Monitor-ing the Inventory

Meet our new stock boy!  His name is Chris, today is his first day on the job!  When I got to work this morning this is what I found!!!  One of our smaller monitors seemed to be gaurding and protecting and taking inventory of all the new merchandise we are getting in to help you better take care of your pets!  Chris is one of our smaller Asian Water Monitors and he has a little bit of an attitude problem, actually Jay and I had to chase him down through the parking lot the other night and fish him out from underneath a parked car together.  So, who better to put in charge of inventory control?  As you can see from the pictures below, he was circling the product keeping everyone away and then checking each individual package to ensure that everything on the invoice had arrived in proper condition!  We are hoping that giving Chris more responsibility and putting him in charge of something will be all the positive reinforcement he needs to help him become a better monitor!!!!  The bruise on my leg from the whipping he gave me this morning is proof positive it's working!  hahahahah!

Much love!


On Patrol!

Checking the invoice!

Everything looks good Boss!

Back off man and stay away from my stuff!

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So many kids are in The Reptile Zoo today that Jay even had to work, he showed a bunch of YMCA kids this beautiful albino burm and taugh them all about it!!!!!!!  Can you believe it??????  it's fun to go the YMCA....... but for real, it's fun when they come to us too!



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Waking up with cockroaches!

I am an anonymous Reptile Zoo employee wife, and I would just like to share a few of the wonderful and exciting things that I get to look forward to thanks to my really cute hubby and his crazy passion for reptiles!

One morning I got up early for work and I took a shower and when I came back out there was a cockroach laying on my side of the bed, dead, it seems I had slept on it through the night because I remember feeling something tickling my back, and now I know what it was. Not to mention one of my husband's prize gigantic Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches was missing!

I have come home on more than one occasion to find him letting his very favorite retic play with my toy poodle Pookie :(

He comes home smelling like boa musk and has bite marks all over him that I assume are from snakes?

He watches Reptile TV and googles lots of mating videos and that concerns me when he spends hours on the computer alone, in the dark.

I am pregnant but he only calls me gravid.

He fills the bath tub with Red Ackies and when I want to take a bubble bath it is often times full of shed.

He leaves the seat up.

A mouse ate the strap off my brand new Betsy Johnson heels.

There are worms in my fridge as well as dead mice and cricket pieces in my freezer.

Our water monitor eats steak and chicken while we settle for PB and J.

There are cages in every room lined up the walls stacked 5 high, and when I say every room, I mean 1 bedroom apt.

PS: He talks to his tegu in baby talk and kisses them more than he kisses me.

But all in all, I knew what I was getting myself into when I married him and I love him so much quirks and all. My life wouldn't be half as exciting 

without my husbands love of reptiles. To all those wives married to the same kind, hang in gets better :)




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Happy Birthday Laura!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy Birthday Laura!  We all love you so much!  Your happy face makes us all wanna work harder to be as good as you!  If you have ever had a Jurassic Party then you have talked to or emailed Laura Brewer!  Yes, she is Jay's daughter, but she is also probably the hardest worker in the whole shop and there is not one thing here she can't do!  From registers, to breeding projects, to art work, creative ideas, Jurassic Parties, even this blog!!!!!!!!!  Laura has her finger on every single thing that happens around here!  I am constantly amazed at her hard work and dedication!  She is always working for The Reptile Zoo!  from home, in her car, at the fair, and at the Zoo Laura keeps it all covered!  I can't even begin to know how much she does but I can tell you this, whatever it is, it is always done with perfection and the betterment of everyone involved!

Laura turned the big 21 today and what is she doing tonight?  Hanging out with her family!  What 21 year old does that?????????????????????  a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's so awesome!  Her dedication to her family, to her job, and to all her creative ventures is truely inspiring!  I don't think I've ever met anyone like her, and if you haven't, you are definately missing out!  You are the best Laura!  Big hugs and much love from everyone here at The Reptile Zoo!  We all love you so much and everyday you are here is a better one!  I don't know how you have the time and energy (and memory) to do all you do and keep up with everything you keep up with... and i didnt even mention going to school, church, events and hanging with your friends!  They are lucky to have you and be able to share with you your ever precious time!  Thank you so much!  I wish I could give you a big hug right now!

bee the light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Meet Tim O'Reilly

If you are a fan of Prehistoric Pets, a retic owner, a store customer, a snake or reptile enthusiast, or just a addict you all probably already know who Tim O'Rielly is, and if you don't, you should!!!!!!!!!!!  He is the retic breeder here and Jay's right hand man.  Tim has been in the business of breeding snakes his entire life and there is not a more valued and respected employee here at The Reptile Zoo!  He has been with the company for over 8 years and is definately part of the life blood of this company!  He is everyone's friend, mentor, and go to guy about any and everything that goes on in the shop.  He even has his own fan page at!/pages/Tim-OReilly-Fan-Club/131317070228250?ref=ts check it out, there are lots of pictures of him there, mostly of him fishing because when Tim is not at the shop, which is very rarely he is off fishing somewhere and catching lobster!  Tim is and all around outdoorsman, sportsman, and wonderful person!  Come by anytime and see him!  He will be happy to shake your hand and answer any questions you might have about retic breeding or anything else!  Thank you Tim for all you do around here!  You're the best and we all love you!



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Meet Armando & Juan!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to introduce you all to Armando and Juan, a father/son team working with us here at The Reptile Zoo.  Armando is our light weight, by far the smallest member of our staff, but big things come in small packages when it comes to ability, strength and heart!  Armando has been with the company for over 7 years and does all of our gigantic snake work.  He single handedly lifts and cares for the biggest and the best of all the snakes we have and does a great job of it!  Our largest and most precious breeders are always in his trustworthy hands.

Juan is new to The Reptile Zoo, but being the family business that we are, it is no suprize that he came here to work with us!  He is learning more and more everyday and hopefully one day he will be able to follow in his father's footsteps and have the great priviledge of handling some of the largest snakes in the world!

The Reptile Zoo is all about family, yours and ours!  Whether you are part of our staff, one of our regulars, new to the area looking for a great place to get your feeders, or visiting us from near or far because you have seen our awesome videos at we want you all to be family!

Come be a part of the great things we are doing and the great changes we are making!






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Meet Nolan!

  In yet another blog introducing more of our awesome and eclectic staff here at the Reptile Zoo, I would like you all to meet Nolan.  Nolan is our resident rock climber, which comes in handy when dealing with those of the aboreal nature.  Nolan is always happy to climb up high and catch anything that might have gone out for a journey in the day!  Nolan has 4 boas and he takes his job very seriously here.  He is always available for parties and loves playing with kids that come into The Reptile Zoo.  Nolan's continuous positive attitude is an asset to The Reptile Zoo!  His main interest is breeding boas and playing with scorpions, eeeeek.  All you scorpion fans out there with any questions should give Nolan a shout and I'm sure he could answer any questions you might have on the matter. When Nolan is not climbing rocks, breeding boas or playing with deadly scorpions he likes to listen to Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.......... 

Thanks Nolan for all you do around here!




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Meet Juliette!

The staff here at The Reptile Zoo has been hand picked by Jay himself in order to get the greatest cross section of Reptile enthusiasts ever!  It is sometimes very hard to get to talk to all the employees here because everyone is always busy working, serving customers, teaching kids, going out of the shop to put on educational demonstrations, and more over saving and caring for animals!  This morning I got here early because I wanted to spend some time with Juliette Brewer, (who loves to be barefoot and hates shoes f.y.i.) learn a little about her and share all of that with you!  Juliette has been an employee here since 1991 and does an amazing job teaching and presenting the joy of all things animal to everyone that comes through here!  She just graduated this year from Brethren Christian Junior/Senior High School and is eager and ready to move on to the next phase of her life!  She enjoys the beach, baking, swimming and jumping on trampolines!  Her favorite TV show is "So you think you can Dance!"  Juliette is always smiling!  I have never seen her without a big smile on her face!  It really goes a long way to brighten up the whole Zoo when she is here and she never forgets to take out the trash after her parties like everyone else does!

We love have Juliette around and now that summer is here and she's done with school we look forward to days and days of enjoying her company and learning from all of her experiences here!  If you havent had the good fortune of meeting Juliette make sure you come by and say hi to her and introduce yourself!  She will love that!

Thanks Juliette for all you do!  Being around you makes us all happier!


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Name: Miranda Huebner

Nickname: Mandy, Hey you

Where are you from/represent your hood: Huntington Beach

What’s your sign: Scorpio

Favorite Animal: Anything that won't try to take my fingers off

Why do you love reptiles: They're quiet, don't need to be walked, and totally different. Plus they help keep the rodent population down, which is always a good thing

The best thing about working at prehistoric pets is: Getting to interact with the people and the animals at the same of both worlds!

Something embarrassing that happened to you at the store:
Thanks to Brando and Sam, I fell halfway In the pond. Smelled fantastic for the rest of the day...
Favorite Food: Steak!

Hopes, Goals, Dreams: Someday i want to milk a rattlesnake...

What do you like to do when you are not hanging out and playing with animals? Driving around having incredibly random adventures and going to concerts.

If you had a billion dollars, what would you do?
Anything i wanted

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Are you kidding me? I just wrote a whole story about Amee and accidently deleted it? Talk about a crazy morning????

So, here we go again!

Meet Amee! She is one of the most awesome employees we have at Jurassic Parties and she loves it! If her smile is not enough to prove it, you should know that she is also currently enrolled in school, studying and trying to find ways for us to take better care of all God's creatures! When Amee is here the whole store lights up and we wish she could be here everyday! Amee does a lot of our Jurassic Parties all throughout the OC and even further. She is wonderful with kids and makes everyone around her super happy! Come by The Reptile Zoo on a Saturday or Sunday and you might even be lucky enough to meet her, ask her some questions and spend some time with Amee and the animals! We are very grateful for all of our employees and everyone brings something special to the table! Thanks Amee for all you do! We are all a little better from knowing you!

Much love!

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