It's Been a Month Already?!?!?!

I can't believe it either, but it has already been a month since our last day at the OC Fair! It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying the crowds and the smells of Juicy's right across the way.

We had such a blast this year sharing our reptiles with HUNDREDS THOUSANDS of happy families enjoying a day out together. Our team spent so much time together they became like family sharing the ups and downs of 12+ hours of fair time fun a day! As you can see from the photos at times we might have gone a little loopy, but every family has a crazy one or two right?

While you are at the Orange County Fair nothing says family bonding time like getting wrapped up by a HUGE burmese python! And this year we literaly THOUSANDS of families enjoy this hands-on fun. 

Thanks to the wonders of technology for the first time they even had the opportunity to share the squeal inducing photos with friends and family through our complimentary Facebook download service! Each night we added every photo an album on The Reptile Zoo Facebook then it was the guests turn to tag, comment, like, and download their shots.

Hopefully all of our brave visitors have gotten a chance to like, share, and tag their photos with our lovely burmese pythons. Because on Monday to make room for even more great hands-on photos in the future we will be removing many of the photos. 

To keep your photo from being removed make sure to stop by our photo albums to like, tag and download and we will be sure to keep you as a permanent part of The Reptile Zoo memories from 2012! Otherwise unclaimed photos will be removed to make room for the great events we have planned next!

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Photos, Photos, Get Your Photos at the Orange County Fair!


The Orange County Fair is in full swing and The Reptile Zoo is going to be there for every minute of it. If you haven't been by our display in the Kid Zone you are definitely missing out! We've got 20 great exhibits that include some of the most exotic reptiles we've ever displayed... but you'll just have to stop by to find out who those are!



As always we have the memory making opportunity for hands-on fun with an 8ft Burmese Python. Visitors response to Bob or Sunshine the Burmese Pythons can vary from extreme excitement to shear terror, but if they take the opportunity to get up close and personal it's always a picture worthy moment! Just check out a few of our favorites so far... (which is no easy task seeing as we have over 5,000 photos to choose from!)





To make sure everyone has the opportunity for this seemingly once in a lifetime opportunity we've put together several special packages to save you money and maximize the fun! As we always say the price is the same for as many people as we can SQUEEZE into the photo! So bring the whole family, grab your friends and stop by The Reptile Zoo booth in the Kid Zone at this year's Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa.



If these deals are not enough we are offering a complimentary download of every photo! Just head over to to find your photo, tag it, share it, and download for your own at home prints! While you're there make sure to like our page to keep up to date with all of the latest happenings here at The Reptile Zoo.



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The Reptile Zoo and Prehistoric Pets get ready for the fair!

It's that time of year again when workers are busy preparing displays, new ideas are being brainstormed, and the animals are preparing for their busy "show time" ... no it's not Christmas already it's better.... The Orange County Fair!

Every year Prehistoric Pets/The Reptile Zoo have a display at the Orange County Fair and this year is set to be the biggest and most exciting yet!

Weeks, even months go into the planning of such a huge event and we are so excited to be taking part in such an important event for our community. Each year we take as many as 25 of our animals to the fair for visitors to see and we even have an interactive hands on area with some of our team helping you to take a walk on the wild side and handle some of our friendlier species!


This year will be our biggest year to date as for the very first time we will have a variety of fossils and minerals for sale at very affordable prices, some of these include; Rosasite from Mexico, Flourite from China, Beryl from Connecticut and Vanadinite from Arizona (to name but a few)!



We will also be keeping everyone up to date on the daily adventures of the fair with blogs, Facebook and Twitter updates and the story in pictures on Instagram. We are feeling very generous with the buzz for the fair in the air so keep your eye on all of our online profiles as you could be the winner of some great prizes!


We will be allowing visitiors to the fair the opportunity to hold one of our big Burmese Pythons and we will be posting their brave snaps on our Facebook page too!


But why let us have all the fun? Be sure to "check in" with us on Facebook while you're visiting us at the Fair and Tweet us about your experience! We would also love it if you made an "OC Fair" board on Pinterest so you can "pin" and share your fantastic day out!

For more information check out and join our online fun and games on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course this blog!



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Attention Tooth Fairy!

We've all had the pleasure of doing business with the infamous Tooth Fairy, trading molars and incisors for dimes and nicks.  I myself always wondered what I had to do, or which teeth I had to loose to get that paper money =P.  Here at Prehistoric Pets we have, along side many varied fossils, Prehistoric fossil teeth!  IMAGINE what millions of years old teeth must go for in Tooth Fairy World O.O!!  To make their structure even more thought provoking, the PARTICULAR teeth we have in store have a special history related to our very own Reptile kingdom. 

First we have the Mosasaur tooth.  Mosasaurs are considered to be the closest relatives of snakes, due to analyses that have taken into account similarities in jaw and skull anatomies.  Based on structures such as the double row of "flanged" teeth, the double-hinged jaw, adapted limbs and probable techniques of propulsion, many researchers believe that snakes and Mosasaurs may have had a common ancestor.  Mosasaurs had a double-hinged jaw and flexible skull (much like that of a snake), which enabled them to gulp down their prey almost whole, a snakelike habit which helped identify the unchewed stomach substances fossilized within Mosasaurs skeleton. Imagine what they must have found!! It is assumed that they may have lurked and pounced rapidly and powerfully on passing prey, rather than hunting for it. Hmmm.. sounds a lot like tarantulas and giant squid huh?! Material from Jordan has shown that the body and membrane between the fingers and toes, was covered with small overlapping diamond-shaped scales resembling those of snakes. In Harrana specimens, two types of scales were detected on a single sample, keeled scales covering the upper areas of the body as well as smooth scales covering the lower regions. As ambush predators, waiting and quickly catching prey using stealth tactics, it is suggested Mosasaurs benefited greatly from the non-reflective keeled scales.  It's so amazing how nature has evolved to adapt and protect it's enviornment!

Mosasaurs were also varanoids, or superfamilies, closely related to terrestrial monitor lizards. This superfamily includes the largest aquatic lizards known, the largest-known terrestrial lizard, and the largest living lizard.  Mosasaurs breathed air, were dominant swimmers, and were well-adapted to living in the warm, shallow epicontinental seas predominant during the Late Cretaceous Period. Mosasaurs were so well adapted to this environment that they gave birth to live young, rather than return to the shore to lay eggs. Pretty sweet! ^O^

Lastly, we have a Otodus Obliquss Shark tooth.  Otodus Obliquuss is an extinct mackerel shark that lived 38 million years ago.  The teeth of this shark are large with a triangular crown, smooth cutting edges, and visible cusps on the roots.  They prey on large bony fish, other sharks and were among the top predators of its time.

To trump these typical prehistoric shark teeth however, comes the Megalodon. The Megalodon, or "Big Tooth", is an extinct species that was regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predators in vertebrate history.  The teeth of this prehistoric shark were over half a foot long, jagged, and heart-shaped (by comparison, the biggest teeth of a Great White are only about three inches long).  In 2008, a research team from Australia and the U.S. used computer simulations to gage Megalodon's biting power.  Are you ready for this?? The results are quite terrifying: whereas a modern Great White gnaws with about 1.8 tons of force, Megalodon chowed down on its prey with a force of between 10.8 and 18.2 tons--enough to crush the skull of a prehistoric whale as easily as a grape!!  Scientists propose that Megalodon was "arguably the most formidable carnivore ever to have existed."  To think we believed we had it bad with the Great Whites, we could have had the worries of Megalodon under our boats and feet!  Its great size, high-speed swimming ability, and powerful jaws joined with intimidating killing techniques, made it a super-predator with the skill to consume a broad range of wildlife.  The predator mainly focused its attack on the tough bony of the prey, which great white sharks generally avoid. Dr. Bretton Kent elaborated that Megalodon attempted to crush the bones and damage delicate organs like the heart and lungs protected within the rib cage of the prey. Such an attack would have restrained the prey, which would have died quickly due to injuries to these vital organs.  This paleontological evidence suggests that Megalodon would attempt to immobilize a large whale by tearing apart or biting off its propulsive features before killing and feeding on it.

Many fossils have been recovered for both species all over the world.  Although most have been near impossible to salvage, enough has been discovered to study and try to calculate the anatomy, lifestyle and possible habitat and reason for extinction of the creatures.  Fossils tell us a story about life before time and help us regain the connection that was lost so many millions of years ago.  They serve many purposes outside of science as well, for those most common, they are used for jewelry, decoration and collectables.  Here at Prehistoric Pets, we use them all!  Stop by on your day out and check out all the ultra special fossils we have on display and for sale!




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Happy Valentine's Day!

Ahh, Love is in the air here at Prehistoric Pets/ The Reptile Zoo.  Our reptile friends are snuggled up with their companions celebrating the holiday spirit with us.  What are YOU doing this Valentine’s Day?  Need last minute gift or date ideas?  Why not take your sweetheart HERE and share your special day with US!  Buy feeders for your pet, fossils for your sweetheart or something cool for yourself, either way, it’s a sure to please gift idea for this Valentine’s Day.

We’re loaded from wall to wall with all types of offers from reptiles with starter kits, toys, apparel, fossils and gems!  Men and women can find something neat to take home to someone special in your life, old or young.  Already we have sold several of our Valentine’s Day exclusive fossils, gems and jewelry, and have had tons of families and ‘twitterpated’ couples hover about the Zoo.  Seems like just about everyone is in the LoVe MoOd ;D…

Make a legendary story to beat all Valentine’s Day gifts to come and take home a new pet fully set up in a starter kit, maybe even stick one of our cute heart shaped Ammonite fossil jewelry boxes inside hiding a secret gift keychain, necklace or ring!  Don’t take my word and my awesomely cute pictures for it, just swing on by Prehistoric Pets and see for yourself!  Heck, while you’re at it, stop in The Reptile Zoo and share the love with all our happy reptile couples. =D

Hee hee!  Suave.... very suave.  Don't let these cute little reptiles out shine YOUR Valentine's day ideas, HURRY IN NOW AND PICK UP SOMETHING UNIQUE AND EXTRA SPECIAL FOR YOUR SPECIAL SOMEONE! <3  We've got it ALL!

Til next time guys!  Ciao!


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What exactly does it mean to be “Prehistoric”?  Does it just mean Dinosaurs and our child-like imaginative view on what ‘must have been’?  Here at Prehistoric Pets/The Reptile Zoo/Jurassic Parties, we deal with the study, sales and educating of our Prehistoric cousins and artifacts they left behind.  It goes beyond the simple array of cages enclosing our ‘reptilious’ friends and digs a much deeper meaning, literally!  Many of you who have visited the shop have seen and asked about our vast selection of fossils for sale and on display.  Luckily for ALL of us (=P) we are submitting weekly blogs covering the different types of fossils you can come see, buy and even give as gifts! 

How do we acquire such priceless gifts of nature from around the world?  Owner Jay Brewer is already at his SECOND visit this week to  The Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase that is happening throughout Tucson, Arizona.  He liked it so much the first time he had to go back to get even more goodies. The first time he came back with the cute heart themed fossils just in time forValentines Day and who knows what he will come back with this time. O.o .  So, 'What is considered a Fossil?'  A "Fossil", directly translating to "having been dug up", are the preserved remains of animals , plants, and other organisms from the remote past.  Sounds odd I know, but these items are ones of beauty and history, linking us to a past we could never grasp in these modern times. 

One of the most popular fossils in stock for gifts, home decor or personal collection is the Morrocan Ammonite.  Similar to a squid or octopus, these predatory marine mollusks died out with the dinosaurs close to some 65 million years ago.  Despite their gap in history between then in now, these fossil shells lasted on earth for 330 million years and are found in most countries around the world!  Here at Prehistoric Pets, we carry a wide variety of shapes and sizes of these beautiful relics.  Here are a few snap shots of some available Ammonite fossils...

From Small...

To Medium...

To Large and EXTRA Large!

The larger options ranging from (apparently) the size of my HEAD AND BIGGER!!! Imagine the EXTRA large?!

Curious to see what else is in stock?  Well, stop in the shop and  keep updated on all of The Reptile Zoo's daily blogs, we will be featuring new fossils as well as already available fossils in stock.  DONT FORGET Valentines Day is coming around and TRUST we have plenty of Fossil Valentine gifts for your special someone! 


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Prehistoric Love

Want a special way to say I Love You to your Valentine? Do it the Prehistoric Way! We just got in a bunch of Heart shaped fossil's, jems, necklace's, dishs and so much more! Give valentine something she will remember for a lifetime and something you can't find just anywhere but you can find it here! Take it from me girls Love something heart shaped and shines!



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New Additions!

Holy Cow you guys!!

Come see what Jay just got for the store...going with our awesome "Jurassic" theme...we have dinosaur fossils that Jay brought back from a fossil show in Tuscon, AZ.  Come check them out!!!  They look really cool!



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