Trading Up at Gecko Lofts


Here at The Reptile Zoo it's all about upgrade, upgrade, upgrade and the same is true for our animals! After spending 6 months at the "Crestie Condos" in Prehistoric Pets as young couples the crested geckos finally decided they wanted to start a family and really settle down. Luckily their friends the Leachies knew just the spot, "Gecko Lofts" at The Reptile Zoo.



The crested gecko families knew they couldn't go wrong with the suggestion from the Leachies. Bubbles and Squishy have been at the Gecko Lofts for over year now and enjoying the extra space along with their two cute new additions to the family. So with little hesitation they packed up their bags, gathered their furniture and moved from the Crestie Condos at Prehistoric Pets to the Gecko Lofts at The Reptile Zoo. It didn't take long for everyone to get comfortable and enjoy the sights and sounds of their new digs.




They've even started to blend in to their new environment. Can you count how many crested geckos are enjoying their new cage in the picture below?



Here's a close up shot of one of the crestie bellies. Check out their specially designed fingers for sticking on just about anything, including glass!



Next time you're at The Reptile Zoo be sure to check out Gecko Lofts and it's oh so cool residents!

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Hey there Herpers!

 I have a question for you, Don’t you ever get a craving for something different in your daily diet?  Something like, sugary snacks….. spicy chips….. CHOCOLATE?!?  Do I sense a thought bubble popping up over your head? Is it filled with dreams of sweet and salty treats?  Well, how do you think our poor reptilian friends feel?!  YES, that’s where I was going with all this talk of delicious goodness!

Many of you ask, “What can I feed to my reptile as a substitute for their normal feed?”  It’s Herpers like us that realize our critters mutual need for a little ‘something extra’ in their diets.  Necessity? No.  But it will make for a happier and healthier reptile buddy.  SO I thought I would compose a “list” of safe and tasty treats to give your pet!

Leopard Geckos:

Mealworms, Superworms, Crickets, Roaches, Waxworms, Hornworms,  and Silkworms are all suggested feeders for Leopard Geckos.  ((For Crested and Gargoyle Geckos,  it is suggested to stick with  ‘Crested Gecko Diet’ in any sweet fruity flavor. ))


Bearded Dragons:

Crickets and leafy Lettuce are Beardies main dietary needs. But there are several options to add to your Beardies dinner list to kick his meal up a notch!  Try adding some Endive, Carrots, Bok Choy, Alfalfa sprouts, Mealworms, Super worms, Roaches and even Mice!  However, make sure to AVOID feeding your Beardie buddy partial meat pieces like chicken, heart, liver, turkey, gizzards, fish, wild caught insects, feeder lizards OR live rodents.  These can cause serious health and safety issues for your Beardie.


Frogs and Toads may have one or two varying options as far as who can eat what, but in general, they stay about the same.  Some mutual options would be mainly Crickets, Roaches, mealworms, Super worms and for big enough toads… feeder mice!


Despite the eating machines our tough shelled pals come off as, there are a few extra options to treating him with something nice.  Mustard greens, Collard greens, Timothy Hay, Dandelion greens should be part of your Tortoises main diet.  A wide range of wild plants such as, Orchard Grass, Oat Hay, dandelions, white clover and wild radish flowers provide the most natural tortoise diet. Mallow, mulberry and hibiscus flowers, and various other shrub leaves and flowers, add variety to the diet.  You can supplement the diet with a little cucumber, lettuce and other salad vegetables as well as fruit *IN SMALL portions only ONCE in a while as a treat*.  Mazuri Tortoise Diet and Zoo Med Tortoise Diets are great choices as well.  Dog and cat foods, tomatoes, spinach, high sugar foods, high protein feeds like peas and other legumes, and also tinned meats and highly processed foods should be AVOIDED at ALL costs!  TURTLES:  Fish, Super worms, Mealworms, Bloodworms. Zoo Med and  Exo-Terra Turtle Food are all acceptable options.  They may even eat some small leaf lettuce if thrown into their water.



There is a lot of speculation as to what you may or may not feed your Iguana.  Da Daa Da DAAAA!!!! We are here to the rescue!!  First of all, a stress-free environment is an important factor in maintaining a healthy immune system for your lizard.  Although many Iguanas may occasionally feed on an insect or two within its cage or in the wild, their diets should be primarily vegetarian.  Sticking to just greens and vegetables will ensure proper health and longevity for your lizard!  Proper greens and vegetables include Collard greens, Turnip greens, Mustard greens, Dandelion greens, Greenleaf lettuce, flowers, mulberry tree leaves, Spineless cactus, carrots, zucchini, green beans, butternut squash, asparagus, okra, alfalfa and more! 


! ! ! CAUTION ! ! !


Here are some things you should know about what to AVOID when choosing a treat for your pet:

1.       NEVER feed your pet wild caught insects or rodents.  These animals may have ingested poisons or have disease that could spread to your pet.

2.       Make sure to sprinkle necessary calcium/vitamin powders on any greens, veggies, or insects you feed your pet.  This supplies them with the much needed supplements to provide healthy growth, immune systems and ensure a longer happier life!

3.       ALWAYS make sure to feed appropriately sized insects and rodents to your pets.  Neglect in this area could cause sickness or death by under or over feeding your animal.

All of


us here at Prehistoric Pets are here to answer your questions and provide you with knowledgeable and helpful advice.  Stop by the shop or visit us at our home sites,,, and even join our Facebook pages to get more info on for sale items and animals, FAQs and get special offer updates!

Hope this blog was resourceful and helps you on your way towards reptilian happiness!




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NOW SHOWING:: NEW Reptiles in the Zoo!!!

Welcome back Herpers of the world!! Here at The Reptile Zoo we strive to educate and help reptile lovers experience the many different varieties these special creatures offer. Whether your across the universe or down the street, we keep you guys informed and included in all the workings that is Prehistoric Pets/ The Reptile Zoo thru our Youtube video channels, Facebook page and our Official websites. But what about all the cool new stuff in the Zoo you may not have noticed?! Well WATCH OUT cause here theyyy coommee!!! =P

Starting off on the smaller end of the spectrum, we have here our NEW Crested Gecko, replacing our beloved "Stickers". Crested Geckos make fantastic first pets for just about any age. As long as you handle with care and sensitivity, this little critter will have you going "Ga Ga" over his marshmallow puff body and ity bitty tongue! Easy to clean, and even easier to feed, our little "Loki" looks forward to his new future in the Reptile Zoo! Come Check him out!

Next in line were greeted by the Spaz-tastic duo, our baby Blue Iguanas! The Blue Iguana is one of the longest-living species of lizard, with a record of longest living lizard at age 67!!! The Blue Iguana's toes are said to be efficient in digging and climbing trees, they also have excellent vision, which allows them to detect shapes and motions at long distances! Check out their cousins with different color variations too!

Up next, everyone's favorite Prima Donna pet, the Veiled Chameleon! They have a flattened body meant to mimic a leaf and feet designed for grasping limbs and branches. They have a tail that acts as a fifth appendage and helps in climbing. Their eyes work independently of one another allowing the chameleon to look in front of and behind itself at the same time!! They have a long sticky tongue that they use to capture their insect and are capable of lying still for very long periods of time waiting for an unsuspecting bug to wander by!

On the much bigger side of the spectrum, we bring to you a Albino LABYRINTH Burmese Python! These beautiful snakes show the pattern of the labyrinth Burmese and the color of the albino. They have become one of the most sought after morphs of this species even though it has only been around since 1993!!

Last but never least, we have the Madagascan Tree Boa! A male will coil its lower body around a tree limb, leaving the top half suspended to fight its adversary, but the species will spend more of its time on the ground than up in a tree, especially the larger adult snakes. The young snakes spend a significant portion of their day in trees and the snake does the majority of its hunting in an arboreal setting, searching for such prey as birds and bats.

Hopefully this little blog made your mouth water with anticipation for your next visit to the Reptile Zoo!! Go hunting to see of you can spot these 'featured creatures' in our Zoo, as well as any other NEW reptiles we may have in store for YOU!!

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Two in One!

The Jurassic Fact of the Week comes from our Prehistoric Pet of the Month!  This month's fan favorite is Dennis Hopper, the Crested Gecko!  He is always hanging out at the photo booth in our shop for guests to come hold and pet...and watch him HOP!  Everyone loves him, and he is SO cute, even though he has no tail.  Awwwwwwww.....

Crested Geckos are native to New Caldonia, which is off the coast of Australia.  Like our Dennis Hopper, they love to climb and jump from place to place with their sticky feet, but if they lose their tail they can't grow a new one like a lot of other lizards can.  They make wonderful pets, very tame, and VERY easy to take care of.  They even eat baby food!  They are a great choice for first time herpers, and we DO have babies for sale right now so come check them out!

Here are a few action shots of Dennis Hopper, and some guests enjoying his company.....

So come see our lovable, adorable, fan favorite...Dennis Hopper....the Crested Gecko!

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Here are a few or more wonderful things we have for sale here.!  If you have any questions about any of this please contact Garrett at

He can answer all your questions about everything and if there is something you want that is not pictured, Garrett can get it for you!  Just email him a description of what animal you want with all the details, and Garrett will make sure you get it!  He even does the deliveries and the shipping and the handling himself!

He can do anything and he can't wait to hear from you!


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Sunday's Fun!

Yesterday the Reptile Zoo was crawling thick with kiddies and mommies and babies and all sorts of awesome people!  We had a bunch of Jurassic Parties, a pile of Reptile Zoo guests and all kinds of other fun things going on!  Today is a rainy Monday here in Southern California, so why don't cha come spend you rainy day with me and all the super fun Reptiles we have here at the zoo?  Sound like a plan?  Ok, see ya soon then!

Much love!


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Picture Pages

Hey guys! 

This morning I have a lil writer's block so I took a bunch of pics for ya!  I'm sure something exciting will happen soon enough... mean while, enjoy!

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It is indeed our differences and imperfections that make us all special. Animals too! So as it comes to pass, yesterday someone dropped off to us 2 new Crested Geckos, which is always the most exciting for me, because they are my favs... I didn't get a chance to have a peek at them until later in the night but you guys gotta see this guy! He doesnt have a tail at all, but that's ok... imperfections make us special right? But for what he lacks in tail, he makes up for in eyeball! Now, I'm not exactly sure if it is an eye defect or something more, but I assure you I will find out... Meanwhile, this Cresty has the absolute coolest looking eyes I have ever seen! So, I havent thought of a name for him yet because I have been busy taking pictures of him..

Any one wanna help me out? Name the gecko for me, and if I pick your name, maybe you get a prize? I could probably afford to buy 1 of you a candy necklace maybe?

Or maybe the name it's self is the price????

Love you guys! Happy Friday!



Full Frontal
Eyeball 1
Eyeball 2
Blowing Kisses
Enough with the pictures this morning!
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