The Youth Expo Experience 2013

On April 12th-14th the annual Youth Expo was held at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The Youth Expo is a gathering of educational displays and non-profit organizations centered on a younger crowd. We have gotten to be a part of this wonderful event for about 10 years now and always enjoy participating. 

Our set up has a tortoise pin, cages with various reptiles, and our infamous T-Rex on display. Throughout the day two of our employees have out two different animals for the crowd to interact with, typically being a bearded dragon and a ball python. 

We tried out a new in-car TV technique this year in which we had a TV in the trunk of one of our party cars. It continually played episodes from The Reptile Zoo series and people could come and watch whenever they pleased. Not to mention it looked pretty cool. 

Our unique animals offer a unique experience for all ages. Who wouldn’t love getting up close and personal with these awesome animals?


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Fossil Fever at Prehistoric!

Believe us this is a real condition, and I'm sure I've got a bad case of it. Just check out some of the awesome new fossils we will have available at Prehistoric Pets and online at!


It's a messy job someone's got to do it!



We've got boxes, and boxes, and boxes and just a few more boxes of fossils just waiting to be the prized possesion of fossil lovers around the world. 


With just a bit more organization we'll be ready to share our finds with you. Make sure to keep posted on Fossil Fever here at Prehistoric!

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Anyone at your home that likes reptilian decor?  Look what we have--a "genuine" dinosaur head.  Do you know of anybody that likes this?  We have it in two sizes.  What a surprise this would be!

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Ninja Visits!

Hey guys!

This morning when I got to work I felt an eerie silence, and then all of a sudden I saw him!  A ninja!  Right here in The Reptile Zoo!  He was whispering to the tortoises, he was training the venomous snakes, he wrestled a crocodile, hid in the brush, made awesome ninja moves and even fought a dinosaur! 

Sound like something you might wanna see first hand?  Then get on down to The Reptile Zoo! 

Some mornings here are so much fun!  Even for the kids that don't wanna hold the real animals!  We can always find something fun for them to do!  Thanks so much Caidman, for playing with me this morning! 

Enjoy these amazing photos!

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Greg & Savannah's Dinosaur Relocation Service!

Sometimes I feel like it's a shame to keep this big gigantic dinosaur we have all locked up in the Reptile Zoo, so Greg and I decided to take it ouside so that everyone could bask in his glory and awesomeness!  And it worked!  kids were outside taking pictures with Gigantaur all day long!  If you guys haven't seen him, please come by and take a peek!  I wish he would come to life like "Night at the Museum" but, ya never know, maybe when Jay gets back tomorrow he will have some magical berries from South Africa that will bring him to life, meanwhile, if you have a dinosaur that needs to be relocated, call Greg & Savannah's Dinosaur relocation service!  We will be pleased as peach to help!

much love!


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Picture Pages

Hey guys! 

This morning I have a lil writer's block so I took a bunch of pics for ya!  I'm sure something exciting will happen soon enough... mean while, enjoy!

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Party Day!

Wanna go for a ride?  Who else but us could put a 15 foot dinosaur in the back of a truck for relocation?

Relocation to The Reptile Zoo anyways!  For the kids that come to the parties that are sometimes scared or too young to realize that the animals they might be interacting with are alive, we have lots of other fantastic things for them to look at and interact with.  Like Tex!  The gigantic 15 foot tall dinosaur in the middle of our store that watches over all of us!  If a picture with a real live snake is more than you can handle, Rex will be super happy to take a picture with you!!!  And he wont even bite!  I wonder sometimes if Tex came to life and he and Twinkie got into a fight who would win?  But there I go again fantasizing about dino-wars!  Hope you guys get to make it by and see all of us today!  We miss you!

Much love............ Savannah

Are you looking at me?

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Fred's Got a Girlfriend!

In the Reptile Zoo we have lots of cool reptile toys, some are just for looks and some are for playing with.  We have this robot dinosaur and he looks so cool even though he doesn't work anymore!  We also have a frilled dragon here named Fred!  Fred is the cutest thing ever, but he lives by himself and sometimes he looks like he's lonely... at least to me.  So I put the really cool toy robot dinosaur in the cage with Fred and now I think he loves her!  He looks so much happier!  He gaurds her and kinda cuddles up with her and it is the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my whole life.  They are the cutest couple!  So Fred's got a girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!  Go Fred!!!!!!!!

Much love!



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The Tale of the Dinosaur Camera!

There is a camera in the back part of the Reptile Zoo, concreted into the photobooth where I type and blog and play with kids all day and if someone asked me this question once, they have asked me a billion trillion times... "Why is that camera there?" "Is it a real camera?" the answer to the latter is yes, it is a real camera, the answer to the other question is a little more complex... you see the camera is really there just for decoration, but I have seen too many sad kid faces when I tell them that... so I made up a story, and it goes a little something like this..........

Once upon a time…

long, long ago and in a land far, far, away owner Jay Brewer went on an exciting adventure to find the most exotic reptiles in the whole entire world! During his adventure he happened upon a pack of baby tyrannosaurus rex that were having a healthy breakfast. Slowly and quietly Jay pulled out his special camera to photograph the baby dinosaurs. All of a sudden the earth started to tremble! Jay heard a horrible roar behind him and turned to see the mama T-rex creeping up behind him to have a breakfast of her own. Jay screamed with fear as the mama T-rex opened her jaws wide to eat Jay for breakfast! The only thing standing between Jay and sharp teeth of the dinosaur was his special camera. Jay held the camera with all his strength as the T-rex chomped down! Then there was a great flash of light. One of the dinosaur’s teeth landed on the button of the special camera and snapped a photo. The flash was so bright that it scared the dinosaur and she turned and ran away. Luckily, Jay’s special camera saved him from being eaten by a dinosaur that day! We keep Jay’s special camera here in the shop to remind us all of Jay’s T- rex adventure and to remind us the great lengths that he went to in order to make Prehistoric Pets and the Reptile Zoo a fun place for us to learn more about the beauty and wonder of nature.

The End

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