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Just check out how amazing these deorations are! We were blown away when super organized and creative mom Michel's decor at Riley's Jurassic Party in The Reptile Zoo.  

Every detail was dealt with impeccably including brightly colored decor that perfectly balanced the already present jungle themed bamboo and leaf decor. 

She also incorporated some of the great options we have on our party supply website including our ever popular wooden wiggle snakes. Which depending on the quantity you would like can cost as low as $1 each.

At the end of the day fun was had by all from the yummy snacks to exciting hands-on reptile presentation, with hand sanitation between of course! We love sharing photos from our fans. If you've had a Jurassic Party just send your photos to and we'll feature them here on The Reptile Zoo blog or directly on our Facebook page.


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Color Me Rad at The Reptile Zoo

We knew our visitors to The Reptile Zoo were smart, but how could we have guessed they were soo creative too! A couple months ago we added a coloring station to the hands-on fun at The Reptile Zoo and since then we have been amazed by the rad art our guests have made. We provide the template, a playful cartoon illustration of Thelma & Louise one of the two-headed snake, but they provide the style! Some take the approach of Picasso, some Warhol, some Pollock, and some have a style all their own. These pieces of art are so unique we decided to make our own virtual museum to showcase their talents. Visit www. to check out our fan art or better yet stop by The Reptile Zoo in person and make your own art to add to the collection!

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Fan Photo of the Week!

Hey Guys!

Thanks you for sending me all your awesome photos of you and your pets!  Unfortunately there can only be one winner this week but there's always next week!  So keep them coming!  The email address to send your super awesome photos to is that's me!  And to those of you that were in this week's contest, I do apologize for accidently deleting all of you emails, but thanks so much for sending them again!  Big oooops on my part!

I just want you all to know that I love chatting with you guys and posting pics and playing fun reptile games!  So if there's ever anything you wanna know or anything you have a question about just let me know!  (and if i can't answer it, i promise i will find someone who can)

much love


And the winner is

other awesome photos I loved!

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