolan for all you do around here!




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