Lizards, Snakes, and DoDo Birds! Oh MY!

Another busy, busy day at the fair! If you havent come by to visit us yet then you are missing out! So much has happened here so far this year, I can't even name it all! Babies have been born, fears have been confronted, parties have been booked, you name it! We are having a ball, and it's all thanks to you, the lovely patrons of the OC Fair!

Today, we had a meeting with a crazy creature whom I believe to be the infamous DoDo Bird. It was an interesting experience, as this creature was thought to be extinct. The OC Fair proved science wrong once again though, and allowed us at Prehistoric Pets to meet one of our Prehistoric bretheren. Here is a photo of our newfound feathered friend:


And that, my friends, is what we call everyday life here at the Reptile Zoo!

Until next time (or until my next odd occurance)

Kiss Kayla

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