Deal Of The Week: Whites Tree Frogs!

A man asks the waiter, "Do you serve frogs in this restaurant?"   Waiter replies, "Of course we do, Sir."   Then the man takes a frog out of his pocket and says, "Good, my frog wants some soup!" BBAAH HAHAHAHA!!!  Okay, okay, I’ll knock off the nonsensicalness and get back to the subject at hand, FROGGIES!!  Yup, that goofy smile that just spread across your face is the reason why your favorite amphibians are this week’s HOT DEAL!!! We’ve got some cutie-patootie Whites Tree Frogs on special WITH a starter kit purchase.

Starter Kit: Includes EVERYTHING you need! (YES even the Frog!)

Easy to maintain and handle, these perfect beginner and expert level pets are hopping right off the shelves and into their new cozy homes.  Our amazing money saving deal on the starter kit set includes: Cage, Thermometer, Water Bowl, Branch, Vine, Bark and even FREE admission to The Reptile Zoo for a day!  No wonder why we can’t keep these in stock very long, THAT’S a DEAL!  Whether you’re buying your child a new pet or surprising your Valentine, it’s a sure win. ;)

Look at their cute little faces!!!

Don’t forget to pick up a tub of crickets when you pick out your new squishy friend and check out our selection of books on these special creatures to learn more about care and handling.  Of course we have a plethora of extra accessories and features for your frog habitat if you’re interested in “spicing” up your froggy flat!  Visit the store today and see what we have in store BEFORE were all sold out!!  =)

Every week we will be posting blogs exclusive to our new deals on pets and accessories, so make sure to keep updated with new posts, it’ll save you lots of CHA-CHING! =P.  Happy Days!


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Jurassic Fact of the Week!

This week we are spotlighting an awesome party animal.

It's the African Bullfrog! (AKA "Pixie Frog"...named for the genus Pyxicephalus) His name is Prince Charming, and he is huge! African Bullfrogs are awesome...but very lazy. They will sit in the water, or dirt, or both...cover themselves all the way up to their eyes...and just wait for food to come to them. Something cool that most people don't know is that these guys don't eat bugs...they will eat RATS! In the wild they will eat anything that they think can fit in their mouth. So, besides eating and being lazy, Prince Charming is just plain cool-looking. Check him out!!

Now come have a party with him! :-)
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Kayla's Turtle and Frog Project!

Kayla is on of our most valued and trusted employees here at The Reptile Zoo, and she has just taken on a new project, as is her way!  She spent hours and hours rearranging, cleaning, and dressing up the frog and turtle wall so that the displays now are amazingly b-e-a-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful!  Kayla did this project while she working of course but she also worked through her lunch break and long hours after we closed so that she could have it all set up for everyone visiting The Reptile Zoo while they are out on their Winter Break!  Good Job Kayla!  You are awesome!

Much love



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Fairy Tales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time in a land known to all as The Reptile Zoo, lived a beautiful fairy princess who wanted a prince to marry but all the evil queens in the world had turned them all into frogs or toads.  The evil queen turned them into red eyed tree frogs, fire belly toads, pixie frogs, pac-man frogs, and poison dart frogs.... ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  the princess was very very sad because she didn't know what she was going to do, or how she was going to find a prince to help rule her kingdom with her... you guys know the rest of the story, here it is in pictures! 






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