Spotlight on: Corey Orlandos-Bearded Dragon!

Thats right folks, today we are going to tell you a little bit about our outback dwelling friend, Corey Orlandos. No, I don't mean the Corey you think I do, I mean our very own OC Fair oddity, Corey the one eyed Bearded Dragon!

Corey has been here with us for about 4 years now. He is of Australian origin, his ancestors being wild Bearded Dragons, or Pogona Vitticeps.  Bearded Dragons are named such for their habit of puffing out their throat and creating the illusion of a beard when they are provoked. Corey is an omnivour, eating mainly crickets, meal worms, and various types of greens (although he has been known to take down a pinkie on a good day!) Corey likes to spend his free time basking in his cage, hanging out with female beardies, and bobbing his head profusely to assert his dominance. Now, contrary to popular belief brought on by the movie Holes, Bearded dragons do not have frills or spit venom. They are quite docile creatures and are almost harmless. Feel free to stop by our booth at the fair to meet Corey and see what a lover he truely is. Just make sure you look into his good eye!




Corey Orlandos and his good eye!


Corey's poor mangled eye



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