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It seems the improvements never stop here at The Reptile Zoo. There always seems to be someone working on a brand new upgrade for one of our many lucky reptile residents. Our team may get a little dirty, but they know how to get the job done. Even founder Jay takes the time to pitch in and get his hands (and everything else) sufficiently dirty.

But it's not just Jay working his heart out The Reptile Zoo is EXTREMELY lucky to have some of the best friends and volunteers around! Not only do our friends love visiting The Reptile Zoo they often devote much of their personal time to help make sure the doors stay open and we can keep up the hectic pace of always improving and expanding! Even while Jay is away in Europe or any of his international travels the team is here and ready to get the job done and enjoy doing it!

Our most recent project has been completely rennovating what we call the "L Wall" which houses many of our smaller species on exhibit. With these upgrades we are expanding cage sizes and rethinking the layout to provide a more diverse and interesting display that fits the unique needs of each animal. 

The "L Wall" is one of the last remaining original display areas from the beginnings of Prehistoric Pets, before we even thought to dream about the amazing transformation into The Reptile Zoo. Luckily over 20 years later we have learned to work smarter not harder which will benefit not only the current displays, but allow for easier improvements. 

We love our team and their smiling faces and bright attitudes that keep us coming back day after day to work on the never ending list of tasks. Thank you to everyone who has helped The Reptile Zoo not only on our current "L Wall" project but for the last 25 years! 



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Calling all Volunteers!

Looking for something to fill your empty summer schedule?

Prehistoric Inc. is looking for volunteers to support our staff at the Orange County Fair July 15- August 14.


During this event Prehistoric Inc. provides an educational and interactive reptile booth for fair guests. Volunteer responsibilities would include engaging customers while promoting our company, interactive photos and reptile ownership. The second responsibility in this position is running the photo area where volunteers will be required to process transactions, photograph guests, and pose an 8-12 ft Burmese python. 



Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age (parental consent is needed under 18 years of age) and reliable transportation. This position requires someone with great communication skills, the willingness to engage customers to promote sales, and a basic knowledge of reptiles.

Volunteers will get to spend time interacting directly with animals and guests along with a pass to enjoy the Orange County Fair.


Love Reptiles? Love the Orange County Fair? Love People?

Apply to be a volunteer by sending an email with contact information, resume, and availability to


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 The ooohhhhhs and aaaaaahhhhs and shrieks and squeals of children escaping from the doors and windows and through the walls of Prehistoric Pets aren’t coming from a movie or a soundtrack to some creative new 3-D Disney venture, they are, in reality coming from a once in a lifetime visual, hands on, authentic, educational demonstration and experience known as a Jurassic Party.  If you’re tired of watching your kids watch TV, or listening to them beg for new video games, or not listening at all because they are glued to their iPod, Jurassic Parties to the rescue!  A live snake can keep the attention span of a teen or tween (or adult) way longer than World of Warcraft because it’s real!  Real snakes, real lizards, real teeth and real bites and we haven’t even gotten to the spiders and scorpions yet.  Geico doesn’t have a monopoly on geckos; we have tons of them, all different shapes, sizes and colors.  In a world of computer generated, television induced, zombie tots, Jurassic Parties offers an opportunity for parents and children alike to bond and be overwhelmed by the beauty and wonder of nature.  Jump in head first and ask questions, be hands on or stand back and watch your child do it.  Laugh, smile, learn!  Some people come in a little apprehensive, but then walk out with a snake of their very own!  The memories that you make will last forever, the experience is like none other, and the educational information might just make a difference in whether or not you decide to stomp that spider on the side-walk or kill that snake in your back yard.  All life is important and once you know why things do what they do, maybe we will all understand each other a little better… it’s worth a try right?      

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